Airport Community Giving

Taking care of our guests is the type of WestJet caring you probably see most often, but you might also be interested to know about the ways we help take care of our communities.

The Airport Community Giving program empowers WestJet owners to be active participants in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Through the program WestJetters at our domestic airports review and support donation requests based on their community's local needs and priorities.

The Airport Community Giving program also supports children's hospitals and pediatric wards across Canada. We recognize the vital contributions these institutions make in communities by treating millions of children for every disease and injury imaginable. Children's hospitals and pediatric wards provide state-of-the-art care, life-saving research and preventative education for children and their families every day.

A couple of WestJet Customer Service Agents posing in an airport terminal

At WestJet we support charities and not-for-profit organizations in the communities we serve through the Airport Community Giving program with an in-kind (non-cash) gift of flight donation of a roundtrip for two, anywhere we fly. This donation is to be used for fundraising purposes, such as an auction or raffle item. If approved and used in an auction, the gift of flight voucher must be packaged with another item (to create an experience such as a ski trip or spa package, etc.). If this isn’t possible, we request that the voucher is raffled, not auctioned.

You may be involved with an event, program or organization that you would like WestJet to support and are wondering how to propose your interest. At WestJet, we use an online request tool that allows you to tell us about your initiative and how your organization or event will benefit from our support. The online tool asks the same type of information from everyone and allows us to make more effective and timely decisions based on the large volume of requests we receive each year.

To assist you in properly completing the application form, we suggest you review the Giving Guidelines, before you begin.

If you determine that your initiative fits within our Giving Guidelines please submit an in-kind gift-of-flight donation request to be used for fundraising purposes.

We wish you success with your event and thank you for thinking of WestJet!

Organizations, programs and requests that would be considered ineligible for an Airport Community Giving donation include:

  • Financial support or cash donations.
  • Sponsorship of fundraising, sporting, community events or initiatives.
  • Religious organizations or events, unless they are engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community.
  • Political organizations or events.
  • Individuals independently raising money for an event or non-profit organization. This includes racers, bikers and humanitarian trip participants needing pledges or support to achieve their individual fundraising goals.
  • Third-party fundraising events without endorsement from the benefiting organization.
  • Individuals or groups seeking donated or sponsored travel to conferences for speakers or delegates, school trips, training or learning programs, humanitarian trips, reunions/anniversaries, races, contests, or competitions. For information about group discounts, please visit our groups page.
  • Incentive or appreciation events where airfare will be given to individuals in recognition of goals met, to encourage higher participation or used as a door prize.

If you determine that your initiative fits within our giving guidelines please submit an in-kind gift-of-flight donation request to be used for fundraising purposes. 

We wish you success with your event and thank you for thinking of WestJet!