Submit a request for reimbursement

Should you incur out-of-pocket expenses for a delayed or damaged baggage incident within our control, you may submit a request to WestJet for reimbursement. WestJet will review requests for reasonable expenses that qualify within our guidelines and supporting itemized receipts will be required. If approved, a reimbursement will be sent to the email address provided, with options for how you can receive payment electronically. You can also choose to receive a travel bank credit deposited into your WestJet Rewards account instead. Our general guidelines are1:

  • Interim expenses: The recommended amount is up to $100 CAD/USD for the first 48 hours while your bags are delayed. After 48 hours, we recommend a further $150 to a total of $250. This does not limit or reduce the passenger's right to claim damages, if any, under the applicable convention or under the law.
  • Perishables: WestJet will not be held liable for spoilage resulting from the delay in delivery of any perishable items. 
  • WestJet does not reimburse expenses for dangerous goods, cellular roaming charges, missed entertainment /sporting/excursion events, lost wages or missed connections to non-partner airlines or cruises

If this form is completed by the travel agent or travel arranger on behalf of the travelling guest, all information provided must contain the traveller details in full. Refunds will only be addressed to the travelling guest.

For further detailed information please see section Rule 120 of our domestic tariff: Limitations of Liability.