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Mixed bag, overall not bad

Jamie-S-Saunders92 on Jul 03, 2022

First impressions of the hotel are pretty good, offered a welcome drink on arrival whilst the formalities were completed. We Taken to our room by a ‘bell boy’ who offered to take our bags. Upon entering our room it looked similar to the pictures online. Fresh flowers in the lounge area (sadly they were fully wilted by the next day and weren’t changed). Straight away we noticed the cool air coming from the air conditioning which was very efficient! Big plus! The room feels like it used to be dressed better… there were lots of shelves that would have looked great with pictures, ornaments or flowers but instead they were empty and looked a bit awkward. The bathroom was lovely, nice toiletries, plenty of towels and a rainfall shower bigger than most I have seen in other hotels I have stayed in. Lovely deep bath but sadly it had no plug which meant my partner was unable to use it. The bed was huge and very comfortable and I managed to sleep the best I had in a long time. Only issue when sleeping was a very loud wind whistling coming from the patio doors that. I tried to find the source but with no luck and as St Lucia is a generally windy island it meant that this was an issue every day. Out with the room the pool area is lovely, nicely finished and kept fairly clean. Towels were readily available but there wasn’t anywhere to put them once finished which meant just leaving them behind. One day I asked about the use of a Kayak and/or snorkel. I was told snorkels were unavailable because of Covid (fair enough but surely they would go through substantial sanitisation after each use anyway…) I asked for these at about 3pm to be told that they would need to be back pretty quickly as they wanted them back well before 4…no idea why. Mahis snack hut on the beach was in a lovely location right on the edge of the beach, the food from there as pretty good and made quickly, however the staff never seemed overly happy to be there and seemed to be more interested in their phones than take it orders or speaking to customers. Highlight from here was the chocolate brownie with ice cream! Delightful! I Didn’t like the fact that once you were finished and I took my plate back to the counter to help them out I was told bluntly to put it onto a strange plate cart at the back of the hut next to an almost overflowing bin full of food waste. The cart and bin were situated right at the entrance to Mahis and the beach, not a great first impression. The main dining area was quite large, serving staff were always pretty attentive and would keep drinks topped up. The food available at breakfast was pretty good, nice range of cooked and chilled options with some local options too. The lovely lady who was on the egg station was a delight, very friendly and clearly knew her way around an omelette. Unfortunately one one of the days the yogurt and fruit had a lot of flys buzzing around which was a real put off. Lunch was ‘a la cartel’ on all the days I went but it did seem to just be the same offering as the ‘Mahis’ snack hut…despite this everything we ate was good, especially the crispy chicken wrap. The dinner offering wasn’t too bad, some days there was loads of great options and some days not to much but this is mostly due to personal taste. Unfortunately one night dinner wasn’t fully set up until about 20 mins after the service was due to start so I ended up sitting waiting for them to finish setting up. I only stayed 5 nights and when we checked in we were told that the ‘Chic’ restaurant wasn’t open everyday. We decided to go on our penultimate night and so when we went in the morning to book our table to then be told it was fully booked it is fair to say I was very disappointed. This meant that I wouldn’t be able to use the facility which made the whole experience feel slightly worse value for money. When we walked past the dining room at the time we tried to book we noticed that it only seemed about 50% full. On our last evening we sat and enjoyed a few drinks before dinner in the lounge. The lounge is a large space but there seems to be loads of space where they could easily put in more seating to allow more people to enjoy the space and the entertainment. I can’t imagine this is a Covid related issue as the dining area which is attached to the lounge has many more tables and chairs and in a much closer arrangement. Probably me just being picky here, but I only drink Vodka and for near enough a whole day they didn’t seem to have any on the whole site so a dry day was had, maybe not a bad thing now and again. The serving staff were lovely but there seems to be a strict ‘who does what’ kind of arrangement when ordering. At lunchtime we were ready to order and someone came over to offer us more drinks and we said ‘we are actually ready to order’ we were then told that a supervisor would be over to take our order. I noticed this happened at several tables and I don’t really understand why the restaurant was operating like this. At the time of writing St Lucia still required masks to be worn in public places, this included when walking round the dining room to get food from the buffet. However it was disappointing to see quite a lot of the staff not adhering to these rules themselves. Practice what you preach… On our last day my partner told me that he ended up having a cold shower as no hot waster was coming through. About an hour later when I went to shower (hoping the hot water issue might have been fixed) but there was no water at all. When my partner went to ask at reception about the issue he was told it would take 3+ hours to fix. At this point it was about 1hr until check out. I ended up having to boil bottled water in the coffee machine to be able to have a basin wash. This was far from ideal when you have almost 24hrs of travelling ahead. When we checked out shortly after this there was no apology for the issue or even a ‘how was your stay’ and sadly it felt quite clinical and insincere, a shame to finish our stay like this.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Stay Away. Don't waste your money.

