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Buyer beware, what you reserve may not be what you get.

dave_cwiklinski (Sussex, Wisconsin) on Jul 01, 2024

So, I wrote a review after coming back and maybe it is still out there, I did have one issue that i figured the resort would take care of, but they haven't so I take back all the things I said, now out of principle. I went with 7 friends, so 8 guys in total. We booked 4 rooms, two beds in each. When we got there, we were told all they had was room with one king bed. The options they gave us were to accept that we would get rooms with one bed, or pay an "upgrade" charge of $100 per guy to get rooms with two beds. Now, the resort was NOWHERE near capacity and WE BOOKED ROOM WITH TWO BEDS. After a long day of traveling we just paid the $100 to get in rooms and figured they'd make it right at some point after...well, 6 weeks later they haven't. And to top it off, they flat out lied and are saying they offered us options which they did not, to fix the issue...one guy at the front desk v. 8 people checking in that all heard the same thing...hard to say all 8 of us didn't hear what options we were told which again was accept a room we didn't reserve OR pay more to get what we did pay for. It is only $100, I get that...but it is just the principal. All I will say is there...there are plenty of other resorts up and down the coast in this area and not only will I never stay at an Iberostar again, I'd highly recommend anyone reading this pick a different resort too because what you get may not be what you paid for and they will lie to you when called on it to remedy the situation. Is the resort nice, sure. But there are others - and I've stayed at them - that are as nice or better than will honor the room you reserve from them. Save yourself the headache avoid this place.

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Resort stay Cancun

maxkM4677LT on Jun 29, 2024

Excellent service. Very charismatic employees. Made me feel very welcome. First experience out of country but would definitely do it again. Hector especially did an excellent job. The shows each night were excellent due to enthusiasm from the employees.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great place. Would definitely return.

Lonnie S (Athens, Pennsylvania) on Jun 29, 2024

Overall a great place. Staff always polite and always very helpful. Staff always had smiles on their faces. This resort is HUGE. However trams were running constantly, never had to wait more than 5 minutes for a ride. They had multiple stops so one never had to walk far once they dropped you off. The drivers were always polite and friendly. Our building was in the back of the resort near the pool and beach. As a senior citizen I would not have been able walk to the lobby or the buffet from our building. The trams made it a breeze. The pool was huge and very clean. It appeared there was a specific part of the pool that was more of a party area. The rest of the pool was perfect for adults and families. Swim up bars were excellent. Great drinks and staff. Drinks did not seem watered down as I have noted in some other resorts. Of course there is the ongoing issue with seaweed at the beach which the resort has no control over. However they were continually clearing the seaweed as much as possible. Room was spacious, clean, nicely appointed. AC kept up well with the high temps and heavy humidity. Housekeeping was awesome. Room daily was immaculate upon our return from activities. The grounds were immaculate. There were flamingos and many peacocks to enjoy. Check in was a breeze. The porters took our luggage and brought it up to our third floor room (no elevators). They arrived at our room at check time (for us we checked out at 4AM for an early flight out of Cancun). As a senior citizen I should have asked for a ground floor room. But I did fine. The resort seemed very safe. No worries about roaming around the grounds after dark. The only reason I gave 4 stars (I wish I could give it 4.8) was the food. It was good but I have had better at other resorts. Each night was a different theme which was nice. Hence the food was never repetitious. We only ate at the buffet as most of the speciality restaurants were booked for the week. Disappointing but it didn’t really impact our vacation. The staff at the buffet was great. They never let your water glass get empty! I would not let any issues with the food stop me from returning. Overall we found this resort to be awesome. We would most definitely return and highly recommend it.

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The hotell was a Verry good place, Verry clean and good service. The food was i think the best and of course the workers

williamoQ7084PA on Jun 29, 2024

I just want to Say Sergio with the crazy glasses is a Verry professional worker, he Made my vacation much better and more fun. He is a really good Guy. The service and help that he gave my family was really good. He have a really good heart and you can see he love his work.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Iberostar Paraíso Beach - family/friend vacation

Jessica M (Brunswick, Ohio) on Jun 28, 2024

I would like to start off by stating this is our first all inclusive resort, maybe these are common things that occur when staying at all inclusive resorts? I don’t want to complain because I am not one too, so I hope others just take what I am saying into consideration when staying here. I’m writing just as a common curiosity for families to know of the experiences when traveling here! When we booked almost 8 months in advance we’re told about the resorts amenities and activities and were very pleased with what they had to offer for the price. When we arrived we were greeted by very sweet and helpful staff. Upon checking in they immediately started to try and up sell us on EVERYTHING from our room to shows that were not included to different day passes at the resorts and it was very overwhelming. Every time we had a question it was an upsell and you could never get a straight answer. When booking we’re told that we could access the slides and other resort for $15-16USD. Can’t tell you how many different answers we got for that one once arriving. We were told ranges from $24 all the way to $55USD. Trying to book reservations for restaurants was near impossible and we were also told a handful of different answers as to when we’re able to make them. Nobody had a straight answer. They told us to take pictures of the resort map incase our app was not working. Just few short hours into walking the resort we quickly realized that many many of the things to do on the map were no longer available. which is very disappointing and misleading. -casino -cigar lounge -pool with cave / waterfall -ice cream & crepe store -Mexican party night with fireworks -steak house ZERO of the water features throughout the resort were on, half of the ponds were empty and the ones that were filled were dirty. which most definitely took away from the beauty of the surrounds Food- The food is subpar. Food wasn’t super flavorful, a lot of things were not labeled and or labeled incorrectly so unless you’re familiar with the food sauces and such you might not know what your getting into. Also VERY hot while eating, no air conditioning. There are fans but they never had them running. 3 of our 7 nights we ate at the burger joint in the shopping mall area which has wonderful burgers and fries.We did enjoy a dinner at the Brazilian & hibachi restaurants which were very wonderful. Cleanness- The pools were not the cleanest and they did not seem to clean them at all throughout the day. The kept rooms very clean although the rooms were VERY hot & you cannot adjust the thermostat, unless requested but even then, they do not get comfortably cold. Entertainment Was great the first 2 days then we realized it was the SAME exact entertainment every single night. Started off with singers from the resort which were wonderful, had great voices. Then it moved into a game of Jenga, then a game of trivia, then to karaoke. Karaoke was great the first night because it was legitimately karaoke (large screen and you could sign up via app) the remaining of the nights was karaoke sang off the workers phone. spending a week there is hard to stay entertained especially with little ones. Pool entertainment - Pools close early. Entertainment was the same almost every single day. There was 2 days that included a foam party and pool party which were fun, but they need something like that every single day. not much entertainment other than that happened at the pool. Music was off half the time. No jets in the middle area unless requested, then once requested they were shortly shut off after. The same ninja warrior game was played 3 of the days and the kids were not allowed to join which was kind of upsetting for them. Found it strange that we paid adult prices for 8,13, and 17 year olds who could not partake in any ADULT activities. We quickly realized it was not a very kid friendly pool setting. Which was a mistake on our part for choosing one with non kid friendly pools. I do think the staff bartenders/entertainment/servers were all so so sweet and really helped in making the trip a little more enjoyable. Overall I think it was a decent resort, but will not be booking with Iberostar again

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