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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 3.5
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 3.5

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TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Don’t go…not a 5 star experience

Heather G (Sherwood Park, Canada) on Feb 14, 2024

This place is very run down. I was put in the wrong section for what I paid for. They made it a hassle to change. When I checked in, they did give me my wifi password, times that anything was happening (hard to find the info), etc. I had to go back and wait 30 minutes for them to print out my info. None of the elevators worked and my room was missing light bulbs. The bathtub was difficult to get in and out of, the shampoo dispenser was at the sink and the hand soap in the shower (mounted to the wall). They only gave you bath towels…no hand towels or face cloths. You have to pay a $15US deposit for the beach towel (each). Watch out for the one towel guy as he is willing to put on his own show for you. It says it has a mini fridge but they don’t put anything in it. My balcony door would not lock so I shoved a chair into the track. The largest pool didn’t have any water in it. As the days went on, they were running out of more and more things. No pop, no mint for mojitos, no mix for pina colada or margaritas, no eggs…one day, they said no ice! You have to search for the place to book your a la carte ….it is a single person in a back room and the wait can be forever. The shows are 30 minutes and average. The singing was better than the dancing. Many bars close at 4 and then you are waiting for a single person trying to make drinks for everyone (especially difficult since he has to keep saying “no” to everyone as they don’t have the needed ingredients). The buffet food was horrible. Things were not labeled at all or incorrectly. I have a food allergy and more than once I found seafood in dishes that were labeled vegetarian or chicken. I was a solo traveler. Getting service at times was very difficult and frustrating. The relax section was quite nice. Would have been better with some more service.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Horrible hotel, the lack of food and drinks, no meat, no eggs. they can’t even make a real cocktail, it’s all broken

thomasaC5642FN (Barcelona, Spain) on Feb 12, 2024

It’s horrible, even got clothes stolen in my room by the staff, the food is very bad, close to no meat and don’t have eggs for breakfast, and I got diarrhea several times, they can’t even make a mojito due to lack of ingredients, the sea view suite have excavator working outside making a lot of noise starting 08 in the morning, I highly recommend ppl to stay away from this hotel, it’s by far not a 5 star hotel

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Will never be back

Stephanie M (Vilna, Canada) on Feb 08, 2024

We went in with little expectations and was throughly disappointed. Was a gift from my husband for our 25th wedding anniversary and was ver excited. At the resort gave the buffet the benefit of the doubt the 1st night as we arrived late-mostly veggies. The next morning the “eggs” were cold and noticed all of the hot food warmers weren’t working so all the hot foods were cold. Great bread but no butter, the juices were watered down and there was minimal meat. I know people say don’t go to Cuba for the food but to me I go somewhere and it should be food and culture, the full package. Hotel and staff were pretty good but like I said won’t be going back.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Overpriced - not 5 stars but a fun time

kiwilemonades (Sault Ste. Marie, Canada) on Feb 01, 2024

My friend and I as well as her grandparents stayed 7 nights here in May of 2023. We overall enjoyed our time in Cuba however the resort definitely had its flaws. If you are aware of them and are not expecting 5 star services as advertised you would probably love this resort. The rooms were very neglected, especially on the ground floor which we initially chose because her grandfather has trouble with stairs. The hallways were dark and dingy, our patio door wouldn't close let alone lock, and in her grandparent's room, the bathroom doorknob was missing and the safe wouldn't work. However, the service was good and we were able to get someone to fix it fairly quickly and when that didn't work out we were able to move rooms without too much trouble. The upstairs rooms were much better - dated, but functional and clean which was completely fine. The elevators were also rickety and my friend and I ended up getting stuck on one that kept going up and down until it finally stopped and let us out. The food + drinks. Cuba understandably has shortages so certain days there weren't eggs available, etc. but overall disregarding that, the food was just alright. It was a little bland but there was usually a decent variety of options. We loved the guy who cooked pasta fresh to order! Don't know his name but he was very kind. I'm a vegetarian and it was pretty limited, but not impossible - rice and beans, plenty of vegetables, fruits, pasta, eggs, etc. But there was also certain things that were annoying such as chickpeas/beans being cooked with pork. There were birds/bugs in the buffet area as well but I'm not sure if that's just normal in tropical resorts. The food got cold very quickly and was usually cold unless you went right at opening. Be sure to bring some of your own sauces and you should be good though! The 24 hour snack bars also did not have much variety at all, sometimes you could get fries or a hot dog. We brought some snacks from home and it was a good idea. There were also limited drinks (non-alcoholic) besides water and some fruit juices. The a la carte restaurants were disappointing. One of them was mismarked on the map and we got very lost looking for it, and the options for main courses were limited and bland. I enjoyed the bars, the lobby bar as well as the swim up bar were good - again there were shortages, but that isn't the fault of the resort itself. Just be prepared that there may not be vodka and that they may have things one day and not the next day. Sometimes by the end of the night they would even run out of coke for a rum & coke. Entertainment was good when there was some. We went to a few shows and they were decent, and there was often live music in the evenings on the patio bar which was lovely. However on the nights where there wasn't a show there was not much going on at all in terms of nightlife. We also went on the catamaran excursion and Havana excursion - not exclusive to this resort, but both of them were awesome. The resort itself is beautiful, the beach and pool were absolutely amazing. Pool wasn't perfect as there was some tiles missing but other than that it was great. The beach was beautiful with plenty of seating and a bar. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Everyone we spoke to in Cuba was kind and seemed genuine and that is certainly a highlight of the trip for us. Overall, as long as you are aware of and okay with the shortages that Cuba has as well as the dated rooms/equipment, this is a beautiful place and you could definitely enjoy a week here.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Worst Resort ever ! Pieces of Glass in salads and Cockroaches in restaurants

Zahir K (Tanzania) on Jan 30, 2024

Oh My God ! Where do I start. There is soooo much wrong here. Let's start with the reception staff; Very unfriendly, almost irritated. The whole week that we have been here, with the exception of the lady at Guest services and our ser er at the buffet, we have not seen a smile on anyone's face. We arrived at 9:30 PM, just as the buffet closed, so, we were diverted to the 24 hour snack bar. Alll we found there was one dried burger and toasted bread. Oh, yeah and french fries. nothing else. Lucky for us, we had brought some foods with us, so we could have something after a full day of travelling. I counted 20 elevators in the hotel, not one of them was working and not enough porters to help with our luggage. Everyday, teh breakfast was misely. No eggs and for the first three days, no coffee served at breakfast. We had to go to the lobby bar for coffee after breakfast. That lasted 2 days and then the resort was out of coffee for 2 days. We had requested a king size bed, we got twin beds. The lights in our bedroom nor the safe worked in our room. Reported and it has been a week, no one has come to repair them, No hand towles, and towels were only changed once during the week; Dinner at the gourmet is nothing to write home about, nor at the Italian restaurant. The servers were not friendly at all; At the buffet, we had a green salad and found pieces of glass in it, cockroaches in the restaurants......I could go on and on The japanese restaurant had the best food and servers at this resort. If you are considering going to this resort, DON'T.

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