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ChrisM998 (Chicago, Illinois) on Nov 25, 2021

Positives: Modern room 24 hour restaurant Offer birthday balloons and birthday banner on cabanas Negatives: 1. Road leading to hotel is full of pot holes and there was a car stuck in the middle of the narrow road causing a 20 minute delay. 2. Understaffed: Expect to wait a while for a server to come to your table and long lines in the breakfast buffet, especially the hour before it closes. Breakfast ends at 11:00. 3. Food quality is like a cafeteria (Example: Chicken Cesar salad had maybe a spoonful of tiny chicken bits hiding under some lettuce with a hamburger bun broken into pieces to look like croutons.) Coffee Shop does not offer creamer on the Grand Palladium side (only on TRS side). They do offer a variety of milk options though (almond, soy...) 4. Mosquitos: We've been to Mexico about 15 times at various hotels in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel. The Grand Palladium is the only one where we've been eaten by mosquitos, that come out at dusk. 5. The hotel is built over a marshland and they use a golf cart each night to spray a large cloud of smoke that permeates the area for 15 minutes. 6. Reservation system is required for dinner and is not flexible. Our friends booked a table for 10 and when one person was 15 minutes late, they wouldn't let him eat with them. 7. Confusing reservation at Japanese restaurant. No one told us we had to specify which menu we wanted when we made the reservation. When we arrived they said "Sorry you can't have the sushi menu nor the teppanyaki menu since it's a special section in the restaurant". 8. Lack of attention to detail. We went here for a friend's wedding and there was a puddle of water at the entrance of the chapel that the hotel didn't wipe so the bride had to drag her dress through it. Prior to the ceremony there was tall wooden scaffolding set up that they didn't think to take down until the bride and groom requested it delaying the start of their ceremony. TIP: On our last night, we upgraded our Grand Palladium bracelet to TRS side for $40/person on a Saturday. (It might be cheaper on off-peak weekdays since someone else mentioned $20?) Upgrade is noon to noon. TRS had a slightly better experience.: More staff to allow for timely service, better quality food and name brand liquor at the bar (i.e. Greygoose, Bailey's, Makers Mark... instead of no name knockoffs at Grand Palladium).

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You Can Do Better

GoCubs2008 (Elk Grove Village, Illinois) on Nov 25, 2021

We arrived in Cancun on November 14th and departed on the 19th. In past years we have stayed twice at the Grand Palladium White Sands and enjoyed our stays at this eco resort. When we learned that a new Palladium opened in the Costa Mujeres, we quickly chose this property for our trip. Upon arrival we learned that this property was nothing like the White Sands property. I will start off with all the good things we experienced before I list the reason why we would not return to this resort for any future trips. What We Liked Since this trip occurred during the pandemic, I was pleased how everyone was following all the rules to stay safe. United airlines did a great job reminding everyone to keep your masks on when not eating or drinking. At the resort all the staff wore masks and were constantly cleaning areas that were used by guests. Also, they had Covid testing available for $25 per person and provided you with printed results. In the resort you have multiple choices for the specialty restaurants and other venues that provided food. The El Dorado Steak house was by far the best choice for dinner. Their filet was very good but on the small side. On my second dinner there I found that ordering two filets took care of that problem. There is also the Xtra TimeSports Bar that offers a menu of items. I got a Philly Steak sandwich there which was okay. Also, there is a wonderful Bar Piacere coffee shop that has delicious dessert items. Disappointing Dinners We also had dinners at the Italian, Thai, and Japanese steak house and were disappointed with their offerings. We were still hungry when we left the Teppanyaki table. The Isla Blanca buffet was okay, but it was closed on several nights, so the specialty restaurants were the only ones available for dinner. Quantity of Nighttime Shows If there was a show on Sunday night we couldn’t find it. On Monday and Tuesday, they had private shows for a convention that we were not allowed to attend. They did do a limited international show at the convention center on Tuesday. We finally saw a Pirate show on Wednesday and a Mexican Show on Thursday at the theatre which were very enjoyable. Getting to the Resort A major reason we chose not to go back to the White Sands resort was the time it takes for a shared ride to get to the resort from the airport. It was not uncommon to make two stops before arriving at the hotel and the ride would take over an hour to get there. We mistakenly thought that this Palladium would take a lot less time to get to the hotel. Our shared ride made only one stop at Secrets and it took close to an hour and fifteen minutes to finally get to the Palladium. The problem is that the road to the hotel is in terrible shape. You might say it had numerous potholes, but I would use the word craters. Because of this traffic in both directions was at a crawl. If it rains these holes fill up and traffic is even worse. We left the resort twice for different activities and never had a good experience going and coming back. It appears that six other hotels share this only road to their properties. Look at a map before you decide to come. Extra Charges for Additional Privileges This property shares the same grounds with the TRS Coral Hotel. The Coral is an adult only facility and has an additional five restaurants. In order to get privileges at the Coral I was told at the front desk that I would have to pay an additional $40 per person per day. I didn’t take this offer and was glad that didn’t have to pay extra. If you do decide to stay at the Palladium, be careful of the staff in blue shirts that will come up to you at check in. They seem to be welcome group that is going to show you the resort. The truth they have a program they are trying to sell you and they are difficult to get rid of. $1500 Resort Credit At check in you should receive your $1500 Palladium Coupons booklet. Three of those coupons are for private tennis lessons that total $100. Another $30 are for a store in the tennis center. There are other coupons for the Spa, Souvenir Shop, and other areas. We never used any of these coupons. Not an Eco Resort The White Sands property that I previously mention is a real environmentally friendly operation. This Costa Mujeres property is just a concrete complex that does nothing to enhance the environment. It’s very nice looking but it really nothing special. The staff are very nice, and I felt safe at this property. But I think I could say this for many other resorts.

