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Not Good

Allicat2022 (Bloomsbury, New Jersey) on Jun 14, 2022

I just returned from a stay at Kore Tulum. I am a fairly experienced traveler and have over the years visited several all inclusives for vacation. Kore was by far the worst. My room at first glance was very nice, very large room with a cool jacuzzi on the balcony. It was however ...dirty. There were many sticky stains and crud on the table in the sitting area and on most surfaces in the room. Like someone hadn't wiped down the surfaces after the last guest. Yuck. I took down a "new" towel and found brown stains on it. Double yuck. Reported all of this immediately and it was never addressed. There was no hot water in the shower for 2 out of the 3 days. Again, reported to management. A worker came up and told me that the cold water coming out of the shower was in fact hot. This went on for 5 minutes. I gave up. Most staff although incredibly friendly and kind, did not speak any English. I called room service to find out how to get the menu and that turned into a 10 minute conversation out of the twighlight zone. I mean... i was calling ROOM SERVICE asking where the MENU was. The poor fellow had no idea what I was asking him. Again...10 minutes on the phone no answer. I know that Tulum is experiencing a sea grass problem. I understand it's hard to keep up with. However, before I stayed at Kore, I stayed at a different hotel not 10 minutes down the beach. Every morning, there were workers on the beach at sunrise raking the seaweed out. There were also what appeared to be trucks that hauled the sea grass away. My guess is that its a municipal service doing this. Not at Kore. The size of the beach is miniscule. There is room for maye 6 to 8 people on chairs set up. However because there is an inlet, and no one was doing anything to address the seaweed problem, tons of seaweed had piled up and continued to pile up during my stay. It collected garbage in it, old drink cups, paper bags, tequila bottlles, everything. And no one cleaned it. There was also a disgusting smell from it. Hard to describe like a sour salty rotting stink. Check out the pictures. Just gross. I do not understand how anyone can say the food was good. I'm not a picky eater but the food was downright disgusting. If you like boiled cafeteria food then maybe you'll love it. I had osso buco one night and almost threw up. There were slimy strings of pure fat that were attached to the meat. The nachos have Velveeta or some other kind of liquid cheese dumped on them. Not even real shredded cheese. Just a narly watery mibottles, I booked a tour for snorkeling thru the hotel for an additional fee of 120 dollars. It was one of the worst experiences of my life while traveling. I was told to be ready at 820 and that I would get to see a lagoon, a cenote and snorkel in the ocean and be "back at 12:30-1:00" to still have time to enjoy the resort... I met the shuttle at 820. What ensued after that was just pure chaos. My shuttle drove about 2 miles to a busy crowded super market parking lot. Me and 2 other passengers were then asked to get out and get on a different shuttle number 2. Shuttle 2 then went in the opposote direction and ended up at what can best be described as a shuttle depot. Taxis and shuttles pulling in pulling out. I was then told my snorkeling shuttle would be there in 10 minutes. I waited there for an hour and a half. I was literally 10 minutes away from my resort. No one could figure out how to get me on the correct shuttle. It was total chaos. I saw a lady i recognized from the first shuttle running down the street crying because they had done this to her as well. And she was told to run back up the street to catch the correct one. I finally got to the first of 3 stops for my snorkeling adventure. It was basically a large pretty blue lake called Saa Kaan. Our shuttle drivers dropped us off and said they'd be back in 45 minutes for us. They didn't even walk us down to the lake. And they spoke basically spanish only. Seemed inconvenieced to translate to english. At the lake place Saa Kaan, I slipped getting into the lake on the slime covered steps, gashed my leg (was bleeding profusely for a while), bruised my arm and ribs and in pain. When shuttle drivers returned I asked for bandaid but was told they had none. "SORRY!" Our driver now announced that we may not get to see the cenote bc "plans had changed" and we were being brought back to the shuttle depot to be transferred to yet another shuttle (number 5). He stated that it would be a "water feature" but may not be a cenote. It was by now close to 1. And we'd seen 1 site. I was about to ask the driver to just take me back to the hotel when when our shuttle was pulled over by the. Mexican police. I am not making this sh#t up. The driver apparently had bad papers or something. (They were vague in interpreting to English what was going on) The shuttle driver than got on the shuttle and told us that the police needed cash from the passengers to let us go. Our drivers stated they had no cash and a passenger came up with 20 dollars to give them and off we went. Back to the depot. At 130. Remember I boarded at 8:20. When I asked to be brought back to my hotel they told me I'd have to get a cab at that point. I knew I couldn't bare another minute trapped in this hell. I got a cab. Back at the hotel I filed a report about the experience with the tour company. And you guessed it... nothing was done. No one checked with me to see if I was ok. No one offered any kind of sympathy or apology. Just awfully unprofessional. When I got back to my room after the snorkeling tour nightmare, I immediately noticed what looked to be a noose hanging in front of my window. It was a bit disturbing. Asked management about that and was told it Maybe was from the painters on the roof. Nothing further. That night, the last night of my stay, the hotel emptied out. There really is only one restaurant and a pool bar open during the day and another weird bar strangely situated under the restaurant. There were about 20 people staying that night or so it felt. See pictures. As far as activities I did see a volley ball net set up around the pool bar on the weekend and saw some people doing water aerobics but that was it. Oh and Saturday night they had an Italian dinner outside and a Real Mexican show. (That's the name of the show). The show consisted of people dancing in costumes to pre recorded music. The lights set up on the lawn where the tables were were so bright it was almost impossible to see the dancers because of the glare. People at the table next to us were doing shot after shot if tequila and got super loud and obnoxious. This hotel was a sh#t show. There are so many other cool and amazing places to stay in Tulum. Do your research and avoid this one.

