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Do NOT book Club Mobay through Hedo

Chicagophd2b on Jan 27, 2023

I will replace this review with an updated one after the trip, but I've already run into a very disappointing snag. We booked our Hedo reservations in late September for February, and Ive just learned that although we paid for Club Mobay at the time to ease the immigration/customs experience, Hedo failed to make the booking. They've just informed us now, almost 4 months later, that Club Mobay is full and we're on a waiting list. It's clear they didn't make the reservation for Club Mobay at the time of reservation with Hedo II. They only attempted to make it after I followed up this week, realized their mistake, and said it's out of their hands because Club Mobay is a 3rd party. The lesson is do NOT pay for Club Mobay when you reserve on the Hedo website-- find another site where you can reserve your arrival/departure separately yourself. Hope the rest of the Hedo experience is not as rough as this start. Not a good sign.

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Seriously, ain't no party like a Hedo party

ericjay208 (Idaho) on Jan 18, 2023

First and foremost there really is no other place like this on earth. Nowhere else can you feel as comfortable and confident as you do here. It doesn't matter if you stay on the prude or the nude side it is just going to be a vacation like no other. You don't have to be "lifestyle" or even nudest to enjoy your time here. The beach is beautiful and they do a good job of keeping it clean. Scuba diving and using a kayak is a great time and the Sea is very calm and easy to navigate even for beginners like me. Let's face it the best part of an all-inclusive resort is to be able to relax on the beach and pools to enjoy yourself. While there is no wait staff on the beach to continue to bring you drinks, is it really a big deal to walk to the bar and get yourself something? I say no, get up and go get your drink, and bring back your old glass while you're at it. Take the moment and say hello to someone else at the bar. Learn that there might be a new drink you have never tried. It is easy to why people come back to this resort repeatedly. The staff is the most responsive and kind of any other resort that I have been to. From the groundskeepers to the housekeepers, everyone always says hello with a kind smile. The place is cleaner than other resorts I have been to, the drinks are stronger, and the food is on par with the rest. Unless you're willing to drop over 5 figures for a week stay you are unlikely to find better food at a resort. Also, the entertainment is so far above and beyond what you usually see at a resort. The talent and determination of the entire entertainment staff make the stay worth it.

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First Timers - Honest & Detailed Feedback

Kady M on Jan 15, 2023

I walked in not knowing what to expect and a little worried after seeing reviews. Here's the deal..The food is pretty good, the buffet was always our favorite. Hibachi was overrated, Flame was good if you ordered the right thing. (Tenderloin was awesome, flank steak sucked) The rooms are fine, but nothing fancy. Bathrooms (both public and in room) are newly remodeled and very nice. (High end tile, etc) The entertainment is amazing and the staff are all so friendly. The nude pool is a party all day and dies off around 5:30-6:00 because people go relax and get ready for dinner. We avoided until 3:30 or 4 because it was just a lot and enjoyed doing typical resort activities or just sunbathing during the morning and early afternoon. They treat the pool every day after everyone disperses for dinner and again early morning after people stagger to bed. Most people watch the show and go to the after party/piano bar after dinner. The party resumes at the nude pool around midnight because that's when the bar reopens. Everything always seemed clean, hot water was always great (except for one evening for an hour or so). We stayed on the Nude side and went to bed between 1:30-2:30 each night and only had an issue with noise one night (our last night) because our newly arrived neighbors were soo loud at 3:00 am! There was an incredible spectrum of guests. Many couples in their lates 20s, early 30s, and many older as well. You will find people who have never done anything in the lifestyle and people who have been coming to Hedo for 25 years. Never on vacation have I made so many friends. You just talk to everyone regardless of age or attraction and meet incredible people. Amenities are nice and comparable to other inclusive resorts. My husband enjoyed scuba diving 2x (he was certified years ago), I enjoyed snorkeling, and we went sailing together as well. Book the optional cadamaran tour! It's fun, an opportunity to snap a pic to show your family, and a great way to meet and mingle with others at the resort! My feedback for Hedo: -Condoms should be EVERYWHERE, not just in the play room. Like seriously they should be in a jar on every bar. Encourage safe sex!! -Give every guest a list of rules & expectations upon arrival. We felt clueless and had no idea what (if anything) was expected, required, etc. Also give a schedule (or qr code) for all activities not just entertainment! (Fitness classes, sports lessons, water activities, etc) I didn't know there were free tennis lessons or fitness classes until the last day and I would have loved to do that! -Create Quiet hours! They have tons of places to be loud and hook up 24/7, the rooms should be a safe haven after 2am so people can sleep. -Give people the option to be paired in groups by age/interests/something for their first night dinner to give those who didn't book through a group a way to connect with people on night one when you're feeling overwhelmed! -More interactive after parties/evening activities...Casino night, Rave Night, and Fetish Night were super fun. The others were kind of lame. -Upgrade the bedding in the rooms. Blanket is thin, nothing like most hotels you stay in. The AC is great so you need a cozy bed! -The rooms could use some updating as well. Bathrooms are modern and nice, but the rooms are eh and it would be nice if they felt a little higher end. I think better bedding and some simple design updates would go a long way. The all white everything seems sterile not comfortable and then the turquoise headboard feels cheap. Doesn't need to be fancy as the rooms aren't the main event, but a few little touches would really elevate the guest experience. (Art work, neutral paint/accent colors, maybe framing in the mirror to coordinate with the bathrooms, or just in general carrying over the bathroom style to the rooms would be awesome) Overall, it was a great experience. We met a lot of great people, and had a lot of fun.

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Great as always

Kevin R on Jan 15, 2023

Always great getting back "home" for sun, sand and sexy adventures! Staff is always very welcoming and ready to help in any way. Rooms are very well maintained and hot water is plentiful compared to the days of old. This is the place to go to get the best even tan over your entire body!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Had an amazing first-time experience to Hedo!

KingBob52525 on Jan 08, 2023

My wife and I stayed at Hedo from December 15-23, 2022. Our trip was booked as part belated honeymoon, part anniversary celebration, part vacation, and part birthday trip (my wife's). We are not lifestyle people, but this resort was recommended to us due to it being all-inclusive and child-free (understandably so!) We had a fantastic time. Though we didn't play with others on this trip, we made so many friends both among the staff (Ana-Kay runs fantastic trivia, bocce and tie-dye, Paulette made amazing drinks at the Prude Pool, Camelia makes breakfast burritos that are not to be missed, and Marlene W. went out of her way to make a strawberry daiquiri our last morning that was incredible!) and among other guests to the resort. We will definitely be back, hopefully again in December 2023 and we can't wait!

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