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Sleepless in Victoria

tillymins (Victoria, Canada) on Jan 11, 2024

If you like to sleep when you visit a hotel, keep looking. My husband and I are from Victoria where we both worked in hospitality + customer service for 12 & 15 years. We relocated to a smaller town on the island when our first daughter joined us in 2021. We now have a 2 year old and I’m 8 months pregnant with our second. We were excited to find an opportunity in our schedule to visit Victoria (where we met) one last time as a family of three, kind of a baby moon. We usually would book at the Parkside or HGP, but both hotels pools were closed so we decided to stay somewhere with a pool for our tot. We had hoped for an early check in which was not possible, which we understand as that is luck of the draw. Our daughter was quite tired and grouchy after a day of travel & keeping busy with no nap. At check in we found the lobby very pretty and the staff friendly. Front desk informed us that we received a comp. upgrade to a “beautiful room on the 3rd floor” Well, that was exciting! I wondered why but wasn’t going to argue that. We took our tired grouchy tot upstairs to find a basic room that was no different from the room that we had booked aside from having a “partial view” instead of an “obstructed view” we didn’t really care much about the view, which is why we booked obstructed. With a child who goes to bed at 7, the curtains close early. What we needed was something comfortable & practical for our family, a king bed and a pullout for our daughter. It had that, but let me tell you - this hotel NEEDS to replace their mattresses. My body was so sore. We both found the bed very uncomfortable and worn. It was like sleeping on plywood with lumps and valleys from previous guests. I expect to sleep on a quality mattress when I book a stay at a hotel that identifies itself as high end. Aside from the mattress, the room was ok. Nothing spectacular. We booked in the laurel wing which is apparently their inferior, lower quality wing. Something we didn’t know when we booked, so if you stay here keep that in mind. The heater was extremely noisy. The bath robes were very small and worn out. Shrunken looking and appeared to have been laundered many times. My husband who is a 6’ size large couldn’t tie his up. The curtains were impossible to close and there was a chunk missing from the bottom corner of our room door, no door sweeps or attempt to keep out noise. The room seemed clean enough and we got a decent rate so we decided to make the most of it instead of switching hotels, but it wasn’t what we expected. In hindsight, we wish we had left the hotel sooner. This is because the thing they failed to mention was that the upgrade they kindly gave our family placed us above a very loud event. Our room was above loud music, people screaming & partying well into the late night/early morning. Our toddler usually goes to sleep at 7pm and I at 8:30. By about 10pm the noise was just getting worse so I decided to call the front desk to see what to expect for our evening. She offered to move us directly across the hall. No thanks, we just finally got our young one to sleep. What is the point to wake her. pack up and move across the hall on the same floor at 10pm when all night people (party guests maybe?) were running up and down the halls on our floor yelling and slamming doors and partying in their rooms. I didn’t think we would get her back to sleep if we woke her up. The sound proofing is severely lacking. We finally fell asleep at 12-1am or maybe later and had a broken sleep on our plywood mattress until the rooms alarm clock from the last guest went off at 6am waking up our toddler for the day. Salt in the wound. The first thing she asked was if she could go home. We packed up and checked out early so we could all head home to get some rest from our vacation. It totally ruined our second day in Victoria to be running on such little sleep, none of us had energy to do anything. I was and still am heartbroken that our last trip as a family of three was ruined by the careless decision to put a family with a young child above an extremely noisy event. Not only that, but to disguise it as an upgrade was cruel. Embarrassingly, I ended up in tears talking to front desk about our stay when asked. They said sorry, and “if you choose to come back we will upgrade you to the other wing, would you like your bill emailed or printed?”. Even if we wanted to (which we do not), we are unable to return because soon we will have a newborn. I mentioned this to them and they said “well maybe it will be a long time”. I’m not sure why they think we would want to spend our time and money to stay there again. The promise of an upgrade is not too enticing after this experience and this “upgrade”. I also brought forward my surprise at the lack of transparency about events/noise level in rooms and was responded with “we are a full service hotel”. I would NEVER have booked here if I knew they would be hosting a huge event that we would be placed directly above. I have worked in hotels when I lived in Victoria that disclose noisy rooms, as they should, because it is the right thing to do. I hope they change this policy for their next guests. I am surprised that no supervisor came to speak to us. Maybe because it was Sunday, or maybe because we were Laurel Wing guests? I’m not sure. But we definitely will not be back, nor can we recommend this hotel. I’m so disappointed that we chose to stay here. I emailed guest experiences the feedback from our stay and have not received a reply so that tells me that it is not important to them.

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Par excellence's

Lawrence W on Jan 09, 2024

Staff was superb very congenial room was great with fantastic view. Food was also beyond good. We shall return next summer! Dinning was excellent and bar experience very quint and quite with excellent view as well. I can't say enough about staff. Hit all the right notes!

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Beautiful property close to the harbor

Mark T (Aberdeen, Washington) on Dec 18, 2023

The Inn at Laurel Point is a beautiful property with very few negatives. Parking is free which is a big plus. Drawer space for clothing is limited in each room. almost every room has a view of the harbor. The location is very pet friendly, even though I feel some guests may leave their pets unattended in rooms. If you want to stay in shape. the fitness room needs an upgrade as it doesn't even have a treadmill. The front desk staff was super helpful. they allowed me to keep my car in the deck until our ferry was scheduled to leave

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Lovely hotel

artistdhm (Andover, United Kingdom) on Oct 24, 2023

Lovely hotel with fabulous harbour view from our room. Very comfortable and clean and well located for visiting Victoria. Nice food in the Aura restaurant for both v diner and breakfast. helpful and efficient staff and let parking for car. would stay here again.

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Lovely hotel

IanandAnne43 (Reading, United Kingdom) on Oct 15, 2023

Lovely hotel. Nice rooms, good food, nice situation overlooking the main harbour. Staff were exceptional. The whole hotel was clean and tidy and the small ‘snack bar’ in the lobby was great. Would definitely return to the Laurel and Victoria.

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