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An exceptional get away!

Murray M on Mar 01, 2024

My wife and I just spent a week at Pineapple Beach Club and loved every minute. Flight delays made us a day late in arriving but the friendly and professional front desk staff made us so welcome when we finally got there that our travel frustrations were quickly forgotten. They quickly arranged for us to extend our stay to make up for the night we'd lost. Our Premium Oceanview room was spotless and very comfortable. I rarely sleep well on hotel beds but this was a welcome exception. Everywhere we went on the resort, the staff were friendly and the service prompt. The main restaurant, Topaz, features daily buffets that rival any I've had, and the Saturday night beach party was the perfect way to end our week there. The beach itself was spotless and wonderfully secluded and we were really able to relax and enjoy the sun and the surf. I'd highly recommend the walk out to Devils Bridge, which is how we started the day all through the week, as well as Mystic Cruises for an excursion.

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An average resort

Global58591129952 on Feb 29, 2024

This resort is average at best. The views from the waterfront rooms are gorgeous and it was very nice falling asleep to the sound of the waves hitting the rocks every night. However that is the one of the only things great about this resort. The beach area was cramped and we had to wake up at 6:30am to participate in the chair saving game because if you went down to the beach after 8am, almost no chairs on the beach could be found. Also the water was choppy for half the week we were there, which meant no water sports most of the time. We were told this was because the resort is on the Atlantic ocean side of the island and that the Carribean side is much calmer. The food was okay, but we were left to eat at the buffet most nights. Dinner reservations had to be made at the guest services two days in advance. So if you only were there for a long weekend, you probably weren't going to eat at the one free a la carte restaurant. Breakfast was the same buffet every morning with the same fruit selection, standard waffles, and an omelette station that was actually decent. However there was only one option for tea (Earl Grey) and we didn't find out until midway through our trip you could order breakfast mimosas until we happened to see someone drinking one at another table. The bars don't open until 10 or so, so you have really no drink options except the coffee bar until then. And the coffee bar is basic at best. They had an espresso machine, but never used it when we went and made almost everything with premade ingredients. The bars weren't much better and I drank daiquiris from their machine almost exclusively due to the mixed drinks being poorly crafted most of the time. They also didn't have a drink menu at any of the bars, so you should have either your phone handy or some drink names memorized before you go to the bar. The best food was at the Outhouse for lunch. The pita wrapped hot dogs and jerk chicken were amazing along with the views. The gnocchi at Chef Pietro's and the steak at Orchids, which had a $40 per person surcharge, were pretty good. But after being rushed out by the staff despite the restaurant being basically empty aside from us and 2 other couples, we felt Orchids was a bit of a rip off. Which brings us to the next thing that irked me about this place. The numerous extra fees for everything. Extra taxes, extra for lobster, extra for an onsite restaurant, extra for resort fees. By the time you leave you will be paying at least an extra $35 per night on top of the room rate. And the resort doesn't even come with a filled minibar. But of course, you can pay extra for that as well. Overall, we loved Antigua and want to return again. But it won't be to Pineapple Beach Club. We found their sister resort, the Verandah, had a much nicer beach with calm water and lots of space, and better food when we went there for our last day. Had we went there on day one, we probably would've switched resorts.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Potentially a great resort with management issues

