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    Over 112 days and still no refund

    Reviewed by Agule1(Staten Island, New York) on Sep 10, 2020

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    Originally booked this trip pre-covid back in February. 2 ocean front suites at the Cove. Canceled back in the beginning of May and requested a full refund. Was told it can take from 60-90 days. It is now over 112 days and still no refund. I have stood at this property many times before and spent countless amounts of money there. It is unacceptable to wait over 112 days for a refund. I have been nothing but patient and fully understand the current environment we are all in but this is totally unacceptable!!!! I believe the Atlantis is currently owned by Marriott. Both Marriott and the Atlantis have completely dropped the ball. I was told today that my refund was escalated to accounting on Aug 21st. I canceled back in May. Something is definitely wrong here. It's sad to see an establishment like this treat people so unfair.

    Best Island...Best Accomodations...Best Staff!

    Reviewed by MSCT280() on Sep 08, 2020

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    My daughter had planned her dream wedding for March, 2020 at the Cove at Atlantis. Unfortunately given the pandemic that couldn't happen. We rescheduled for June, but that too was not to be. We had waited until September to see what it might be like later in the year or early next year, but decided not to wait any longer. This is after months of planning and numerous emails and phone calls with the Atlantis Cove staff. They (Crystal Folz and Jena Conway) were nothing short of WONDERFUL! Regardless, we had to cancel. We were so grateful that Atlantis reimbursed us for all the expenses we had paid. My family has vacationed at Atlantis (and specifically at the Cove) several times. There truly isn't a better place on earth for a wedding. And now I have learned that there is not likely a better, more understanding, and gracious staff than those wonderful people at the Cove. Thank you Crystal and Jena for all your help!!

    Atlantis Bahamas - The Cove - Customer Service - Refund Policy

    Reviewed by Tina C(Louisville, Kentucky) on Aug 25, 2020

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    I booked a trip in January 2020 for March, 2020 spring break. Covid came along and when I called customer service they encouraged me to rebook. August comes along and you are still closed through our Fall Break so I respectfully asked for a refund and they tell me due to shortened staff it will take 90 - 120 days for a refund? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It took 2 seconds for you to charge my card in January! I have called multiple times and when I called back today a manager by the name of Pam (who was rude) told me that I requested in August for a refund? They were still working on refunding people who requested in April. She advised me to email customer care? Wow! Way to treat guests.

    Bahamas - The Cove @ Atlantis

    Reviewed by dsmsmv(West Des Moines, Iowa) on Aug 15, 2020

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    Paradise island is beautiful! Windy and chilly a few days, but overall nice weather. The Cove is the only part of Atlantis I would stay in. A bit outdated, and the shower was really dirty but otherwise pretty nice. The Cove pool was shaded a lot, so we found sun elsewhere. Drinks were good but expensive. The Olive was good for a late night snack, terrible service. Sip Sip was DELISH and a perfect view but very expensive for a lunch. Mosaic was good, expensive. Seafire steakhouse was a great meal. Reserve in advance. Virgils and carmines restaurants were good! Marina pizza was a popular favorite and very reasonable- so good!! Overall, service in the Bahamas is slow and terrible! The staff knows they are getting the tip no matter what and they don’t have to try. The aquarium was amazing! Have to walk the property and see all the attractions - hammerhead sharks and baby stingrays! One of our favorite parts of the trip was the lazy river - such a blast and the slides were fun too. We did the snorkel with the dolphins one morning and that was nice and peaceful.

    BEWARE - Over 100 days and No Refund

    Reviewed by 96blaket() on Aug 12, 2020

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    I cancelled a trip planned for June to the Cove at Atlantis on May 2 because of the COVID Pandemic. I was told my refund would process in 60-90 days. I thought this was way to long but under the circumstances I decided to wait it out. After 90 days no refund. I contacted Atlantis and was told a request would be put in to expedite my refund. However, still no refund. Keep this in mind if you are considering booking a trip there.