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  • Cleanliness 4.0
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  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 3.5
  • Value 3.5

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pack moist wipes and do not trust the website

Robert S (Bluff City, Tennessee) on Jan 17, 2023

The day we checked in, we attempted to order take-out from one of the on-site restaurants (we rarely dine in due to Covid numbers). Two of the restaurants do not accommodate take-out. There is one that does, but we could not order online. We saw a menu online, called and was connected to the Drafts restaurant, and placed an order. When we arrived to pick it up, we were told that they did not have our order, that the operator must have connected us to a different Drafts location. While there I was going to place our order and learned that the menu on-line was not current, that what one of us wanted was not on their menu. We ended up going off-site to find dinner. Furthermore, we are here for 3 weeks in a studio villa. The WG website says the studio has "spacious, comfortable accommodations", consisting of 1 double bed and a queen sleeper sofa. That is not true for us, instead we have 2 double beds with no place to sit other than a on backless stool and on the beds for THREE weeks. The second double bed takes up more space than the sleeper would, so it is crowded. We are having to keep our empty luggage pieces in our car because of inadequate space. The website states there is a DVD player and an alarm clock radio, but neither is true. In the website "Overview" it lists housekeeping as weekly, but it is not a link to be able to learn more detailed information. We called 2 times to request a broom and dustpan so we could sweep the floor of the debris tracked in. We were told there is none available. We resorted to using moist wipes while on our hands and knees to clean the floor, and found much more dust and debris than what we tracked in. Today is our 10th day here, and still no "weekly" housekeeping. We called today to inquire, and now it seems there will be no housekeeping until the end of the second week. At that time will it become at the end of our 3rd week? Meanwhile we washed our bed sheets ourselves--thankfully there are a free washer and dryer. At least the beds are comfortable and the fitness center is quite nice.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Absolutely unacceptable

Tripking07 (New Hampshire) on Jan 15, 2023

From arrival to departure this hotel was a disaster. Check in was exhausting, after you are through the intake process they fetch a handler who then walks you to another desk to try to sell you tickets and rope you into a timeshare while your family waits in the car. You have to firmly shut them down and say you're not going to parks and you are busy the whole time to get your room key. The room was in building 6. Paid for a very upgraded room. The room at first glance was okay. It was dirty like others have suggested. Just poorly cleaned, other people's hair on the sink and strange streaks in the shower. They do not clean your room, you cannot even request it! They leave you with enough towels, soap, toilet paper for about 1-2 days with a family of 4. Therefore you are forced to call the main desk for supplies. The phone in the room barely works and you could not hear the other person, when they even picked up, you had to call every number on the phone. Suggestion, call the main number for reservations from your mobil, they do answer the call for sales ;). Once you request something, it's hours before you get it, sometimes not at all. I had to call for pillows 4 times. They told me there was a shortage in pillows. I know, you cannot make this up! We used the pullout, there were no pillows or blankets for the pullout initially. Then there was one pillow per side and they were embarrassingly thin. Our AC was not working from the onset. I had several technicians in our room for 2 days while we were gone to the parks and at night while we were trying to relax. They were in our way, talking loudly. No ac until the end of day 2. Thankfully it was not terribly hot but the room was up to 76 and that is not comfortable to me. Once that disaster was over, my hot water goes out. They send more techs up to tell me that in order to use our hot water, we must turn on the hot tub in the bedroom. I know, you're like ??? He was dead serious, they knowingly had a diverter vacuum issue and it was effecting the ability to somehow give us hot water. So, the remaining three days we had a tub running while 4 people showered, did laundry, ran the dishwasher. It was absolutely miserable. I finally had enough, they did not have any other rooms upgraded like ours to put us in, and honestly never offered. They make you use an annoying text feature that seems like you only get canned responses from to address issues or concerns. I reached out to the COO and got some responses that were semi appropriate. Although my couple grand should have been completely refunded, I did receive $374 refund for my trouble. It was not nearly enough, but it was something. This resort is atrocious, in all areas. I would never ever recommend you stay at this resort.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


