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Is that the ocean across the street?

davidcQ8961SY on Aug 11, 2022

We stayed in A102 which is one of the 2 bedroom townhouse style units on the ocean side of the complex. I believe the owner owns 2 or 3 of the A units. The process was fairly simple and the contact for the unit even handled our deposit adventure with a pretty solid sense of humour. Our credit card company flagged the purchase even though we updated our travel plans on the card. I am not sure if this is expensive or not because I wanted a 2 bedroom place and they were pretty rare. It seems expensive to me but in comparison to hotels in Maui this rental was practically a bargain. I was not familiar with Maui life but it bustles on S. Kihei rd from 5am and after dark it becomes rather quiet. The unit had a floor level and an upstairs balcony to sit and watch the ocean or the sunset. The view was incredible. Words and pictures can't do it justice. The landscaping on street level was pretty lush so the noise and traffic from the street did not bother me. I understand these units are showing their age but the owner of A102 appears to have installed some pretty high end sliding doors so when the door was closed it was quiet. It's funny that even in Hawaii the doves wake me up, I hate doves but I saw two varieties I had never seen before. They are both louder than ours, so, that's awesome. The unit is clean enough and the amenities were sufficient for our stay. We had to buy toilet paper and paper towels. Not a huge surprise nor is that an inconvenience. There is a washer and dryer in the unit which we used and they worked well. The kitchen was clean and there were enough dishes for our needs. They could use some new knives for prep and some more saute pans but I am not sure how many people cook on vacation, so this is forgivable. The pillar in the middle of the kitchen was a little awkward as well. The fridge was too big for the space and could not be opened fully, also awkward. The air conditioning was in the main floor and the two bedrooms but it was on a 6 hour timer and it was hot all day and over 25 at night. We basically turned it on at night and again as soon as we woke up for breakfast. Only need it for sleeping and getting ready/makeup. I have been told that it is not fun to put on makeup while sweating. When the air conditioning is not on it gets very hot in the unit resulting in some odd smells. I think that is the time it is most obvious that the unit is not young and fresh. When I say very hot i mean 30-35 and humid. The facility is well kept, trimmed and neat despite its age. The tennis courts are in good shape as is the lower pool. I never went to the upper pool but I know it exists. The lower pool had a large deck and a large covered area with 2 huge bbq's. I don't know if the A units have exclusive access to this lower pool area but it was never that busy. Maybe it was the time of year or maybe it's because it takes about 15 seconds to get to beautiful Kamaole II beach and within 5 minutes walking distance of pretty much any beach in Kihei. There is a very substantial rule book in the unit and more rules written on the wall of the pool area. If you are a person who drives it like a rental this facility may not be for you. If you use the room to eat and sleep and if you use the pool area to sun, read and swim you will have no problems. I found the extensive rules a little overbearing and our teenage children were told to be quiet at the pool. Yet, on three other occasions younger, louder and splashier children were not told to be quiet. I found that interesting. They were renters as well and i read reviews that stated the owners do not like loud renters. I guess it only matters if you are a Canadian teenager, I don't know, but I did find this an annoying arbitrary application of the rules. They were literally standing on the pool deck bouncing a ball and looking menacing, i guess. I have only one complaint about the unit. The couch in the unit needs to be replaced asap, it was clearly not lightly used and sticky. If we had bad weather or were forced inside for some reason I would have chosen the floor over the couch. Overall I would highly recommend this property but if you can get one of the oceanfront units, do so. Breakfast on the lower terrace and lounging on the upper balcony would be a vacation well spent on its own.

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My stay in Kihei

bethsoutherncolorado (Grand Junction, Colorado) on May 28, 2022

The things we liked about the condo was that they had good TV Channels and they also had 55 inch TV in the living room. Another thing we liked was that there were tv’s in both bedrooms and the living room. We also liked that it was close to the beaches and restaurants. We enjoyed the beach and sunset views from our lanai. We gave this condo 5 stars and would stay here again!

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Had to cancel entire hawaii trip because of C607 double booking and 7-10 day refund time.

ExecutiveSpeaker on May 10, 2022

booked and paid for this rental, then at the last minute, 48 hours before my flight to hawaii, it was cancelled due to being double booked. Now my money is tied up in refunds, and I have to cancel my entire trip to hawaii. This is the 5th place to double book or misrepresent availability in kihei in the last week.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Nice unit, very noisy property

carljneef on Apr 17, 2022

This property is in a nice, central location if you want to spend time on south Maui without all the expense of Kaanapali, but be warned that this place is LOUD all the time. The walkways outside of the units are right along the bedroom windows so any talking is amplified and this is not helped at all by the sounds of children constantly screeching “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” We are subject to slamming doors of the adjacent units and rental car alarms in the parking lot at almost all hours. There are two pools which are between buildings A and B, and C and D. The A/B pool seems to be more adult-oriented and the C/D pool has kids in it which cannot seem to enjoy the water without screaming. I’m fine with the sounds of the native birds and roosters crowing, which are plentiful in the morning. If you have a family and have little self awareness and control on your noise this property is good for you. If you are expecting quiet (and there are signs all over the property explaining quiet hours) this is not the place for you. Our unit D103 came with beach chairs, a cooler, boogie board and beach umbrella which was really useful. Everything was clean and worked just fine. Make sure you stock up on things like paper towels, coffee filters and toilet paper as there wasn’t much of that here. We probably would not stay here again because of the noise. This isn’t the fault of our Air BnB host but the property itself. If you want a little more quiet look at the Maui Banyan which is right next door.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

D-613 Kihei Akahi

onnoaccount (Victoria, Canada) on Feb 23, 2022

Prepare to be disappointed. This unit could be a wonderful experience if anyone cared about it. Make no mistake: renting a Vacasa-managed unit does not guarantee a quality experience. They may say they have standards but they don’t enforce them. Theirs is a complaints-based system; there is seemingly no ongoing attention to inventory or conditions within the unit. The good news is that if you are prepared for the neglected state of the unit you will have a wonderful view in a very good complex in a perfect location. Our stay was marred only by the aggravations below and a few more not worth drawing out infinitum. It took a week before a Vacasa team arrived to inspect the unit; to repair the broken sliding door, ( for how many previous rentals? ) replace a missing dining room chair ( for how many previous rentals?), replace some incredibly abused and unclean pots and pans, and add to the inventory. The unit suffers from much neglect and the bed crapped out months ago but was tricked out with a plasticy foam topper. It is back-ache central and hot, giving a month of uncomfortable nights. The furniture looks good in the pictures, doesn’t it? You soon realize that you are sitting in holes and that you need to put cushions on the seats down. While we enjoyed dealing with the Vacasa crew, they were only marginally effective: they say that it is up to the owners to set the standards for the unit and this owner is “very particular” and seemed to refuse to allow them to even replace the one (1) old wizened and bent-up salad server. We had to buy our own frying pan and there was an inconclusive suggestion they would reimburse us but the month went on without any further outreach from Vacasa and we and D-613 were again off their radar. We have rented many units in the K.A. and we suggest you can do better elsewhere in the complex. That said, if you can gird your loins and go for it you’ll likely to have a good time on balance.

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