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Canada to Mexico ??

Julie K on Feb 11, 2024

We had a wonderful 9 days at this beautiful resort. We came as beneficiaries with club members. The members-only beach area is the best! Blue skies and cool breezes, not to mention lots of cold cocktails. The sargussum was never a problem. A huge shout-out to Angel, Delfina, Luz, and Edgar for going above and beyond to make our beach time as great as possible! The newly-opened prestige pool area is a nice addition. Angela is such a kind, wonderful, friendly person. She helped us with our Spanish and we helped her with her English! ?? The only problem at this pool area that we saw was non-members hanging around and being served at the bar. The food everywhere is great! We are not picky eaters so we never lack for food. A big thank you to Samuel and Marisol at the Del Mar breakfast buffet! You are great! A la cartes that stood out to us were the Mexican and French. Delicious! ?? We spent our evenings at the Prestige Lounge. Hugo is a wonderful young man, so friendly. He is also a great bartender! ?? Allan at the Prestige desk was always ready to help in any way he could. We really only had one negative. Alcohol requests for our rooms upon arrival is part of being members. We had to ask several times before this happened, and it took over two days before this was rectified. So I guess, if that's the worst that happened, we had a fabulous stay and will be back next year!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Michael Jackson is back!

916randyl on Feb 04, 2024

We have been to Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar 8 times in the last 10 years. It is home away from home. We enjoy coming for 3 weeks at a time. The daytime entertainment is great, the food is excellent, the grounds are stunning, the pools are beautiful, the gym is awesome, and the people are wonderful. The problem is their evening entertainment. Up until 2022 they had some of the best evening entertainment compared to other resorts we have been to. It was actually one of their strong points. They had live music, talented singers and dancers, amazing costumes, with shows like Boogie Nights, Queen, Michael Jackson, Broadway, Vegas show, and the Rock Show. This all changed in 2023, when the evening entertainment became the worse. When we were there in 2023, most evenings the "entertainment" was simply audience participation like karaoke, Mr Iberostar, and various games. Instead of being entertained, we were the entertainment. The theatre changed from being full to being empty. The only shows were Once Upon (strange and confusing), Just Dance, a Circus musical, and Mexican Folklore. The quality of these shows is poor compared to previous years. The other thing that happened is that Instead of offering high quality entertainment, Iberostar started charging money to see different shows (Rocktails, Illuzio, and Dolce). These shows are not as high quality as the ones in previous years, and they are not included in the price of this previously all-inclusive resort. That's right, the resort is no longer all-inclusive. The evening entertainment used to be included and all of a sudden we have to pay extra for it. This makes no sense. But this year Michael Jackson returned! We were there for 3 weeks, and this was the only evening the theatre was full! They also had "Four on the Floor", an excellent musical, and a circus show that was quite good. Perhaps Iberostar has realized the importance of entertaining us in the evenings. Hopefully they will add more good shows and remove the ones we have to pay extra for. My only other complaint about the direction of Iberostar is their emphasis on their Club. They have an area for "Club members only" (next to the Rock Cafe) which was empty 90% of the time we were there (other than 2 staff members sitting there). The most people I ever saw there over our 3 weeks was 6 people. It's not a good use of space. They also have a "Club members only" section at the beach, which is a line of beds with white curtains. They are all in a row so that unless you are the first one, all you see is the bed and curtains of the one in front of you (no view of beach or ocean). But now it seems that they are making an area of the pool "Club members only". The quiet end of the pool near the waterfalls, along with the swim-up bar, is rumoured to become exclusive. This means another empty area, causing there to be fewer chairs for the regular vacationers to use. People from Lindo and Maya already come to the Del Mar/Beach pool (as it's the nicest), so where will we go? There can already be a problem to find a chair around the pool, and this will make it even worse. So Iberostar, please return to your earlier days of all-inclusive, high quality entertainment, and fewer exclusive areas, and we will look forward to our next visit. And Michael Jackson, you were awesome!