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Great holiday

nell23898 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) on Jun 14, 2022

A lovely resort with great food. There are amazing views and photo opportunities. Facilities are great and there is good entertainment on the weekends including authentic Mexican dancing and full buffet. Special thanks to Francisco for providing us with unlimited drinks, he memorised our order and brought them as he seen us getting low. Also Tita and Ulysses are great reps, so friendly and eager to get you involved in the pool activities. A great holiday in all.

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Services and Staff are wonderful

470romyg (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on Jun 08, 2022

I recommend seeing Leslie at the Spa. She is a knowledgeable, strong, and sweet person. Leslie's Deep Body Massage, Reflexology, and Facial were just heavenly! The staff throughout the Resort were friendly, helpful, and informative, such as Rene and Angel. A lovely venue. I appreciated it was a more intimate atmosphere and you could even meet/chat with other Guests or spend time on your own for R&R! Thank you!

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Do NOT book here

sarahgP7511EZ on Jun 02, 2022

I wrote a review several months ago in hopes that I would save some of you wasted time and energy and hopefully to get myself a refund. I am owed over $1,400.00 from a trip that I canceled within the appropriate COVID-19 time frame as outlined by Kore's refund policy. While Carolina Moreno and assured me that their accountant Flavio Gonzalesz would refund me I have still had ZERO action. This place is actively engaged in theft -- I have been so patient. I have called and emailed and done everything I possibly can do to get a refund. I STRONGLY SUGGEST FINDING SOMEWHERE ELSE TO BOOK if you have any chance of needing a refund. I cannot believe I am still fighting this over a year later.

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Amazing hotel, perfect location & excellent staff

Beth A (London, United Kingdom) on Jun 01, 2022

First holiday since the pandemic and wow what a holiday! Spent 10 days at Kore Tulum & had the most amazing holiday we really didn’t want to leave. From start to finish we were treated so well by all staff members and really felt they went out of their way to make your stay as memorable as possible. Rooms were spotless & cleaned everyday - the jacuzzi bath is such a nice touch. The food was great with lots of variety each night. I especially enjoyed a breakfast omelette every morning made by the lovely Efrain who was always so friendly. I would also like to thank Noemi, Francisco & Fredy who were so attentive with providing us drinks everyday and checking in on us. As soon as you sit down in the restaurant, a waiter was already there to ask if you would like a drink etc - I can’t remember all their names but Marco & Emmanuel were great. A special shoutout to Ulises & Tita who are such genuine, lovely entertainers who really make the effort to get people to join in with activities. All of the staff really made the trip for us and we were so sad to say goodbye! We loved being able to rent bikes for free to cycle into town which we did everyday. The hotel security is excellent, every time you leave they keep a record which made us feel very safe. Some people in the reviews who have moaned about racoons in the hotel, I’m not sure why you would come to Mexico and not expect there to be any wildlife? We only saw one late at night on the rocks by the beach but if you respect their space they will respect yours! There are also lots of iguanas around which we loved & grew very fond of naming one Iggy?? FYI they like bananas. We would come back in a heartbeat, already missing Tulum so much. Thank you so much to everyone at Kore for making our trip so special - we hope to visit again one day!

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