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TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Great hotel in a bad area

L7018ZNdavidh on Jun 27, 2022

My friends and i visited the sports book on a Saturday around 6 pm .What goes on outside on Fremont street leaves the feeling of being aware of your surroundings .2 guys in our group of 8 kept getting harassed by beggars and street actors for $$$ . We walked from the mob museum . Thank goodness we were staying at the Bellagio .Nice hotel but does Derek stevens really want Circa guests constantly harrased by beggars ,homeless ,and street actors ? With ther shooting that happened the week before .if you stay here be aware leaving the hotel .not kidding either

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Beautiful Hotel with No Soul

sherih874 on Jun 22, 2022

Circa is beautifully designed, but is has no soul, charm or panache. You're greeted by security, but no bellmen. You're supposed to somehow 'know' the hotel's processes and procedures without being told or being provided with any information about them. Don't ask for anything -- and I do mean anything -- because the answer will always be NO. We were celebrating several occasions while there, so our kids got us a Circa gift card, which we weren't allowed to use for ANYTHING, not even food or drinks. The pool, although amazing, had the worst, most rude servers I've ever come across. If you don't rent a cabana or a couch they won't even speak to you. The manager tried to say it was because they were on a different POS system. Why that would make them rude is still a mystery? Bellmen were as rare as finding a Tiger in the wild. The only bright spot was the concierge desk. The woman we worked with was Nicole, and she made our trip worthwhile. We tipped HER generously. She knew Vegas well, made excellent show and dining recommendations and was even able to get us into Delilah. The management at Circa don't seem to understand what the successful big brands on the strip do so well to keep their clientele happy and coming back -- treat everyone as if they are millionaires and they will spend/act like it. Instead, they treat they're guest like something that is stuck to the bottom of their shoes, unless you open your wallet and let them dive in. It's a shame, because the hotel could be so good.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

When you ask at Circa, the answer is NO. Cool & new with terrible service but great location.

DeniseFoxTravels (Orange, California) on Jun 22, 2022

OVERALL: The property is well-designed, new and aesthetically pleasing. The location on Fremont is excellent. Unfortunately, service was extremely poor, demonstrative of minimum effort and much of the staff have a “no can do” attitude. The exception to this observation was impeccable service from the concierge desk: Rebecca, Olga, Noel - all excellent. POOL: Staff at the pool will avoid and ignore you unless you have purchased a cabana or bed. We were puzzled as we were blatantly dismissed or ignored when we tried to order drinks. We spoke with a pool supervisor and were flippantly & hurriedly told they don’t serve guests in lounge chairs unless they’ve paid for a cabana/bed. Such a departure from service is fine if that’s their policy, however, it takes mere seconds to respond to a guest who’s simply trying to communicate with staff. The pool area itself is an interesting concept as there are several smaller, shallow pools flanked by two hot pools. Unfortunately, they close some of the pools forcing all patrons into the small pools together and it gets quite crowded. Being in a crowded, small, shallow pool makes the water warm and leaves one hoping the filtration is working extraordinarily well. Also, be aware that the music is SUPER loud to the extent that even if you're in the back of the pool deck, you are yelling to be heard in close company. (I like loud music but I know many who don't.) GAMING: While playing on the gaming floor, I tried to get staff’s attention several times and was seemingly ignored. (She even turned her head when I made eye contact) The one time I was able to order a drink, she never returned (and I only wanted a water!) The lack of service became humiliatingly laughable and I simply gave up. I finally got dehydrated and stopped playing to go to the bar for water. I did see staff wiping down the gaming surfaces often and was very appreciative of the effort. ROOM/CLEANLINESS: The room was spacious, VERY well designed and appointed. The cleanliness left much to be desired, however, as there were gross smudges on the TV, vanity mirror and shower glass. :-( but, on a good note I saw staff working very hard to polish and clean common areas which was greatly appreciated. Be aware that your room will not be serviced unless you ask or indicate with the service light. Not a big deal but informing guests of this fact would’ve been polite. The lights/AC are centrally controlled but would randomly turn off. This resulted in the room suddenly going dark and unfortunately, getting hot at night as the AC would kick off no matter how I set it. I ended up waking up hot several times to get the fan or AC to turn back on. The casino floor bathrooms were impeccably serviced and cleaned. TRANSPORTATION: you can’t catch a cab or ride-share from the entrance. You must walk across the property, over a bridge and through to a garage to get a ride. We were not aware of this fact so when we tried to hail a cab out front, we were loudly scolded by staff. It was embarrassing as we simply didn’t know. The "Kaptyn" chauffeur service through the concierge desk was EXCELLENT. CONCLUSION: Often ignored, when I sought out service/courtesies the answers were unhesitatingly no. I came to the conclusion that perhaps staffing shortages are to blame bc Vegas is & has always been about service and I was bewildered at the no-can-do attitude across the board. Also, it was bizarre but EVERY TIME you walk into the property from every door, you must present your ID to be SCANNED - I’ve never experienced such tracking. Circa is a beautiful addition to the Fremont Street cityscape but treating guests with respect costs nothing. I will not tolerate paying to be treated like a nuisance. I will for certain, never return.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Vegas Vickies

Readytotravelmorenow (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) on Jun 21, 2022

Go down to the Vegas Vicki lounge- great drinks- normal Las Vegas prices- limited waitstaff so order at the bar and they will run you a tab- depending on the crowd you may or may not have a conversation with your friends

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Game changer!

NickG2975 on Jun 20, 2022

Just returned from 3 nights at Circa with my Dad for Father's Day! I travel to Las Vegas at least 3-4x a year and am usually loyal to The Cosmopolitan but Circa didn't disappoint. The hotel has this cool old Vegas meets modern vibe all throughout. My room was ready before 1 PM so right off the bat that was a major plus. The entire resort is lively, filled with great energy and is one of the most top notch technically advanced hotels I've stayed at and I travel extensively. The elevators were there in literally 1 second from hitting the touch screen- we never shared an elevator the entire trip with anyone. Our standard King room was one of the nicest appointed basic hotel rooms I have ever stayed in- felt very fresh and new. The lighting is incredible and the bathroom was very nicely done. Stadium Swim. Wow. When I travel to Las Vegas, a great pool scene is a deal breaker and all I can say is Stadium Swim is NOT to be missed. It was incredible. The vibe, drinks, daybeds, cabanas, super cool bartenders were amazing and the security was some of the nicest, genuine guys I have ever encountered. Shout out to Andrew and the Spanish guy who is constantly dancing- he was awesome. Our server, Taylor didn't miss a beat and our server assistant, Nick, was equally as good. Legacy Club was one of the highlights of our trip. Our server, Giulianna was the best of the best! We went back 2 nights in a row just to see her. The drinks are some of the best I've had and the unparalled view of Vegas from the 60th floor was unreal. Mega Bar has the best and most entertaining bartenders around. Shout out to Scott, Jared and Charles. They took care of us everyday. We had dinner at Barry's Prime and Andiamo and both were fantastic. Barry's was such an experience. My Filet was absolutely delicious and that gnoochi. You MUST get the gnoochi and the Banana Cream pie or Carrot Cake for dessert. Andiamo at The D has delicious steaks- highly recommend. Definitely the best 2 restaurants in Downtown Las Vegas. All in all, we had an amazing stay and can't wait to come back in a few months for my Dad's 64th Birthday. You can find amazing deals if you travel Sunday-Thursday. Yes, the hotel is loud throughout but the vibe is one of the reasons we decided to stay here. We loved it. -Nick

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