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Want to give it 4.5 stars but can't...so I give it 5 with an * beside it

Tom G (Kingston, Canada) on Jan 24, 2024

I’ll try and keep it quick. Details: January 6th – January 13th, 2024. Family of 4 (2 teenagers). Joining family rooms were AWESOME for the kids, and us. Privacy! ***USE GOLF CARTS TO GET AROUND – THIS RESORT(S) IS HUGE*** -Arrival: Slow, took 45min to check in…only 4 people in front of us. 3 reception desks. After a 14-hr travel day due to delays etc, we were tired and hungry. NOT the time for them to try and get everyone to book dinners for a week, and excursions. Fernando was very nice, just bad timing. -Grounds: “Gorgeous” does not do it justice. From the perfect maintained grounds to all the exotic animals, clean pools and beach (no weed issues!), the resorts appearance is 5 Star. -Staff: AMAZING. ZERO issues, always a smile and HOLA. 5 Star staff -Nightly Entertainment: “OK”. -Pool entertainment: Awesome -Food: This is tricky… Buffet’s …very good selection for breakfast/lunch and suppers. Lots to chose from. Issue, most is cold, warm at best. Very few “heat lamps”. Taste was quite good for most things but better if hot. Hard to eat cold eggs for breakfast or cold bacon. Restaurants: BIGGEST ISSUE ON THIS RESORT, and why I want to give it less than 5 stars, ALMOST EVERYWHERE the food is NOT hot! Often quite cold. Tough to eat cold meat! The taste is OK…not great. My wife’s Filet Mignon was literally COLD from the Italian Restaurant. COLD! Orderd off the menu as one of our three allowed Restaurant meals. The American Restaurant was quite good. Italian “meh”. We went to the American one twice…kids liked it, and we liked that the food was hot. Advice: Make sure you find the Burger and Taco place early in your stay…“at the shopping mall” as they call it. Best food on the resort and HOT every time. Burger/Taco stands on the beach and throughout are quite good for quick food. Again, the SHOPPING MALL BURGERS & TACOS place are the best You’ll never go hungry. Lots of options from 6am-2am I think it is. Just a temperature issues…taste for Mexico is “OK”. No reusable cups! Bring your own ie: Gatorade bottles for water refill…CLEAN and good tasting water on the entire resort. Tastes great, filtered. In closing…the food issue makes this less than a 5 Star. But EVERYTHING else to us was 5 Star (we don’t care about the nightly entertainment). I would love to give it 4.5 Stars, but I can’t. I will give it a 5 but with an * beside it. For the price we stayed, we were happy and enjoyed our week! Just buy some heat lamps guys! For the buffet’s and ESPECIALLY for the Restaurants. We are not hard to please, but HOT food is important

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Del Mar is probably better for families vs couples- but still good!

Katie L (World) on Jan 22, 2024

The resort overall is pretty clean looking. It is quite large- so expect lots of walking. They do have golf cart drivers who do shuttle you around if you cannot walk far. Beach is very nice, there are rocks is some areas, we just moved further down the beach to find a nicer swim area. Food is average compared to other places we've been. Drinks were good. There were a decent amount of kids (which was expected). Going forward I would pay more to have an adults only maybe. My one 'complaint' is a group of us wanted to go find some shops, and the contact person for us at the resort set us up to get a 'free' ride- you'd have to stop and shop at a jewelry store, and also a tequila store before you get taken to Playa del Carmen for shopping. We wasted alot of time at the first two stops. Also waited for our driver for at least a half hour or more at the tequila place. When we got dropped off for shopping, they purposely drop off by Mamitas? on the beach so you eat there. Of course our group was suckered into going into there and using the "15%" discount.... but then required a certain amt of a tip at the end. So we walked to 5th Ave I believe where we did our shopping. My tip for other travelers, its better off just paying a taxi and getting right where you need to go! The whole shopping trip wasted almost the whole day for us, when we wanted it to be like an hour of shopping and come back. The resort itself was good.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Doesn't enforce rules

wolfgangt301 (Calgary, Canada) on Jan 21, 2024

The resort grounds a wonderful. The buffet is also very good. Colonial restaurant is good. The rest of the specialty restaurants are a waste for time. Rooms are average. WiFi is very good. They don't enforce their own rules or the federal non smoking rules. So bad that I will probably not come back. When I asked one of the employees to enforce the federal non smoking laws in resort and hotels he just laughed and walked away. As a non smoker I will not be coming back. Lots of signs but enforce NOTHING… VERY SAD.

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