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Food and service abysmal

CCB199 (Barnsley, United Kingdom) on Jan 24, 2023

Positives The hotel is in a beautiful location directly on reduit beach Staff are warm and friendly Negatives Hardly any food choices at the buffet. Only one meat( chicken wings). I've seen bigger and better food choices at small family owned hotels Always running out of food and drink. The buffet is not stocked. The bars both ran out of beer , white rum. Long waits. We waited 2 and half hour for a burger and chips at the beach grill. So far we've been unable to eat at the speciality restaurants as they keep closing them. Apart from a quiz no activities take place during the day I was told this was due to staff having to help out with other things. Our safe was broken and noone ever repaired it so we had to carry our valuables around with us. Rooms desperate for a refurbishment.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Believe the reviews - this is the WORST hotel I've ever stayed in...

travellingkbx (London, United Kingdom) on Jan 24, 2023

I've never left a bad review in my life, but I feel so strongly that people need to be warned about booking this hotel. Do not book this hotel, and if you have booked & can change it, I'd highly recommend doing so. Our stay was absolutely awful, and our holiday tarnished by how bad this hotel truly is. The main issues: 1) If you are in block 500, you will hear loud bass music, which vibrates the door & karaoke all night long, which will keep you awake & feels like torture. We bought sleeping tablets and ear plugs which we were forced to use each night. The ear plugs couldn't even cover up the extreme noise. The hotel told us it wasn't their problem. 2) Believe the reviews about the food - one night we arrived at dinner at 7.30pm and there was no food whatsoever (see photos) and there were no plates or cutlery (see photos). That night, the hotel had also run out of wine & beer. The next morning, the hotel had run out of milk, fruit juice & there was no coffee available and no food. We were genuinely starving. 3) The beach front lunch restaurant also ran out of food twice during our 8 days stay & when we could have lunch there, both times we waited for an hour and a half for the food to arrive. 4) The buffet restaurant is disgusting - the food & beverage staff don't clear the tables, so there is old food everywhere, with flies all around it. During our stay, we were left to clear our own table at least once a day. 5) The staff completely ignore you - many times during our stay, we were completely ignored by the staff, who would walk past you without giving eye contact and ignored your 'hello' or call for help. 6) Water in the rooms - one morning we woke up to no water in the room whatsoever. This meant we couldn't brush our teeth or shower for over 3 hours. On two occasions, there was no hot water, so we had to have freezing cold showers before going for dinner. 7) Broken glass - believe the past review about broken glass. I got broken glass in my finger, which then got swollen and infected. The staff do not clear it away. 8) No hair dryer, safe or iron - we were eventually given a hairdryer, safe and iron after asking numerous times, and wasting significant amounts of holiday time waiting around for one. When we were given the iron, the wiring was so dangerous, plugging it in could've killed us. When we complained to the manager who had given us the iron, he denied giving us that iron at all. 9) Lack of sunbeds & towels - people reserve sunbeds before 7.30am and there are not enough for everyone - the hotel staff said that they 'should' clear towels after they weren't used in over an hour, but they don't. The hotel also regularly ran out of clean beach towels, and you could wait for over an hour at the towel hut for someone to be available to give you one, if there were clean towels. In the end, we used the same dirty towels for most of the week, and most of the other guests were doing the same. 10) The rooms are fine - however when we arrived our room had not been cleaned, so we arrived to a dirty room & there were SO many cracks in the bathroom, you had to be careful. 11) The Wifi didn't work in our room, and you'd have to use it in the lobby, where it was inconsistent. This made it really hard to get in touch with loved ones whilst away. 12) Restaurant bookings - there are two restaurants in the hotel, however they are hardly open. We made bookings, which upon arriving at the restaurant, had apparently 'not been booked in'. When we did manage to eat in the restaurant, the pizza was cold and soggy, and the 'lasagne' was courgette piled up with some cheese on the top. 12) Gaslighting management - the main issue for us with this hotel, is that the staff are unapologetic and lied to us then gaslit us the whole stay. We were offered solutions, like the offer to move room, which after packing up our suitcases, we were told was never offered. Or another example is the iron that they provided us, which apparently they then said they didn't (according to them we magiced up this iron). We were made to feel so uncomfortable by the staff, and on occasion this lead to tears of frustration, because by the end we couldn't trust anything that they said. This was probably also due to the lack of sleep, feeling so hungry and not being able to wash. We spent the week speaking to other guests who were ALL complaining. If you read a positive review of this hotel, please check out how many reviews they've left, because there wasn't a single person in the hotel that would've provided a positive review, which leads me to believe that the positive reviews are likely doctored. So many guests were calling their holiday provider and being moved, because this hotel couldn't even meet the basic needs (food & water). I would highly suggest staying at the Bay Gardens hotel which is just a couple of hotels down the road - we went to check this out and spoke to other guests there who highly recommended it. Yes the location of this hotel is lovely, but so is the Bay Gardens hotel & you can quite easily walk from there to the Starfish end of the beach & enjoy both ends. Dear Management - please do not respond with the same message you have responded to the poor reviews below. We do not believe that you genuinely regret the awful service/experience at your resort and I can guarantee that this does reflect the genuine service & culture at your resort, as after speaking to taxi drivers & others who collect people from your hotel all the time, it has been like this since you opened. We complained numerous times and you did not acknowledge them/investigate them/take action at the time, so why would you do it now.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

