Flights for travellers impacted by British Columbia flooding

By WestJet | | 1 min read

In effort to assist travellers who require immediate transportation into or out of British Columbia, we have added extra capacity, including moving larger aircraft onto routes to accommodate increased demand and to ensure more seats are available. Our flexible change and cancel policies have also been activated for reservations that may be impacted across the West Coast.

We have temporarily reduced our walk-up and prices by more than 50 per cent on impacted routes to help travellers in need of immediate flights or for those trying to reach impacted flood areas to support with recovery efforts.

In addition, we have added the following extra segment flights which are available for booking on and are actively upgauging aircraft to accomodate for WestJet Cargo. We will continue to share additional details pertaining to aircraft upgauges, extra segment flights and additional information for travellers impacted by the flooding as soon as it available below and on our website.

Extra capacity flights 

*Aircraft upgauge to accommodate increased guest demand (ex: Q400 to Boeing 737-700 or 7370800 or Boeing 737-700 to 737-800)

**Aircraft upgauge for WestJet Cargo

Tuesday, November 23 Flight Routing
  711 YYZ-YVR**
  720 YVR-YYZ**
  705 YYZ-YVR**
  708 YVr-YYZ**
Monday, November 22 Flight Routing
  4686 YVR-YLW*
  4695 YLW-YVR*
  706 YVR-YYZ**
  708 YVR-YYZ**
  723 YYZ-YVR**
Sunday, November 21 Flight Routing
  731 YYZ-YVR**
  4987 YVR-YKA
  4988 YKA-YVR
Saturday, November 20 Flight Routing
  4981 YVR-YKA
  4982 YKA-YVR
  4688 YVR-YLW*
  4692 YLW-YVR*
  4694 YVR-YLW*
  4693 YLW-YVR*
Friday, November 19 Flight Routing
  280 YLW-YYC*
  187 YYC-YLW*
  188 YLW-YYC*
  4998 YVR-YKA
  4999 YKA-YVR
  3111 YYC-YKA
  3314 YKA-YYC
  3320 YVR-YLW
  3325 YLW-YVR
  3265 YYC-YLW
  3150 YLW-YYC
  4696 YVR-YLW*
  4697 YLW-YVR*
  4698 YVR-YLW*
  4699 YLW-YVR*
Thursday, November 18 Flight Routing
  4901 YYC-YEG
  4200 YYC-YQR
  4201 YQR-YYC
  3111 YYC-YKA*
  3314 YKA-YYC*
  3320 YVR-YLW*
  3325 YLW-YVR*
  3365 YYC-YLW*
  3150 YLW-YYC*
  4680 YYC-YKA*
  4687 YKA-YYC*
  4682 YVR-YLW*
  4683 YLW-YVR*
  4684 YYC-YLW*
  4689 YLW-YYC*