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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 4.0
  • Value 4.0

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Just don't book this hotel! Pick many of the other beautiful places on this stunning island.

GoPlaces60415840490 on Sep 27, 2023

Where the hell do I start on this review, so the garden/ pool area in this hotel is stunning. Literally the only good thing ha! However... because of the lack of customer service and how bad the rooms are it eliminates that beauty. So let me give you a brake down of everything .... Prices at this hotel are a joke, wayyy over priced so everyone goes to Walmart or 7-11 to get food or even orders in with Ubers eat ( however I really recommend going to eat in the local joints as they fab). Moving onto the front desk staff. Well where to start, from check in we got a very rude women.. Who rushed us through check in as our room wasn't ready and forgot to give us our towel cards or even our outrigger water bottles. When I asked her what was on in the hotel like the fire show or lui making, her reply was to look at my tv. When we got to the room and looking at the TV there was no information at all.Over the week I was staying at this hotel and looking/ asking over and over they were still unable to tell me what was on in the hotel. Finally one of the desk staff said all we have left before you leave ( after being there a week!) Is lui making, we booked in for this at 10am. We went down to the front desk in the morning to be told nooo that's not till Wednesday. I was so angry,unimpressed and highly let down AGAIN. The staff need to be trained! So they can show guests what's on in the hotel and to be shown how to speak to customers politely. Moving onto the rooms .... sweet Jesus they are a mess, ran down, battered, rusty, rain marks from the ceiling running down the walls rusty shower. Not at all new like images show on the site. Actually it's quite laughable how bad they are compared to the images. The money they charge you to stay here is a joke for what you actually get. Then because of this hotel been taken over, you have constant banging and I mean banging from 7am all day till about 4pm when then guys leave who are doing the rooms up on the 3rd floor. If this all wasn't bad enough we eat once and ONLY once in the restaurant and Jesus it was BAD. We never got seated for over 20 minutes, then it was another 20 minute wait to get our drinks off staff who were moving slower than a snail. After our drinks order coming to our table twice incorrectly we gave up and just ordered the food. So as we were waiting for the food I asked 3 times for the waiter to clean out table that was covered in food and sticky from whoever was there before us. ( now I worked in hospitality for over 10 years myself and the service was horrific from the response from staff to how bloody slow they all were! ). When my food finally arrived we still had no knives and forks ... even after asking 3 times to get some ...SHOCK. I ended up getting up and finding some myself. The funny part about my $160 bill for fish and chips for 2 people and a margarita each. The staff put on an $18 service charge. Now I find that disgusting... if the service was great hell why not ! But lord we have absolutely 0 service and that's why we're didn't eat or drink again here. The cleaners ... were lovely ladies however they rock up at 4pm and don't even hoover the floors. I mean I had my bed made with a sheet of paper in it. You just gotta laugh or you cry at how simply bad things are. The concierge - who works in the hotel helping people book trips. We had Britney... she sold us the dream for all of our trips. However failed to tell us any of the important information.. like pick up times or stuff we may need.( she didn't even reply to any of the emails I sent her about the travel arrangements and we had to sort it ourself ... not okay when we had paid her for this service) Again highly laughable after we spend over $1700 on excursions alone. ( my advice on this is just book them yourself online ...its cheaper and you know all the info straight away that you need) Sooo to put the cherry on top of the cake for this week's stay at the kauia beach resort. This hotel then removed an extra $300 from my bank account without even telling me why 6 hours after I checked out, after being on the phone for 2 hours to them, they said it's a reservation fee ( odd to take it when I leave after they already charged me $306 dollars for this) and I was told i'd get it back in 7 days time if not to ring my bank and get it back from them. I simply asked why wasn't I told about this fee and the girl on reception replied nothing I can do about this abruptly. Never in my life will I stay at this place again. However the only reason it got two starts is because .... Kauai is beautiful!!!!! Don't let this review put you off from the island just pick a way better hotel. This island is stunning and the local Polynesian people and amazing! Most definitely go to kauia ... just don't stay at this hotel!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Beautiful setting

Sarah H on Sep 24, 2023

An amazing hotel and we had a lovely stay. Our room was 2418 and was spotlessly clean in a stunning position overlooking the sea and the pool. Sunrises amazing from this hotel. My only comments would be 1. It’s an Uber ride away from anywhere. Not that that was a problem for us but a car would be cheaper. 2. I’ve read this on the reviews and the comments are right. Whilst the beds are lovely, they are way too soft and this really needs to be addressed 3. I’ve heard prior to staying here that staff were not friendly. On the whole were all they were all friendly especially the concierge. The beach bar could do with some ‘jollier’ staff as the environment needs it and after all we are all in holiday. Over all I would come back again

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Great Service and Food

Raven B (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) on Sep 19, 2023

Loved this resort. The staff was very friendly and the restaurant food was the best food we had on the island. Had a limited menu but what served was excellent. My only complaint was we had to check out much earlier than our flight and when I asked if there some kind of waiting area they said we would have to pay another $300 for a room.

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Sylvia L on Sep 13, 2023

I took my best friend for a relaxing and memorable experience, since she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We arrived to the resort and checked in, we were excited to check out the view. We were told by Travelocity that we had the “Garden View” and partial view of the ocean. What a LIE!!! And very disappointed, we got a dump as a view and we were placed next to the ice machine. We literally got no sleep with all the noise and we couldn’t go out to the balcony to smell fresh air! I have placed several complaints and have not heard back from anyone! DO NOT STAY AT THE GARDEN VIEW.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Pool good, otherwise meh

momcdaniel (Denver, Colorado) on Sep 13, 2023

Stayed here 3 nights. The front staff lady was rude and unwelcoming. She didn't even want to wait on anyone in line and just ignored me until the other coworker helping someone else said she was open to check me in. It's such an easy thing to say "welcome to . . . Can I see your id to check you in?" If you can't do this simple task, then probably not the right job for you. The hotel itself is ok, not any entertainment besides a musician in the restaurant during dinner. They would not give any late checkouts. Other hotels in the area provide more entertainment, classes, etc. Gym is small and there are no stretching mats, you definitely need these. No leg machines. The beach is unswimmable (unless you are a pro) and rocky. I'm a good swimmer, but wouldn't go in. You can walk the beach, there are not many people on the beach at all. The pool area is nice, has a waterfall and slide and a sand bottom pool in one of them. Nothing is close by to walk to.

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