Residence Inn Palm Desert

3.5 star rating

This hotel is rated between 3 and 4 stars. 3 star - Standard accommodation with basic facilities and limited services. 4 star - Quality accommodation with a variety of facilities and services.

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    Reviewed by Jerry P(Long Beach, California) on Jan 18, 2021

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    Room was fine with nice view of mountains off back patio. Kitchen lacking some basics...extra coffee pods, liquid dish soap, dishwasher pods, pan to cook eggs, salt and pepper... With Covid19, we wanted place where we could cook a meal or two - so, kitchen was lacking. Otherwise, great location and we liked that rooms are accessible from outside and not interior hallway.

    Dirty, cheap & no service

    Reviewed by JoSeeKey(SGV, CA) on Jan 05, 2021

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    Whatever happened to Marriott standards? This is supposed to be a category 5, not close the a roadway run down cheap motel! Here's a list of what went wrong 1. What greeted us was a hair on the notepad right at the desk by room's entrance. 2. Room furnishings, cabinet & walls need overhaul, replace. 3. Is that mold under the kitchen sink? 4. What's that on the wall? 5. Asked front desk for extra pillows, as they weren't supplied for the pull-out sofa bed. The response, maintenance is off duty, we don't have any. At Marriott? You kidding? 'At your service" moto, flush it down the toilet. 5. A knock on the door before 9 am from housekeeping to see if we are ready to check-out. Ummm... aren't you a bit early? Isn't 11am check-out time?

    Very disappointing

    Reviewed by michaelbkolsky(Surprise, Arizona) on Dec 21, 2020

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    Lovely room, large, but that is the only positive. Understand we are in Covid, but the bed covering is unacceptable. Bedspread was torn, extremely light, heat was not working correctly, froze during the night, did not get above 67. Breakfast, take away was a joke. A bagel cream cheese. And an orange. Could anyone have thought out if the box, and possibly offered a gift certificate at Starbucks. Tried to mgr., at 10 AM, but not in hotel as of yet

    Zero stars if I could. NOT COVID friendly and certainly shouldn’t be classified as a Marriott property.

    Reviewed by 696mindym() on Aug 21, 2020

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    Being a platinum guest with Marriott for several years I have stayed in numerous residence inns and other similar Marriotts across the US, this property has to be at the absolute bottom of the list and given the combined experience from the staff I interacted with and the condition of the hotel I will never return. I chose this property because the vacation club down the road was unable to honor my gtd 4pm late checkout (platinum benefit) and let me know when I was checking in so I called reservations and switched to this hotel while trying to soothe my newborn. When I arrived at this hotel the guest service agent shouted hi from sitting behind a desk then stood as I approached the desk stating I had a check in. He was not originally wearing a mask then did put it on, however nose not covered. He was not courteous when I was trying to confirm the 4pm check out and actually said they couldn’t gtd it. I stated I needed the check out and was gtd when switching my reservation over the phone. He then disappeared and came back minutes later stating they could accommodate me now. He did NOT provide a contactless check in either. All the measures stated the hotel was taking to provide a covid friendly environment were not being regulated or maintained at this hotel other then pieces of paper being taped up around pool areas. Other issues I had during my stay - internet/availability of staff to trouble shoot - front desk was non Responsive when I called multiple times to report issues with the internet. When I walked into the lobby the agent was again sitting at a desk no mask etc and asked how he could help then directed me to call and he would patch me through to IT. I ended up using the hotspot on my phone because it was urgent to get a device connected to monitor my baby’s oxygen levels. The room. The pictures only begin to describe the state of despair the room was in. The curtains looked like an angered cat was let loose and trying to escape. I also think I was placed in a handicapped room and the kitchenette and bathroom sink came just above my knees which is fine for one night, whatever, but I would have appreciate being informed of this ahead of time as I am sure there was another room they could’ve placed me in. Next was the level of humidity in the room - put the AC down to 66 and that wouldn’t help. The carpet, couch, bed etc felt like it had a constant mist. It was disgusting to say the least. The morning of check out there was a smell of sewage I thought would dissipate. Negative. We also lost cold water from both the kitchen and the sink for over an hour. My wife said she did see maintenance workers in the room above ours so could’ve been the problem? Again we just wanted to tolerate these issues until we could check out and check into our rental home so we ignored it. The sewage smell never went away. I do plan to talk to management about our experience and I am eager to see how they take my remarks since the engagement I received from staff thus far has been less than ideal and FAR less than I have come to experience from any level Marriott hotel.

    Not very safe during the pandemic

    Reviewed by Donnloopie(Arizona) on Aug 02, 2020

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    We had a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen for one night on our way to San Diego and the manager was extremely nice. That was the best we can say. We specifically picked this place because Marriott told us that they were taking extra precautions - letting rooms sit for a week between being rented. That was simply not the case. The premises was packed with people and when I asked about letting rooms sit for a week, they told me they had never heard of that. While masks were mandatory in the lobby, that was about it. There was no mask enforcement on the premises other than the lobby and most people did not use masks. The pool was supposed to be limited to 40 people, but when we saw it, it was small and packed with about 60 people and not safe to go to. In addition, the hotel kept the outdoor BBQ area open to anyone so there was no social distancing by people who were not related to each other. We decided to cancel the return reservation because of this.