Meet 2021 President’s Award winner, Shaunna Rendell

By WestJet | | 3 min read

Caring from the heart, while difficult to define on paper is easily recognizable in 13-year WestJetter, Shaunna Rendell, Guest Service Manager at Edmonton International Airport who is one of 16, President’s Award winners from 2021. 

The pandemic has brought with it many changes to the travel journey for both guests and WestJetters who have collectively had to adjust to an evolving landscape. In her role this year, caring from the heart meant being a pillar of reliability for both guests and her fellow WestJetters and Shaunna rose to this seemingly unpredictable challenge, every single day. Recognized amongst her team at Edmonton International Airport for her willingness to go above and beyond for every guest she interacts with, Shauna demonstrates what Guest Service rooted in care looks like.

We sat down with Shaunna to ask her a few questions about WestJet and what being a President’s Award winner means to her:

What has the last year been like for you? 

The last year for me has been intense and challenging with non-stop opportunity for growth and change. 

Shaunna Rendell, Guest Service Manager at Edmonton International Airport Shaunna Rendell, Guest Service Manager at Edmonton International Airport

What’s your favorite WestJet memory? 

There isn’t just one that stands out, really – I hold many great memories of making our guests’ journey brighter or easier in some way. The opportunity to be a small part of our guests’ journey is such a privilege. 

What is one thing you want to share with our guests? 

Check your ID upon booking your flight to ensure it’s not expired, and travel with more than just one piece of ID.  You can't imagine how often people end up losing the only piece they have somewhere along their journey. 

What does winning a WestJet Group Award mean to you? 

Winning a WestJet group award means that my efforts were noticed, acknowledged, and rewarded! I am humbled and honored to have received it!

What Shaunna’s leader had to say

“Over the past year, Shaunna has demonstrated that it doesn’t matter if we have 300 guests flying that day or 3000 – Shauna will unwaveringly take it upon herself to deliver an exceptional level of service and care to every guest she meets,” said Colleen Tynan, WestJet Vice-President, Airports.