Dan D (Okoboji, Iowa) on Feb 28, 2024 place to start ?? We had a great trip. Lots of fun. The beach/water at Pineapple Beach Club/Long Bay is absolutely incredible. Easily the prettiest water we've ever seen. And the water hammock things are awesome! We spent much of each day occupying one of them. If you're a beach person, you'll love this one. Most years we spend the mornings on the beach and the afternoons around the pool. This year we didn't use the pools at all. As for the resort, we saw 3 different rooms. One in building 1, one in building 6 and ours was in building 9. There rooms were.....fine. The one in building 6 was easily the nicest and the largest. If I were to guess, it had been remodeled fairly recently. Building 1 rooms are right on the beach. Very convenient, but also easily the smallest of the 3 rooms we saw. Our room in building 9 was also fine. It needed some remodeling. For example, the screen door going out to the balcony was barely hanging on. All in all the rooms were....fine. If you've stayed at other, larger all inclusives, my advice would be set your expectations lower and you'll be fine. I did hear from a couple that building 2 and 3 may be a bit newer, so possibly newer rooms, but I obviously can't verify. I can say that neither would have a great beach view, from the room....if that's important to you. Side note.....buildings 6-9 are a decent hike up a fairly steep hill (building 9 being at the top). The beach views are great, but if the hike is going to be hard for you, just keep that in mind. And they have golf carts to haul you, but the wait for them can be a good bit. The restaurants....well, in short, there aren't enough. The 2 ala cart restaurants (3 of you include the steak house which is an up charge) are VERY hard to get into. Most people were spoke to only got in once or maybe twice in the week they stayed. We got in once. And to get a reservation you HAVE TO be in line at 8:30am to make reservations, at least the day before you want to dine at them. You will not get in that our experience. The food is fine at the buffet. They change the menu every day. It's not great, but we certainly didn't go hungry. 1 mild disappointment for me was how little fruit they have on the buffet. Typically some honeydew melon, some cantaloupe and some pineapple is about it. The fresh fruit is one of the things I love on these "tropical" vacations, so this was disappointing to me. So now the part that we didn't like. This mostly comes down to management, in our minds. They ran out of nearly everything, all week long. The bar near the beach was often out of limes, spiced rum, tequila, vodka (especially if you wanted something other than the cheap stuff) coconut syrup, mango syrup..... I could go on and on. Neither the buffet or the bars had bananas most days (we like em in drinks). All of the bars had a serious lack of better quality liquors. You can't tell me the island has a shortage of these things. One person told us that management just likes to run inventory very very lean. Completely unacceptable, in our minds. Being out of spiced rum for 3 days straight....come on! And the constant outages made both the staff and the visitors a bit grumpy. With absolute exceptions, we didn't find the staff to be especially friendly. While some were fantastic, a few were just plain rude. This too ultimately falls to management, in our minds Another management issue is all the extra charges. In our 7 night stay (without charging anything to our room) we ended up with a $230ish bill. We kinda knew this was going to happen, but it's very disappointing. We were told that the $24/day charge was for housekeeping. They don't do daily housekeeping. Please....please.....just put all the fees in the price, up front. Don't hit us with an extra bill at the end. Finally....the grounds. They are mostly very beautiful! The view of the water, from nearly anywhere on the resort is stunning! I will say the ground at the Verandah (we walked most of it as well) are prettier. It's obvious that they are doing a lot of work there to give the Verandah a face lift. Pineapple is still a better resort thought. We took advantage of the aloe plants all over the resort a few times. The sun is no joke on this island! wife and I actually gave this a fair bit of thought. What we decided was, we would go back, for sure, thought we will probably wait a couple of years. But I don't think we would recommend it to others. And the reason mostly just comes down to what we considered to be the management issues. I genuinely hope they can resolve these things. The disappointing part is, some of the fixes could be implemented tomorrow, or next week....with little expense or difficulty. Thanks, Pineapple Beach Club room 932

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Best resort ever.

Elizabeth M on Feb 24, 2024

Pineapple Beach Club was amazing.Everything a vacation should be. Lots to do.Nightly entertainment. Food was good.Staff were friendly and our room was spotless. Special thanks to Wallace.He made our cappuccino special each and everyday.We will return .

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Never again

Dreamscape1 (Washington, DC) on Feb 22, 2024

When I received an email confirmation for the room after I paid in advance, there was a note that per day, per person, $24 would be added for the “resort fee,” and $5 local tax. I suppose that I could have cancelled then, but I didn’t try. What are resort fees anyway? Isn’t the resort included in the room? So it’s not all inclusive. The room was large with a comfortable bed. The two small lamps weren’t bright enough to read by, and one was falling apart, and the tv remote didn’t work so I called reception for replacements. Another broke remote was sent up to us and two days later we got another large lamp with a broken switch so it could only be turned on by plugging it in and out of an outlet. In the meantime we had to stand in line everyday to book dinner at one of the restaurants, because the food in the cafeteria was barely edible. There was no prior notice that we could not book the restaurants for the entire week when we arrived. After 3 days I called Elite Vacations, owners of the property and complained. The agent was understanding and the next day, I did receive a call from the manager at Pineapple asking what they could do. So I mentioned the various issues, and received two newer bright lamps, and he also made dinner reservations for the last night for us so we didn’t have to stand in line again. We never did receive a working remote. We found out 1/2 way through our stay that there was a steakhouse on site too, which costs $40 extra per person to dine at. The yoga class that was only taught once a week was cancelled but there was no notice of it till I went to the location where it would be taught. Many food items were unavailable, like bananas for smoothies and desserts. Upon checkout, the receptionist handed me my bill to sign and there was a $2 a day charge added for a charity. When I told her that I didn’t say I would donate to a charity upon check out, it, she asked me why I hadn’t told her before she printed the bill. There were a couple of good things about the resort. We are tennis players and never had to wait for a court there. The landscaping and the hardscaping of the resort is pretty and the pools are spacious. There is a little coffee shop on site with delicious coffee drinks which are included in the cost. The beach is pretty and clean. Regarding the service, it was slow, but I chalked that up to island time. Some of the staff seemed like they weren’t happy to serve us, but since they were there, would oblige us.

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