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Parking is $45 per night

SonjaC241 (Los Angeles, California) on Jan 19, 2023

I stayed for convenience of location to handle some personal business in the area. I am also loyal to Marriott branded hotels. The location is great as it’s 4 blocks from the Pier and beach if you are there for enjoyment of the area. However I was SHOCKED to pull up and have to pay $45.00 per night for parking in the garage….. plus tip as it’s all Valet. The other choice is street parking which is free until 8:00am. Yeah I really wanted to hop out of bed to go feed a meter at 8:00 am, however the bigger issue is, It’s not safe to park on the street in Santa Monica or anywhere else in Los Angeles county, so you really have no choice. I wasn’t going to street-park and haul everything in my car up to the room. It would be more effective to just charge $50 more per night and offer parking for free. The room was exactly what’s expected of a Marriott Courtyard. Mid tier consistent rooms.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Decent Stay

Voyager540027 on Jan 16, 2023

Pros Good location. Convenient to Pier, Promenade, restaurants. The studio with balcony room was spacious. The staff was pleasant and responsive. Cons The room was spacious, but inefficient layout. Lots of wasted space with uncomfortable chairs. Balcony overlooks metro station. Hardgoods are showing some wear and tear. Nothing to do with hotel, but the city doesn’t seem to have the same “vibe” that it had before the pandemic. More homelessness also. If I were to return to Santa Monica, I would stay again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Mistake made right!

SarahE-TO on Jan 14, 2023

Was staying at the Courtyard Santa Monica for a pre-work fun weekend. We were accidentally checked out after the first night of our 2-night stay, but the manager Ajay J. fixed the issue for us right away in a prompt and professional manner. Great hotel - friendly staff, clean rooms, awesome location - will definitely consider staying here again!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Wonderful Welcome, Spacious Room

MaryRose B on Jan 14, 2023

Checked in late MLK weekend and greeted by front desk Ajay Jadhar. We were all exhausted and eager to get up to the room. Ajay was incredible, helpful, kind, and welcoming. He made sure we had everything we needed for our family, and honestly, made our stay in Santa Monica. We were booked into 2 Queens, room was spacious, clean. Highly recommend! Shout out again and thanks to Ajay!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5


Eric E (New York City, New York) on Jan 02, 2023

It was a long, cold, rainy New Year’s Eve arriving into LAX. I often travel for work and my company uses Priceline prepay option because it’s the most affordable and convenient option for the most part. Upon arrival to the hotel in the middle of the night, I was exhausted and just wanted to check in asap and jump into bed. I was met with a woman at the front desk who was giving me trouble checking in because she’s saying my stay hasn’t been paid for. Me being confused was wondering how is that possible because that doesn’t happen when it’s prepaid and I have the receipt to prove it. Long story short I had to pay the almost $1,900 for my 7-night stay otherwise she wouldn’t let me check in. I’m certain she’s missing something on her end. Why am I being charged more than my incidental (no more than $500!) if I’m certain there has to be a mistake somewhere. Now it’s so late I figure I need to just speak to a manager because I was just charged $1,900 when it’s already prepaid for! A frustrating moment. She states no managers are here at the moment and I would have to wait for someone who is scheduled to arrive at 11am. I just wanted to know why I was charged the entire amount. I didn’t bother going back and fourth because I already knew I would get no progress. I just need to go get my rest and handle this with someone who I hope can help me. I wake up, shower and get ready. My first task of the day before leaving the hotel would be to speak with someone to sort this issue. Luckily for me a manager/supervisor by the name of Ajay Jadhav was there to assist with my issues. I am someone who is always moving around and I use Priceline almost every week for flights/hotels/cars. I feel I have a sufficient amount of knowledge when interacting with hotels and their associates/managers. I begin explaining my experience and issues with my check-in process to Mr. Jadhav. At this moment I noticed he was locked in, was giving me his full undivided attention and was ACTUALLY LISTENING to me. He was truly trying to understand my frustration and was so patient and PROFESSIONAL with his demeanor. Once I told him what had happened, he completely understood what was wrong and jumped on the issue immediately (exactly what I wanted!!!!) He was truly helpful when asking me to contact Priceline directly and was there to assist with anything he he can provide on his end. Honestly, I was expecting the staff to throw me to the side and say something like “I don’t know, you have to call someone who cares because we have your money already” but this wasn’t the case at all! He understood that I shouldn’t have been charged the full amount of $1,900, but at least for the first night incidentals included until we could resolve the issue at hand. He was went to battle for me to get my money refunded. He took the responsibility on behalf of the hotel to take care of their guests (as they should!) especially in times like this where professionalism is slowly fading away. I am truly appreciative of his efforts to assist with my frustration because I am one who truly respects professionalism when it comes to dealing with hospitality and customer service. I normally wouldn’t waste my time leaving reviews, but his actions should not go without acknowledgement. Here I am waking up on my second day after sleeping comfortably knowing Mr. Ajay Jadhav helped me resolve my issues. He was able to get the ball rolling on getting my $1,900 returned to me and charging the company who originally already paid for my stay!!! Marriot is lucky to have this gentleman representing them because I feel if you wear a company name of your shirt/tag—YOU ARE REPRESENTING THE BRAND! At the end he handed me his business card and apologized for any misunderstandings upon my arrival to their property and was genuinely so accommodating to my requests. I thank you Mr. Ajay Jadhav for helping me start my new year the way it should. To you I am truly grateful. Thank you.

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