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Kelle L on Jul 13, 2024

HARD ROCK CANCUN - DO NOT GO! I have so much to say about this place. The staff treated us horribly. They will hound u the whole time to join their Legendary Membership. Like hounding everyone every time I would turn around. When u get them to understand u don’t want it - they disregard u completely. Our hot water worked half the time which is awful when u come in from the beach and pool and want a shower. A pipe burst at 1am and flooded our room - nothing. They wouldn’t move us or even help clean it up. Food was good one evening but that was it. The place smells. It’s dark and old and falling apart. Leaks everywhere. Moldy smell everywhere. I didn’t feel safe at all. Someone threw up in the pool one day and it took them over an hour to come clean it up - DISGUSTING!!! The pool tiles are all falling off so you cut the bottom of your feet in the pool. I could go on and on. I was so sad bc we spent so much money and so much time planning. My kids didn’t even leave the hotel room on our last day. I would not go back even if they paid me to. They wanted us to sign an NDA about our experience - by offering to “upgrade” our bracelets to Legendary for our last 2 days which basically just meant that we could now use the cloudy pool on floor 3 that no one ever used. We did not!!!! I’m telling everyone about this awful place.

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Best photography experience!

kendallt903 on Jul 11, 2024

Choosing JJ Studio for our wedding at The Hard Rock Cancún was the best decision we made! They were amazing to work with and the quality of their work is unmatched. They sent our photos within 2 weeks of the ceremony. We are so obsessed with the photos we received! Josiah & Kendall Brewington

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Not as bad as many of the reviews state.

da50323e5f5f36262024 on Jul 11, 2024

We went as a family vacation, 2 /19yo and 1 /16yo... Our kids absolutely loved it. It was small enough to let them roam and explore the restaurants, pool, and beach without us. The bar entertainment was great. The pool and beach were stunning. Our favorite restaurant was Zen (not hibachi as there was a wait) ..small complaints but nothing that ruined our experience.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Disappointment experience

4a291b39954665e92024 on Jul 09, 2024

#### Day One: Arrival Troubles After a grueling 2.5 hours at Cancun airport customs, we arrived at Hard Rock Hotel Cancun around 8 PM, exhausted and starving. Discovering that all restaurants operate on a first-come, first-serve basis without reservations was the first of many disappointments. The wait times at the restaurants were no less than two hours, so we reluctantly opted for the Frida buffet, which offered a very limited and mediocre selection. Entering our room, we were greeted with a stinky, moldy smell, dusty doors, and a worse odor on the balcony. Our supposed lagoon view from the 4th floor was nonexistent. Worse yet, our luggage had not been delivered to our room. Multiple attempts to reach the bellman, front desk, or housekeeping went unanswered, forcing me to go to the front desk personally. They informed us that room changes could only be processed the next day, adding to our frustration. #### Day Two: Room Change and Pool Disappointments The next morning, we packed our things, went to breakfast, and prepared our three children for the pool. Fortunately, Alex at reception informed us our new room on the 7th floor was ready early. While the new room had a better view and slightly less odor, it still smelled moldy. The furniture was in poor condition, the fridge was broken, and the snack bar was insufficient for our family of five. The infinity pool was underwhelming, with only one functioning swim-up bar and a single towel station for the entire pool and beach area. Every towel we used was stained and dirty, and napkins in the restaurants were no better. #### Hygiene Issues and Service Inconsistencies Health measures were sorely lacking; pool restaurant servers handled food without gloves. Predictably, we fell ill on the last day of our trip. Room service missed cleaning our room on day three, and even after calling the front desk, they cleaned only one of our adjoining rooms. Requests for sufficient snacks were inconsistently met, and non-members are clearly treated as second-class guests, lacking amenities and privileges enjoyed by members. #### Dining Woes Dining experiences were hit or miss. At Ciao, we waited an hour to be seated and another 2.5 hours for our food, missing the evening show. Toro's hosts were rude, though the food and servers were pleasant. Isla offered good food and service, while the Hibachi table at Zen was the standout dining experience of our stay. However, dining off the Hibachi menu at Zen was another lon

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Terrible experience at Hard Rock Cancun in an attempt to exchange a tour voucher. Son and my family frustrated.My childr

raquelmilleli on Jul 09, 2024

Terrible experience at Hard Rock Cancun in an attempt to exchange a tour voucher. Son and my family frustrated after more than 5 hours of lecture and becoming a VIP legendery partner. Inflexibility, which caused us great sadness during a family vacation. Change now so you don't lose customers and associates. My children are the biggest reasons we are here

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