Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort & Spa

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    Perfect for the covid era

    Reviewed by bevosbuddy(DeSoto, Texas) on Apr 05, 2021

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    Resort is just as pictured , very clean well kept and beautiful. St Lucia is a beautiful island and this resort is great in an era where leaving the resort is not allowed. The food is excellent , the service is great. The rooms are very nice and the grounds are beautiful. The beach is nice but was open the entire time we were there due to high waves. Therefore no beach activities or water sports were disappointing but there are excursions you can buy to get out on the water. The diving is great but there is 15-25 min shuttle ride to and from the marina so be aware of the time . This resort is very large and spread out so be prepared for lot of walking and stair climbing if you book a room away from the main resort. Shuttles are available but sometimes hard to find.

    Regency La Toc Review

    Reviewed by Mmbell08(Churchton, Maryland) on Apr 04, 2021

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    We had a wonderful time, great food, entertainment and relaxation! Our butlers, Tara, Gilbert and Laban were all outstanding! 4 star review because of red flag beaches all week. Which meant we were not allowed in the ocean all week. Other than that, St. Lucia was absolutely beautiful. We highly suggest the Soufriere adventure cruise and the piton sunset cruise. Both had awesome snorkeling adventures and other wonderful things. P.S. make sure you bring a yeti/insulated cup and silicon straws! Came in handy to keep drinks colder and not waste so many paper straws.

    Lost their mojo...

    Reviewed by Aaron G(Kodiak, Alaska) on Apr 03, 2021

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    I can’t believe I’m going to write this review, but it was earned. This was our 3rd trip to a Sandals and 2nd time to La Toc. We had adjusted our expectations for service because things are ramping up again from Covid, but the resort has been open since September and much of the elements that were lackluster plainly can’t be blamed on the pandemic. We started our trip off with butlers who weren’t ready for us, it was obvious they hadn’t read the pre-arrival forms we filled out as none of the requests were ready day one. The rest of the week was better with the butler service, but this was start. We expected rotating restaurant openings, and the food was good. The bars however, consistently missed the mark. They were constantly out of alcohol, simple drink mixers for tropical drinks like coconut or banana liquors, and garnishes. ie We couldn’t order Mojitos because they were out of mint. One of the staff shared that they hadn’t gotten their full shipment of alcohol yet so they were pulling from the stores, which was obvious as anything beside well liquor felt like it was being rationed. Frankly, this was a poor excuse as the resort has been open since September. You pair this with rude bartenders or poolside waitresses (not all), and some snippy comments from butlers who aren’t yours, and it just felt like the jive of the place was off. Enough that discussion at poolside was regularly complaining, not praise. Management seemed concerned but offered pennies in compensation compared to $9k resort costs. It felt like Sandals headquarters had tied their hands frankly. We didn’t even want money back, just a % off another booking, nope! Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll come back to La Toc, at least not till the property gets a facelift and we hear that management has things under control.

    Terry My Best Man

    Reviewed by JoeBeissenherz() on Mar 26, 2021

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    When my wife and I arrived at the resort we were greeted by Terry. I was in search of a best man as my wife and I were renewing our vows. Terry was the man for the job. He was hesitant but I was persistent. Thank you Terry for making our day so special. I would also like to thank all the beautiful ladies in the gift shop. Wayne for always greeting us at dinner and the conversations we had. Allison for making our wedding day perfect. Hot Chocolate for booking our excurision. We had a wonderful trip and we are returning next year.

    Sales Office Inflates On-Site Book Now Discount

    Reviewed by Luv2VacayWithFriends(Alexandria, Virginia) on Mar 24, 2021

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    The resort is a bit older and in need of a few upgrades; however, it has a fantastic staff that takes great care of its guests. Food and entertainment are fantastic. 4-Star Sales Office: Buyer Beware! We were lured in by emotion to sign up for a future trip promising a 12% loyalty discount off regular rates. We bought in and signed up as we had a great time. When we got home, we were setting up the trip for a group of friends to join us and after researching this we found out that we didn’t get a special on-site loyalty deal. Research before you sign the dotted line. We’re stuck, but our friends will not be joining us next year. Spouse contacted Sandals and said there was nothing they could do. We even elevated this to the manager. 1-Star Overall experience 2.5 Star!