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Family Selection with Group - Go see Miguel at The Nest

566ashlyc (Saint Louis, Missouri) on Nov 25, 2021

We just stayed at the family selection for a week as a surprise anniversary trip for my parents. The Family Selection staff is incredible! Miguel at the Nest Bar is all my kiddos (8yr and 6yr) talk about when asked about their favorite part of the trip. He took time to make them kid friendly fancy drinks and talk to them. He also makes HANDS DOWN the best drinks on the property his mojitos are spot on (we are picky about mojitos since we make them a lot at home over the summer). Our Family Hosts Gabriel and Ulisis we also great very responsive on the what's up app and helped with all dinner reservations and special requests. We stayed in the loft suites in the family selection, great amount of space, make sure you ask for the bedding configuration you need for your family. We needed double beds upstairs because we were not comfortable about the kids sleeping on a different floor with the balconies and door tot he hallway. We did ask for the pullout sofa bed to be made and they put a nice comfy mattress on it so we did have a total of 3 beds. We thought the buffet food for breakfast and lunch was little lacking in flavor and variety but it is understandable with supply issues.We all usually look forward the breakfast, fruit, toast, and the omelet station. The fruit was hit or miss sometimes very little and there was NO salsa to be found on site. If you ask for it they bring you this insanely spice green pepper oil (we love spicy) which was completely inedible so be careful when adding to anything...try it first. The Al a carte restaurants were pretty good. I usually do not care for the steaks in Mexico but this trip we ate their twice. They did not have the welcome packages for the kiddos (mini robes, slippers, or sunglasses) so I would not mention that to the kiddos. I did ask for them but was told they do not have any. I was a little worried about my kids not enjoying the kids club and thinking it was more like daycare but they loved it and asked to go back day after day. The staff made sure they washed their hands, did temperature checks, and kids and staff wore masks. Tip for the COVID test to depart back to the US, go later in the afternoon. We made our first appointment at 8:15 and did not get finished until close to 9:00. The kids tests were at 4:15 we walked right in no one was in line and were back in the room by 4:30. All in all we had a great trip and the service was excellent which really made the trip memorable. A special thanks to the Family Selection staff!

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Not the best

S6429PTandrewb (Burnley, United Kingdom) on Nov 25, 2021

Rooms 5/5 stayed in loft suite in GP could not fault. Food 1.5/5 don't bother with al a carte food is very poor,wife got served frozen steak ( nobody cared).left each time very disapointed,not much choice and don't get what is stated on menu and taste is poor.main buffet is not much better under cooked chicken ?? same most days. For the price u pay should be a lot lot better,such a shame needs a big rethink of how the hotel is run.

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We expected more for the price $

lahayecaramba (Montreal, Canada) on Nov 24, 2021

The infrastructures are excellent, the pools, the beach, the room. The food is awful in all the restaurants, the meals we received were never like the description in the menu, the taste was not good and plates were often cold. The staff in the restaurant have little or no experience, if you know your menu, you don't serve plate like that. We were often served different kind of wine during the same seating , they gave us what they had not what we wanted.

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