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Nice but limited without all-inclusive

Mvdr899 (North Holland Province, The Netherlands) on Sep 15, 2021

Great stay in covid time. 28% of the complex was filled, so no shortage of sunbeds or parking spaces, but far too little with normal occupancy. Beach around the corner but very narrow at Divi Dutch. Accommodation can't just buy a drink at the bar, must with tickets at the reception which is closed in Covid time. You have to go to the main complex across the road. Driving golf carts for the guests but with a band you have right of way, ridiculous! Cleaning every day, also of the pool and new towels, enough swimming pools, most restaurants only for all-inclusive guests but fine and much cheaper cooking in your own kitchen with the supermarket around the corner (all-in = $120 pp per day ). Car recommended and costs just as much ($30) per day as one taxi ride. Bicycle/ scooter/ scooter not recommended due to the danger on the road. Little entertainment (covid) could have been announced nicely in the TUI app). Center of Oranjestad is a 3 to 4 km walk but only worth it if there is a cruise ship because otherwise most of it is closed and boring. Hotel area has most restaurants but is pricey. Snorkeling is very limited in Aruba and beware of unpaved roads. Lots of buggies there flying around the corner, wrecking the island and performing dangerous antics. You can't wish for anything more for just a sun/beach/swimming pool holiday.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Perfect hotel. Perfect location. Perfect stay.

stepegb (Anderson, Indiana) on Aug 22, 2021

I loved the quiet intimacy of this hotel in the complex. The common area and pool had the Tiki Pool bar which served great breakfast, snacks and lunch. The pool was cleaned daily and was never crowded (unlike other pools in the complex). The staff at the bar were friendly and helpful. We spent five days at this wonderful hotel. It was a perfect week. Can’t wait to go back.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Memories to last

575rowenaa on Aug 20, 2021

This resort is very family friendly and a perfect place to enjoy time with the family. The amenities are well maintained and they have super friendly and accommodating staff. We will surely come back.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Very pleased with our visit

Christeneb18 on Aug 06, 2021

We stayed at the Divi Dutch Village in July. From the bell hops to the concierge, everyone was extremely helpful and courteous. We did all inclusive and used both the Tamarijn and Divi Aruba for our dining and drinking pleasure! The only drawback was that we had to go across the street to the Divi Golf Resort if we had any issues with our reservation. Not a huge inconvenience but was more of an annoyance since we are literally right next door to the Tamarijn.

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Good but Ultimately Frustrating

lovesaruba2021 (New York City, New York) on Aug 02, 2021

The property is very nice. The staff is wonderful and incredibly helpful. I liked that it was not fancy shmancy hotel with gold statues in the lobby. It had a much more island feel; laid back, warm, genuine and peaceful. It was a place you could really relax and feel welcome. Its right on the beach with multiple pools though I mainly swam in the Caribbean, but was nice to know they were there if I wanted. Overall I really liked Divi a lot, BUT there were 2 aspects that lead to ongoing frustration throughout the duration of my stay. #1. the lobby for the Divi Dutch is temporarily closed (normally it would be right outside where my room was). This meant I had to go to the lobby of the Divi Golf for any questions, concierge service....The property was somewhat confusing from the get and took me a minute to figure it all out, but add this layer on top of it (that I had to either take a shuttle to get there or walk a few hundred feet to get there every time was an ongoing source of frustration. I don't know the reason they did not have a person on the Divi Dutch property. Maybe they were not full enough to justify staffing? In a way it made me regularly feel unwelcome. #2 was worse. I don't travel all that much so I was a little naive, but realized that most people on the Divi properties get the all inclusive package where meals at the several onsite restaurants are included as well as drinks on the property. I myself am ambivalent about all inclusive deals as I prefer to leave my options open so that I not only can but have no choice but to venture out into the area where I am staying and explore the local restaurants rather than only eating at my own hotel. I did not even know or realize about the all inclusive or I might have considered it the upgrade. My first night in Aruba I arrived late afternoon and tried to get a drink at the bar. I learned the bar was for "all inclusive" guests. I could not simply pay cash. So I ended up going to the front desk and was told I could purchase a drink ticket and use this for payment so I did. I then wanted to have dinner but was told only 2 of the several restaurants was I even allowed to eat in (the others were for the all inclusive guests). So I chose one of the 2 and had dinner and was able to charge this to the room (they would not take cash/credit card either). I went and it was very nice; good food, great service, nice place and was happy I could finally get a bite to eat. But this system was another source of chronic frustration throughout my stay. I would see all the other guests eating and drinking at the various restaurants/bars on site and I simply could not join in, as though I was not actually a REAL guest. I did and was happy to eat at several off site restaurants which were incredible and I was happy that I did and stuck to my guns, but would have preferred to at least be given the OPTION to eat on site if I so choose to. After a day or 2 of this I finally decided to inquire about what it would take to upgrade to include this. It was a little more than I wanted to spend. I knew I did not eat enough or drink enough to justify the cost, however for those who want to have 3 meals per day and unlimited drinks I'd say it's a great deal.. So I did not move forward with the upgrade and continued to primarily eat off the property. Ironically this was what I wanted anyhow. But I just would have liked to have the option. I suppose structuring it this way encourages people to get the all inclusive, but those who don't (at least me) might feel consistently unwelcome in their own hotel. I had really thought/hoped there would at least be a coffee shop, snack shop, somewhere on the property where food was readily available (to anyone!). I was at some of the high-rise hotels and they have food stores for ANYONE who wants to get a coffee, soda, fruit, cookies, candy, sandwiches...whatever you want and you can pay via any method you prefer. I would have hoped Divi had something the same or similar, so that even though I didn't get the all inclusive I would be able to have a snack here and there. 3 days I was there I literally just went to dunkin doughnuts by the Allahambra casino so that I could eat something/anything. This was about a 15 minute walk.. Having snacks for sale on site somewhere would have made all the difference to me (though this all pretty much ties in together with the closed front desk). Lastly I will say; for the price I thought Divi was superb. The room was very nice, clean, huge tv and very cozy. But for such a large property there was little to no entertainment. The first night I was there there WAS a man there who was great, and called up a woman to dance and also guests of the hotel too. This was super fun and people really enjoyed it. Other than that I did not see any entertainment at all, and frankly if there WAS entertainment I was not made aware of this. There was no calendar of events, no front desk I could easily just walk over to ask.... All my comments sort of correlate with each other and nothing that could not be easily addressed. If they were I'd consider returning to Divi Dutch. Otherwise I would spend a little more for the kinds of services I would hope for in a hotel.

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