Beaches Ocho Rios - A Spa, Golf & Waterpark Resort

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    Fantastic Vacation

    Reviewed by Habsgohabs(Toronto, Canada) on Oct 21, 2019

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    First time at Beaches Ocho Rios and we had one of the best vacations. We stayed at the Greek Beachfront room and the view was breathtaking. The accommodation was clean, spacious and comfortable. The staff at the resort were all wonderful and helpful. The beach was clean, water activity area was great and the staff were all so accommodating, especially Alex. The meals at the restaurants were delicious, love the jerk chicken and crepes...had them almost every day. We were most appreciative of not being bothered by vendors...absolutely no vendors on the beach (thank you!!) and the vendors on the resort were very respectful and did not approach guests unless the guests approached them. Overall, our family had a wonderful vacation and we will definitely return.

    Dont go

    Reviewed by Josh N() on Oct 21, 2019

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    For the amount of money you spend you expect to walk into the lobby and be taken back. The hotel is extremely out dated and no real "wow" factor. The resort doesn't allow tipping, and it shows. The staff is uninterested, rude, and normally greets requests with rolling their eyes or forgetting what you said. Instead of dropping what they are doing to get you something, they take their time, finish what can be worked on after you leave, and get to you when they get to you. I can pick out a handful of people who did an awesome job. Alex, who is one of the entertainers, did an awesome job every night, and really engaged in his audience. Natalie, was very knowledgeable about the excursions, and was very helpful getting us on our way. Courtney, was an awesome waiter, and always greeted you with a smile. I forget his name, he worked at the pool bar and his name started with an "O" but he was always quick to get you what you needed. Devon, the one life guard always had a smile and something nice to say to you. The food- The food in general was pretty awful and took forever to get. The place that everyone seemed to like was Neptune's. It is a pretty spot on a pier so the atmosphere make it a little better. The French place and Italian place are okay, but not go back for more good. The buffet is pretty mundane and is normally the same thing. Especially in the morning, it is ALWAYS the same. The crepe place, while good is very slow and don't expect them to open a second before the time posted. I leave the pizza place for last as it was the worst. If you actually got your food it was okay, but normally they forgot your food and were rude about it when you asked. I had the one girl repeat my order back to me after the 5th day of them forgetting, and she still forgot to put over half of my order in. Expect to be there at least an hour or more when eating there. Also what they don't tell you is the 4 places to eat they have, they close one every night, and only have 2 places to eat for lunch. The management all seemed like they were trying to catch you in a lie, or that you were always wrong. They don't put you first, and certainly don't have your interest at heart. Our room when we got there was disgusting, didn't seem cleaned at all, and had fresh paint on the walls to hide mold. The second room, while better, still was dirty, had a fan that sounded like it was about to shoot off, and an A/C unit that did not work. The staff- none of them, and I repeat none of them were on the same page. They would all tell you something different, especially the diving place. Other than the above named, they all seemed as though it was a burden for them to be there, or that your request was out of this world. There was no one on the beach getting drinks for people, and every bar other than the one pool bar took way too long to get a drink. They couldn't handle multi-tasking at all. My advice for those looking at this place would be to look on. For the money we spent I expected to be catered too, not looked at insulted as if it was ruining their day to do a simple task. Maybe if you could tip it would be different, but I am unsure of that. I would not go back, the best part of our stay was the weather that they had nothing to do with. I will say that the wedding we went for was awesome, and they really seemed to make their day special. Which should be the case, because their is a wedding it seems every ten minutes at that place. If you are already going there and don't have kids, get used to hearing Elmo, Big Bird, and screaming kids. If you have a kids, I would imagine they would have a good time. I will say that the location, other than the 2 hour bus ride from the airport, was centrally located around most excursions.

    Never been to Jamaica and had just an ok experience

    Reviewed by SweetP2004() on Oct 21, 2019

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    Floor was wet for my entire stay, we slipped and slided around the room the whole time. Drain was broken in the tub, told front desk someone came and just put the drain back in without fixing so we couldn't use the tub. Mini bar wasn't stocked until after we arrived. We were there for a wedding and the food at the reception was inedible, after waiting over 1 1/2 hours for dinner left most of it on the plate and had to get something else after to eat. The signage to get around the property was confusing had to ask for directions several times to get to some places. Other then the stuff for the kids there weren't alot of things for grown-ups to do but drink in the evening. The staff was very helpful and friendly answered all our questions quickly and efficiently. We paid alot of money for an ok experience the country atmosphere is the only reason it was ok.

    Highlight was the spa!!

    Reviewed by fiona_888(County Kildare, Ireland) on Oct 21, 2019

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    We have just returned from a week long stay at Beaches. This was our first time in the Caribbean and in an all inclusive resort and it was overall a very positive experience. The journey from Montego Bay Airport to the resort is long (2 hours) but our driver Philip made it pleasant after a very long flight! When we arrived at the resort we were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and shown the bar where late night food was available. We did have an issue with the WIFI not working throughout our whole stay and every day we were given a different excuse which I found very unprofessional. In the end, we ended up paying extortionate roaming charges as we are from the EU. During our stay we ate at the Italian Restaurant, the buffet and Neptunes. All meals were grand, but I wouldn't be raving about the food, however, there is plenty and you won't go hungry throughout the day, The Bar-B-Q bar is ideal for quick lunches and breakfast was very good every morning. The egg chef and mimosas were a great touch. I attended the spa for a deep tissue massage and I have to say it was the best massage I have ever had! Kerrie Ann was a fabulous masseuse, very professional and understood that I had back pain-which she subsequently fixed! This was the highlight of the trip for me. We also went on the Dunn's Cruise for adults and it was brilliant, I would definitely recommend!! We had resort credit from when we booked the room and this didn't show up when we checked in so I had some issues getting it registered to our room, throughout the process I was passed from department to department with no-one having any idea what was going on and making excuses rather than solving it, this seemed to be a theme during our stay but other than that, we had a great time. I also wanted to note that drinks were amazing, especially the cocktails and the beach was great, with plenty of activities and it wasn't too busy.

    I feel like things were very off...

    Reviewed by W2572SDkarens() on Oct 20, 2019

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    I struggle with this, because I have read other reviews for this property, especially the ones that are five stars. Full disclaimer- I have never stayed at a Sandals property so I have nothing to compare it to. My husband and I have traveled the Caribbean extensively and my review is based on experiences at other resorts. We were there with a wedding party and I know it was off season a bit. This review goes for me and the other guests in my room, not for the wedding party. I paid for the concierge level of service, and other than a requested bottle of wine brought to my room, I don't know what was so special. No one ever checked on us...again. I tried to rent a cabana for the day but was told they were doing CPR training so that was not possible. There is no room service, I was never asked on the beach for a drink order and getting a drink at the bar took forever. The food was terrible...and the plated dinner at the rehearsal was not even what was on the menu. I agree with those who say it should not be a tipless resort. Those who treated me well, I would have treated well also. There was never an incentive for the staff to be pleasant or attentive. Many of them were kind, but I just felt like I was a pain in the side of the majority. I gave them two stars because I believe they treated the bride and groom well and that is ultimately what matters. But I won't be going back.