First and last time at Starfish St. Lucia ( Dec. 30 - Jan. 9 2023 )

IndianaSunnygirl (Indiana) on Jan 22, 2023

As with most reviews of Star Fish St. Lucia, the beach area is probably a 10 !!! My husband and I have been to St. Lucia five times and have been all over the Caribbean. Reduit Beach is definitely in our top four. The pool area is nice , except for the the broken glass on the pool deck. I was constantly picking up broken glass. Any other resort we've been to strictly prohibits glass in or around the pool area for this exact reason. I told a few workers about it , but most just shrugged it off. There also was a large limb dangling from one of the trees right above where people walked. I told a few of the gardeners thinking they would want to get a ladder and grab it , but it stayed there the entire 10 days that we were there. We could barely budge our sliding glass door to go out on our patio. We called maintenance and saposedly they came to our room while we were out and fixed it , but it was no different. My husband spent about 30 minutes on it and got it sliding a bit better. The buffet food was edible at best ! The food in the speciality restaurants was decent , but they constantly ran out of items on the menu. The beach grill was ok, but we couldn't figure out why it could take 45 minutes or more to get a hot dog and fries. The entertainment staff is a joke. We usually would see them at the pool for an hour or so to play trivia and then they needed to rest , I guess. Apparently , the security guards get nap breaks. If you dare go, Mac is with watersports and a great guy. Kevin at the pool bar is awesome , but rarely has what he needs ( constantly running out of beer, rum, ice , ...) I emailed the G.M upon our return about some concerns, especially the safety concerns. He was responsive at first , but then nothing. I don't like writing bad reviews , because I know people's job's depend on vacationers coming , but this resort needs so much attention. I've never been to any other A.I and wanted my money back. Mr. Brand - as G.M - " The Buck Stops Here "

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Very disappointing probably 2 star, but a beautiful location

520bridgetj (Barcelona, Spain) on Jan 20, 2023

The rooms are tired and need refurbishment, the bathroom is worse, the beds are comfortable and the housekeeping is excellent and most of the staff are very nice and helpful. However the food at lunchtime and evening are awful and all you hear are complaints. We ended up eating out every night and spent over a thousand pounds

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5


TheBuffys (London, United Kingdom) on Jan 19, 2023

12 nights definitely not in paradise! The location is great, beach is lovely and you can go for a nice long walk towards the harbour. Rooms are clean and adequate but definitely needs refurbishing. Bed was comfy & very big! TV channels are great. This hotel lives up to its 3 star grading - do not expect more. We stayed in room 131 which was on the right of the hotel entrance at ground level and was an excellent room - quiet at night and great access to pool & beach. Avoid rooms on left of hotel entrance as they can be noisy due to a club further along from the entrance. As previously stated it only opened in November, as did lots of hotels, and decent trained staff are hard to find. Starfish is no exception to this. Some are good but most need training and some definitely have attitude issues. The pool grill at lunch time can take upto an hour to get served and another hour to get food. It also regularly runs out of options which are initially limited. In our 12 nights they ran out of coffee & milk at breakfast, beer, rum & prosecco during the day! Gazel has been mentioned many times and she is great and on the ball on the morning egg station. Suneta was lovely in the Italian & Oriental restaurants. Management are not concerned about any of the issues and show little to no interest. Everyone we talked to had complaints, mainly about the food. The 2 themed restaurants are OK & can easily be booked at breakfast but the menu does not change and the options run out quickly - do not go later than 7:30. Service again can be very slow. Pizza's were inedible. If you do decide to go, walk up the hill opposite at end of beach - not for the unfit but definitely worth the view at the top.

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