truevinerecords on Jul 02, 2022

Please, please, please do not waste your money and time. From the day we got to reception was awful. When we got to our room the floors were wet. Food was awful. There are no activities. This is my first and last time. If you are looking for a hotel in St Lucia I highly recommend that you do not select this one. On top of it there is absoultely no way to get a refund after you've booked online. Difficult to make chanhes or upgrade. My wife and I went to celebrate our anniversary. It was completely ruined from the start at reception. The rest was a disaster.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Great staff. Poor experience with reception.

799merlindas on Jul 02, 2022

Applied online, encountered difficulties. Booked at the hotel, encountered more difficulties at reception. The information given online is far different from what exists at the hotel. Reception was not helpful at all. It's a shame that locals are not treated with much dignity. I am thankful for the staff members on the ground with pleasant character. Definitely won't return. It's a zero rating for me. Big respect to the gentleman who carried our luggages and the young ladies at the restaurant. Well done excellent customer service. Our room was lovely, the food is not 100%. Not much activities to go along with. Just the pool and beach experience and of course food.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Small yet AMAZING!!!

ShellyNichole (Brooklyn, New York) on Jun 28, 2022

The best!! The staff is so friendly and sweet but Cristel who works the reception, is BEYOND amazing!!. I was here celebrating my birthday and we needed reservations to a restaurant. She made it happen! No questions asked. She made sure our stay was pleasant and check in on us everyday! The staff was amazing, the food, the entertainment. It is a smaller hotel yes, but it gives you a mix of quiet and fun. There are 2 lounges literally walking distance (3 minute walk) and a mall and KFC. Just a heads up, June is there rainy month so be prepared to deal with many days of rain. But we made the best of it and had so much fun! Thank you Royalton!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Don’t waste your money, very tired and dilapidated hotel.

madwelshwoman (Bedfordshire, United Kingdom) on Jun 27, 2022

We have stayed in various hotels around the world, varying from 3* to 5* and I can honestly say that this is one of the worst hotel we have stayed in. A lot of money wasted on a bad experience. The only good thing about this hotel is its location on a lovely beach and within walking distance to town. We arrived late and exhausted after a 3 hour delay in Gatwick only to find the aircon in our room didn’t work. We walked through the hotel grounds at 12.30 am to another room for our first night. The aircon was fixed next morning but then we discovered the safe was broken and they didn’t have a replacement! So we had to keep our money, passports etc locked in our suitcase. Not a good start to our holiday. The lounger situation is abysmal, definitely not enough of them. The ones they had were very tatty and quite a few were broken. If you wanted a lounger you had to be up at 6am, especially if you wanted shade. NOT what I call a relaxing holiday. Loungers on the beach were so old and uncomfortable you could give yourself a back injury lying on them. Toilets by the Chic restaurant were filthy with soaking wet floors (due to faulty/broken plumbing) with only 1 out of 3 functioning for most of our stay. These toilets served the swimming pool area during the day but also served the bar and restaurants during the evenings. Definitely not the place you want use when dressed up for the evening. We knew of three couples (there were probably more) who hadn’t had hot water in their rooms for three consecutive days. Hot water in your room is surely to be expected as standard! Breakfasts and lunches at the buffet restaurant were good but the food at dinner was AWFUL. The food was cold and inedible most nights, I am not fussy and will eat pretty much anything but even I had problems most nights and went without. My poor husband lived mainly on desserts! The Chic restaurant was our saviour which we went to on a few occasions. The sad thing is that this hotel could be so lovely and it probably was in its day. The faults I mentioned above could so easily be rectified without too much cost. Don’t know if it’s true but we heard that The Royalton have bought the adjoining waste land and The Star Fish Hotel with the intention of building one big hotel. If this is the case I doubt if they will be making any improvements to the Mystique at the moment. So in the meantime, I would advise all to keep away!

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