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Great time

KellyandDave2020 on Jul 04, 2022

We visited from June 11-18 and had a great time. Our plane was a charter plane from St. LOUIS MO and well about half the plane stayed at DREAMS. We so very much enjoyed our group of new friends! Now here are some very important things you should know BEFORE you go, IF You're FROM THE USA! 1. These poor employees make about 72 cents an hour. There are so many locals at the resort that don't tip. A few bucks goes ALONG way with them. Here is what everyone MUST KNOW.... our currency must MUST MUST be perfect for it to be of value to them. In their town if our dollar bills have writing, a tiny tiny rip, a pen marking, a hole etc etc it is NOT WORTH anything to them. They cannot exchange it in their area. We exchanged a lot of bills for workers. They would actually come seek us out and politely ask if we would help them. You would be amazed at how damaged our currency in the US is. so PLEASE TIP AND TIP EVERYONE YOU CAN. OMAR at the lobby bar is THE BOMB!! He made sure the guys had ICE COLD MICHELOB ULTRA. He would fill the sink with ice and stick their beers in ice for those crazy American men!! By day 6 there was no more American beer on the property! lol 2. The rooms are NOT by any means what us Americans are used to as far as cool goes. Our first room was 79 and after 4 hours it didn't drop even a degree. They gave us a different room and that one was cooler. Still only about 75 some mornings it got to 74..lol.. housekeeping turns our ac off and OHHHH that makes me sooo mad because it never cools back off. So after your room is clean check your AC or else you will be sorry..lol... Thank goodness for Google Translate our Maintenace guy brought us a plug in fan to go along with our ceiling fan. The staff is amazing! Not many speak English but they try very hard. There is a guy in the gift shop who speaks PERFECT English BUT I can't remember his name and he said he learned from YouTube...lol...so if all else fails go in there. 3. Do NOT let the bad reviews make you worry about your trip. OMG I worried so much because people were being so rude with comments. Yes, this property is older BUT, the rooms are clean and updated. They are constantly working everyday to improve the property. Grounds keepers on hands and knees pulling the grass for the edging and it looked stunning! People painting and repairing things etc etc.. it could use updating sure but it is not as populated as Cancun(yet) therefore there are not as many resorts to choose from. Once this area expands then more fashionable resorts will be built. please please again be the cool guy or gal and give the grounds keeper a couple of bucks for their hard work or the hostess. You would be shocked to see how appreciative they are. It was cool! 4. If there is a black flag DO NOT try to swim. Hubby and another guy saved a guy from drowning. 5. Pool bar service is good and really good and friendly! 6. NOT many daytime fun activities or entertainment. This is the ONLY REAL complaint we had. Day time and nighttime entertainment wasn't anything thrilling. The entertainment staff needs to really step up their game as far as we were concerned. 7. Food was GOOD....yes I said GOOD!! I am a picky eater and I always found something delicious to eat. I recommend Chicken spring rolls and Chicken parm both my favorites. 8.Bring something for an upset stomach. We all seemed to of gotten a little bit of something while there. Prebiotics, probiotics, Imodium all of the above..lol... 9. Cab rides are CHEAP! Family of 4 was $4 to get to town. TIP TIP that driver...ya all know that is sooo cheap. We felt very safe in town but there was alot of us who went. LASTLY ENJOY YOUR TIME there! It is beautiful. IGNORE those bad reviews they are BS...hahahahah! Have a great time!!!

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Dreams Downgrade ????

ernestoavilescota on Jul 04, 2022

Dreams was always our go-to all inclusive hotel for more than 12 years. We’ve been traveling to Mexico’s Dreams Locations as they’ve been our “Go-to” all inclusive resort for the past 12 years. UNTIL NOW. 1- Facilites and shape of building: POOR. Unfortunately Dreams Huatulco has the poorest conditions of their facilities I have seen in their locations across Mexico. We’ve visited Dreams at Cabo, Cancun, Vallarta and now Huatulco. Building was purchased from another hotel developer around 12 years ago and I have to say they have not matched the other Dreams locations I’ve been. Their AC’s in their hotel rooms don’t go below 73F even if you leave the room and window closed all night. The temp control said it could go down to 62F but never made it below 73F. Our group was 10 (4 rooms) and we all had the same unfortunate experience. 2.- Staff: AVERAGE As Mexicans living in the US we’ve always shared to our American friends that Dreams had the best service from all of their staff and that they needed to visit Dreams to feel the Mexican warmth of our people. UNTIL NOW. At other Dreams locations, the service was great and there were only some exceptions of average service (if any). Dreams Huatulco was the other way around: Overall average (sometimes mediocre) service and there were some exceptions of great genuine service. I’m not in the hospitality business, but I do know that when staff is not well motivated and incentivized, they will not perform at their best. I would not like to generalize that all of the staff was not friendly. We had great service from Jack at the lobby’s bar and from Neftalí and Giovani at the various restaurants. They were AWESOME. 3.- Location: GOOD. The only good thing we find about the hotel is the location. Tangolunda Bay is a great beach to take a swim and to spend some time enjoying what I consider one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. As a Mexican, I feel proud of my country and I would love to see my country succeed and continue to be the #1 beach destination in the world. I strongly suggest to Dreams Huatulco Leadership to strengthen your training in genuine guest service so that we continue sharing to all of friends in the US how Mexican people really are.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Do Not Stay Here !

