Hedonism II

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    Adults only fun.

    Reviewed by mallen12018(Del Rio, Texas) on Oct 21, 2019

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    Food is good, especially the Flame Restaurant. Entertainment is very hot. Scuba is good and is included if your certified. One side of the beach is nude only and security enforces it. The party never stops, can't wait to get back to it.

    Be ware

    Reviewed by DannyDp(New Hampshire) on Oct 20, 2019

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    Multiple scams were attempted by locals during my stay. First involving a local trying to get me to "sign her into my room", which I caught right away. This would involve buying a day/evening pass. Good way for locals to get free food, and random people staying in your room. There were a couple others where people tried to get me to leave the resort area. Final one was a woman who came on very strong. Hey that's what we are all here for right. Turns out she's a prostitute that does this regularly (the staff all know her) waits until after sex to let you know you owe her money. Staff knows who this person is and seems to be in on the scam (laughing/joking about it as we walked to ATM). After this experience I no longer felt safe on the property and mostly stayed in my room for the final day. I would be very wary of any locals approaching you at all during your trip. Good luck!

    Happiest place on earth!

    Reviewed by Sarah G() on Oct 19, 2019

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    Hedo has got to be the most amazing place it doesn’t matter if you want to party hard core or just relax and enjoy a quiet day you can find what you are looking for! Entertainment food rooms staff all exceptional!!!

    First Time at Hedo

    Reviewed by sajak965(Santa Margarita, California) on Oct 18, 2019

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    We loved the staff and the atmosphere. People were so friendly. Loved the piano bar, but the disco kept playing rap music late at night so there was nowhere to dance. Disappointing that everything shut down so soon.

    My birthday trip to Hedo II

    Reviewed by mark_bledsoe1() on Oct 18, 2019

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    I decided to make a return visit to Hedo for my birthday. I went solo which was not a problem. The staff were all friendly and courteous. The room was very clean and comfortable. I had a very nice and relaxing visit which is exactly what I wanted.