Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta

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    Excellent mid-range priced all inclusive resort

    Reviewed by Pup1dog(Anchorage, Alaska) on Jan 21, 2021

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    This was my first experience at an all-inclusive resort. I brought my 20 year old daughter for a 5 night stay during the height of the pandemic. Safety: they checked our temperature and gave us hand sanitizer every time we entered a restaurant. Masks were required everywhere unless you were sitting at a dining table or in the pool. I only went to the adult pool, and masks were not required poolside. Room: the resort is dated, but the beds and linens were comfortable and the room was clean. We were on the 8th floor and had a great view of the ocean and resort. It looks like all rooms face the ocean, but the first few floors might not be able to see the ocean very well. Fiesta Club = Sonne Club = Club room. If you pay the extra $ for one of these rooms ($20/night for us), this what you get: higher floor room, access to the 21+ pool, and seating did breakfast outside on the patio. Was it worth it? For me it was. I very much enjoyed the comfy chairs around the quiet adult pool. The drinks tasted better/stronger. If you’re traveling kids, the patio seating at breakfast itself isn’t worth it. There is an adult pool-side menu that I’ve heard it great. I’ll try it today. Food: I’ve enjoyed the food. The Mexican restaurant was my favorite. Italian was also good (fantastic risotto!). Asian was OK. The International Night was a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting exotic dishes from different countries. It was mostly American dishes (roast beef, mashed potatoes, chicken with orange sauce). Service: On point! Antonio the bartender remembered what I was drinking the day before (and I wasn’t there THAT much!). I never waited long for anything that I requested. Mixed drinks were weak, so I started ordering a shot on the side so I could tune it up to my liking. Location: I didn’t see many people swimming in the ocean. There looked to be a steep drop off just a few feet in, and there were some big waves. The beach was clean directly in front of the resort. There is a local shopping mall across the street that came in handy (ATM, phone charger and souvenir purchases). Things I didn’t like: The locals hawking their wares on the beach. If you are on the resort property you probably won’t hear them. A couple of them did cross the rope to try to sell stuff to guests. There are folks selling timeshares on property. They called our room once, asking us to attend a 10-15 min breakfast presentation. After I said “No thank you”, they didn’t call back. They seem to sit in the same place in the lobby, so it was easy enough to not walk by if you didn’t want to engage with them. My biggest question going into this was: Is everything really INCLUDED? Pretty much, yes. There is a restaurant on a little peninsula in the pool that has an upcharge. The spa prices were steep (~$120 for an hour massage). We rented a day bed on the beach one day for $30 USD. So, I was glad there were no surprises. Overall, it was a great value for the money.

    I would probably try after covid restrictions ease up-

    Reviewed by nicolebulthuis(Fairbury, Illinois) on Jan 20, 2021

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    I stayed at the hotel for a long weekend. Check in was OK, they do not do the typical welcome drink (one of my favorite Mexico hotel greetings), but instead want to give you a tour and talk about selling you massages and possibly doing some sort of a timeshare presentation. I thought the staff was friendly. Edgar was nice at the pool. Their covid restrictions were A little much in our family’s opinion. For example, there was no drinking of any kind in the entire pool. This meant water, alcohol, or even chewing ice… I’m not sure about you, but when we go to Mexico we like to sit in the pool and drink beverages! The swim up bar was closed, and the beach volleyball net was taken down. This was extremely disappointing to me because I called Friday night, before I booked the reservations on Saturday (the day we arrive- we are airline employees). We arrived Saturday around 11 AM. When I called, not even 24 hours before that, they assured me that the buffets were still operating, beach volleyball was still being played by the hotel patrons. Just a hotel over was operating at the limited capacity but the patrons were enjoying the things we were unable to. If they had sent an email or been honest when I called, I would have a chosen a different hotel. Food was ok, the only buffet was breakfast. They are stuck in that time warp of having to wait in line for reservations each day, and no buffet open at night if you don’t want to do that. I remember Cancun did the same 10 years ago, but most resorts have moved on, or gone to an app, which would have been much better. The one night we were offered 5:30 or 9:30. There has to be a better way! Overall I was impressed with the area of Puerto Vallarta, and I intend to go back. I might even give this hotel a try if Covid restrictions were lifted. It wasn’t worth the $ during covid with such heavy rules.

    Hanging with the family!

    Reviewed by Tater636() on Jan 20, 2021

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    Andres and Katy along with Armando Jazihel are all amazing and serve the best food. They all have the best service with a smile and are all great with kids. The churos and carnitas are to die for. Try them!

    Not sure why the high reviews

    Reviewed by maddcowboy(Seattle, Washington) on Jan 19, 2021

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    I am truly not sure why this place has such high reviews. This resort is extremely small. They are no activities and the food is not very good at all. With the COVID I kinda understand the limitations on stuff but let’s be honest of your going on a vacation to Mexico then you shouldn’t care about COVID. With that they go extra to make sure you have your mask every where you go. Even around the pool. Sorry but I didn’t come on vacation to wear a mask around the pool. There is no going up to the swim up bar and you can’t go get your food. You have to wait on the wait staff to get anything you want. The bar only has draft beer nothing from a can. There liquor is below sub par. You can pay for an upgrade $45 per person per day, but isn’t that what you pay all inclusive for ?? I have been to far better resorts. This is definitely on the bottom of the list and I would not return. Maybe all the great reviews are from people who haven’t stayed at other all inclusive resorts, I’m not sure but I would have a hard time giving this place more than 2 stars.

    The Fiesta Americana is spectacular!

    Reviewed by 172aried() on Jan 18, 2021

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    Luis, Ignacio, and Victor were excellent service by the pool side! As were all of the staff but these three were superb! As for dining, David was excellent as well. We had a very nice stay over 5 days, our rooms were always clean and we were always well cared for around the resort