Sherpa701329 on Jul 02, 2022

DO NOT STAY HERE ! I’m extremely disappointed with this hotel . I’ve stayed at various AMR resorts (Dreams and Secrets ) in Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta , Cancún and Los Cabos and by far this is the worse one. The facilites them selves are not kept up . As you walk into the lobby the first thing that catches your eye is the peeling paint . They’re are no fans nor A/C so the heat / humidity is tense . The Check in was a breeze . Now let’s start with the room review . The room was awful . The A/ C did NOT work after calling 2 times and them coming to “fix it” it never got cooler then 75 F Take into consideration that the humidity level is about 85-90%. Could not sleep the first night went down to concierge the next morning to complain and ask for a different room the lady practically laughed in my face and said “ How strange we’ve never gotten a complain about the A/C.” After going back and forth she finally said she’d send someone to look at it . After the AC was “fixed” and went down to a good 72F . Now to the restaurants …….. The restaurants have little to no A/C Be prepared to eat sushi in a hot and humid restaurant . The restaurants /grills that are outside have these dinky air fans that produce little to no air flow . The food is decent ,don’t expect the WOW experience . Housekeeping is great . If you are thinking of coming I would highly recommend you looking elsewhere .

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Lovely Staff, relaxing holiday, pour internet

SofMexico (México DF) on Jul 01, 2022

Calm, secure and confortable. Staff amazing in particular Diego super manager of the japaneese restaurant, Erwin, Julieta and Roberto at the réception+ waiters in the sea side grill. Was travelling solo as a female and despite being a Family hôtel they made me feel taken care of , i had a very relaxing vacation. Issue with the internet, is not Good enough and have not been able to take video call for work from my room d’Hicham was a major issue for me. Thank you!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Family Vacation

S6741UEkevinc on Jun 30, 2022

Stayed 5 days here and it was a great time. Lots of things to do at the hotel and plenty of tours to take so you’ll never be bored. Food was decent and left a bit to be desired when you expect delicious Mexican food. Enjoyed the staff and they did a good job. Definitely recommend it if you’re looking for an all inclusive resort. The beaches are beautiful and very clean. No trash anywhere which was a big deal for us. Also the rooms were clean and serviced daily. Plenty of pools for everyone to use and super convenient because it never felt crowded which is what we were looking for. I will say that this resort is more fitting for the less picky. Being that I’m visiting from the states I did expect a bit higher level of detail to the luxury of the hotel. I would say the hotel does need a bit of a facelift and more attention to upkeep. The tiles in front of our room were broken when we arrived and despite them being fixed within 24hrs I will say that it didn’t stop there. There are visual areas of the building that need some love. The paint and plaster need a touch up in parts of the hotel, the rooms do require love, as we had water leak from our shower due to lack of caulking between our glass and shower dam. As a tradesmen myself I did notice a lot of of these issues around the property. A lot of which I would say could pose a hazard for unknowing guests if not taken care of. Being Mexican I can also say the food was not the best. A few choices were good but definitively not all of them. I wouldn’t be too proud to call it the food of our people with the quality it was at but again it’s a buffet so I can’t really say I’ve ever had great buffet food before. Best thing about this place was how clean the beach, the pools were. The fact that it’s all inclusive is great so you get a pretty good deal. We still enjoyed it for what it was but if you’re expecting higher luxury and you’re an international traveler you may be a left with a bit more to be desired. If you’re not one to fret over the hotel so much as the experiences you have in the area I would say you will enjoy it very much. Lots to do, felt safe and the food in the town center was yummy.

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