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Retreat Resort says it all!

Mark P (Louisville, Kentucky) on Dec 31, 2022

The Kore Tulum Retreat Resort is all of what you want from a small, non-crowed retreat resort. If you want parties and lots of noise and late nights out and crawling back to your room after 2am, then find another place to go. Small city of Tulum is all about tourists, so take the outside of the resort with that going in and experience the people and local culture and you will enjoy yourselves. Security: The Kore Tulum has very controlled gates and no one goes in or out without Rena knowing everything, he is the man! He controls all and is the best friend you will have while staying here! He is friendly and very competent. Thanks Rena and Security staff! Food and drinks: the food and restaurants are limited, but they try and offer whatever you need and want for such a small and quiet place. I loved to food and touches the cooking staff made, my wife is a no frills girl and wanted her food from home, guess what don’t expect American Mexican food here! Salsa and chips are not here, but lots of great authentic Mexican food. The waiting staff are the best, Naomi, she is the star, she bust her butt and probably gets 50k steps a day and still smiles. Jesus is the man at the pool bar, awesome, as you would expect from a man named Jesus, lol. Martin, Victor, And all of them treated us like family. Even my wife who can get hangry quickly. Gif love them all. Pool and beach: great and always clean, the grounds crew is always at work, no exceptions. These guys bust their butt to keep everything going. Great place for a quiet getaway for my wife and I and we loved everyone and the weather. If you come with an expectation of small and friendly people, like family you will be fine. They have everything you need. So them love and they will show it back. Be kind and they will make your trip special. Bring lots and tipping money because they deserve it and if you are at the pool relaxing expect Jesus at the bar and Naomi with a smile. Safe travels.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best Quaint Adult Resort in Tulum!

c1kikoman (Denver, Colorado) on Dec 23, 2022

Tulum's Best Kept Secret. Kore Tulum is/has; a) Wonderfully maintained b) great food c) excellent drinks d) great staff e) great location. Kore has wonderful security and our Ocean View window was kept open both day and night to hear the ocean and feel the warm ocean breeze. This was our Third Trip there and we will continue to do so. We Hired a Taxi for 8 hours per day (Ernesto Taxi #1147 tel #52-984-176-3345) and he picked us up at the front door and was our exclusive driver for 8 hours/$200 plus gas per day. Such a Deal! Will do both again, soon.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

perfectly peaceful girls getaway

geeva (Georgina, Canada) on Dec 22, 2022

I spent ten glorious days at Kore from Dec 4-14 with a dear friend for a much needed break from reality. We enjoyed every minute in this relaxing, peaceful and beautiful environment and felt we easily could have made it a 2 week stay. A number of their staff really stood out - Edgar in the lobby, Fredy at the bar, Noemi at the pool bar, Balam at the restaurant and Santiago at the crepe hut. ALL the staff were really friendly & helpful during our entire stay. The beds were comfy & the room was quite large. When asked they brought additional hangers and another suitcase stand. Our only complaints with the room were the very poor lighting (it was difficult to even read in bed at night & the bathroom lighting was even worse) and there were no towel hooks in the bathroom. I had concerns about the food, reading that it was one restaurant and only a la carte but I needn't have worried. Breakfast was a buffet with a smoothie bar, fresh fruits, pastries, an egg station as well as a tostada /empanada /taquito table that made them fresh to order. We both had food allergies and the staff were incredible about making sure our meals were safe. I also recommend a morning mimosa with pineapple juice - a lovely start to the day. The coffee needed work tho - it was often barely warm and the flavour was not great. Lunch was the same menu every day but there were a number of options. Dinners were at the same place, sometimes upstairs and other times served on the main level or outside. We much preferred eating alfresco. They offered Italian, Asian, Mexican, International and Surf & Turf theme nights (photos of food and menus being posted). The spa was well worth the money. We went twice for full massage ($88 USD was the current special). Entertainment was minimal - Thursday they had a Mayan dance show that was underwhelming, Friday was an afternoon foam party & band which we missed for a trip into town and Saturday was a traditional Mexican show which was far more interesting & dynamic. We weren't there for evening shows so didn't mind there wasn't much. If you're looking for a party atmosphere, find a different resort. Kore is focused on quiet and relaxation. There were plenty of laughs and good chats in and around the pool and in the lobby bar, but most folks were more interested in a low key holiday and that's exactly what we needed.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Fantastic Holiday

emilysZ424FB on Dec 16, 2022

My partner and I spent two weeks at Kore Tulum and had the best holiday. We’ve both come away with really fond memories of our time there.. there seems to be a lot of mixed reviews so was slightly hesitant but glad I hadn’t paid too much attention to them. Seems like people want a 5 star experience without having to pay for a 5 star hotel - so that says it all really. First and foremost, it was definitely the staff that made our experience so wonderful. They couldn’t have done more for us and I really appreciate them all. Our biggest shoutout goes to Francisco, who worked so hard to make sure all the guests were happy. He remembered our orders and so we always had drinks made for us without us needing to say anything, he was always smiling and you can tell he really cared. I hope Francisco has a long and rewarding career ! We’d also like to shoutout Fredy, who is an actual legend as well. Noemi, who always was a pleasure to be around. Edgar, who always had a smile on his face and made the welcoming of guests so pleasant. Gert, the kindest man ever who also made sure at all times that all guests were happy. And Victor, who very kindly would let us brits take over the bar so we could watch the football and would always try and stream it in English too. We all very much appreciated that. Secondly, Kore is in a really good location, which makes it easy to travel around if you wanted too. It’s not too far into Tulum so if you wanted to visit other places or go out for the day, it was relatively easy. Taxi’s were always available (however they are much pricier than in London so set some money aside for that). Thirdly, the breakfast was really delicious. We always had plenty of choice and everything was cooked really well. Cons (because not everywhere is perfect). The shower. The pressure wasn’t great and it was quite a cold temperature, which was a common comment amongst guests. The music round the pool. It was a very weird elevator music that didn’t really set the mood. I appreciate however that you won’t make everyone happy with the music choice, everyone has different tastes so it’s hard. We would have preferred something a bit more current. The room cleaning. Quite a few days the people who cleaned our rooms would forget things, so everyday we’d have something missing. Like toilet roll, towels, coffee etc. Nothing too annoying but when it’s something everyday it does get a bit frustrating to have bits missing. Other than that we had a really lovely stay and hope to be back in the future. Thanks again to all the staff for making our trip so special - we’ll remember you all ??

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

A wonderful time at Kore.

Deann M on Dec 15, 2022

We’ve frequented Tulum quite a bit. This is our first ever all-inclusive. Here’s what I will say about this. The inflation here (really,everywhere) is so high. For the cost and value, it’s one of the reasons I would chose to stay here again. The property is beautiful and well kept. Here’s something for those who aren’t familiar with seaside properties. The ocean spray creates a more weathered effect. It’s not rundown, it’s a seaside property and the sea gives it that beachy feel. Rooms were clean and beds comfy. It was also unusual for us to have a full running AC while here, most beach properties do not. If you need AC, it was great. We didn’t use tub but our friends did and loved it!! Staff was very nice! Breakfast was the best! Lunch was ok. Dinner, while included, could use some improvement. But again, for prices, convenience and service was ok. It is also a very quiet place and I love that!!! Loved we could rent bikes for free!! Please be mindful to reading the reviews. I don’t agree with the negative comments. I’ve stayed at other places here and while I love the ambience at those places, I’d likely choose here again. The guest service, Amirinda(spelling) and young gentlemen were absolutely delightful. Lastly, crepes every night with Santiago, so yummy!!!

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