chrismey81 (Aurora, Colorado) on Dec 27, 2022

DO NOT STAY HERE! I was unfortunate enough to stay at this resort 2 nights on December 10th and 11th 2022. After a long day I arrived at the check in desk at 10:45 PM. The front desk did not have my reservation and although they tried multiple times I had to call expedia who confirmed the hotel did have my reservation. This took almost an hour to get figured out (later the manager would admit they had the reservation and their staff had misspelled my name entering it into their system). I finally made it to my room at 11:45pm where all I wanted to do is sleep however when I went to turn down the blankets there were multiple hairs in the bed. I called the front desk (it was a call center not the front desk) and asked for new sheets I waited for about 30 mins and nobody came by this time it was 12:15 AM I called again and waited for another 15 mins and got so frustrated that I drove back to the front desk where I told the manager about the issue and he proceeded to give me a bag of sheets. I asked why I have to make my own bed when I just checked in. He mentioned it is policy that they can not make the bed and told me I would have to make it myself. At this point tired and frustrated I went back to where my wife said that house keeping had come during my drive to the front desk and they also gave her a bag of sheets and did not offer to put them on in her case the house keeping had given us queen sheets for a king bed luckily I had gone to the front desk and got my bag of sheets which were king sheets. We made the bed and also found other areas of the room with physical dirt but were too tired to address that. We went to bed got up and went to Disney the next day. When we came back to the room that night we decided to use the jet tub after a long day, we got in the tub and the jets did not work. Based on the experience I had at the front desk the previous night I chose not to address this but vowed I will never visit this hotel again. The staff's inability to help is really the reason for my complaint. I believe the manager was rude and the rest of the staff took no action to make me feel welcome all of these problems seemed to be my problem and not theirs. For a resort that is over priced and claims to be a value compared to Disney or Universal I will gladly pay and extra $50 per night for much better service and cleanlisness.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Too good to be true. AVOID AT ALL COST!

Nicole M (New York City, New York) on Dec 27, 2022

1 star is one star too many. My family & I rented a two bedroom plus loft, with a kitchen, dining & family room (Building YY, Unit 8). We checked in after 11pm and were exhausted when we arrived, so we all went straight to sleep. The next morning as I was getting ready in the master bathroom, I noticed an ant crawling in the bathtub. After rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I realized it wasn’t one ant - there were well over 100 and they were everywhere in the bathtub, shower, floor, the bed!!!, and in the family /dining room. I went to speak with someone at the registration desk and the guy who helped me really couldn’t care less. I asked that after the pest folks came, that housekeeping would change all the bed linens. The guy said they couldn’t do that as they only clean between guests. I asked if an exception could be made considering the issue and he just said “no”. After spending all day at a park, we again returned after 11pm. There were a few dead ants in the bathtub, but there were more alive than dead, and the amount of ants more than doubled. My husband & I didn’t want to move the kids so late st night, so he & I slept upstairs in the loft but checked out the next morning. Aside from the ant issue, our unit was exceptionally outdated by a good 25 years. The walls & ceilings have cracks & holes; the bathrooms are outdated and haven’t had a good, thorough clean in many years, and there’s quite a bit of mold throughout. I should have known the deal was too good to be true. We definitely received what we paid for. Such a dump! Never, ever again, will we stay there!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Terrible experience

StevenM230 (Fayetteville, North Carolina) on Dec 21, 2022

Beautiful area. Nice location. The staff is nice. Besides that TERRIBLE!! I have stayed in westgate resorts before and really enjoyed them. After this place I will never stay at another Westgate again. The room we booked was supposed to have a kitchen, bathtub and separate washer dryer. We entered room and only a little kitchenette. A shower and a washer and dryer as one. To dry clothes took hours. The room had little privacy from the outside. The shower did not work and when I asked why they said they would send maintenance 3 hours later and to be told I had to pull both levers. Very noisy from outside and neighbors. At 7 pm I mentioned the A/C was not working but about 8 I said I figured it out. 11 pm maintenance comes ringing doorbell to fix A/C. A lot of people smoking pot and when I mentioned it to staff they responded that there was nothing they could do since it was being done outside.

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