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Super Disappointed ... slipping to 3 stars

mikekM2781YV on Nov 24, 2021

1. If you need internet, they allegedly have it but it really doesn't work. It sucks and has for years. No upgrade whatsoever. As a business person, this is absolutely unacceptable. 2. Mold pumping through the HVAC system 10 minutes and I am having an asthma attack. 3. no more beach volleyball ... 4. I've stayed here many times and this is the last time until new management fixes this ancient relic of a resort. 5. hey Barcelo, if I lie, sue me!!! Let's let a judge decide. 6. Trip Advisor is preventing me from posting this review.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Review – In Short, Had a Great Stay

GerryLakeland (Alberta, Canada) on Nov 23, 2021

This is a very nice looking, clean hotel, with great customer service, beautiful garden, very nice views, and clean/nice/comfy rooms. If you can spring the extra for the Premium (VIP) it’s worth it. The Premium level gives you your own check-in desk (concierge) where you can comfortably check-in while sipping your favorite (or top shelf) drink. Jesus Mendez and Hilary Valdez were especially helpful during our stay, and went the extra mile to help us. This private lounge also has some light food items for you to enjoy in air conditioning comfort. Premium also gives you access to a separate adult only area with a jacuzzi, hammocks, beach loungers and a small bar. The main evening bar, where the show happens (well out of the 3 nights, only 1 ended up with a show, but that could be a pandemic aftermath issue), has a decent selection of liquor and drinks, just no top shelf, but you will be OK if you are not picky, spiced rum, red label whisky, Sky vodka, that sort of thing. Beer is either Pacifico light or dark Modelo on tap. This bar also has free pool tables, and a couple other games. The nights without a show, a DJ would take requests, and then you make your own fun/dance. Room was great, no complains at all, you can control the temperature (and it actually works) and make it as cool as you want. The mini-fridge is the nicest/coldest I’ve ever had at a resort, and it has some Corona, Pacifico, soft drinks and snacks (like peanuts). Seems like most rooms will have at least partial ocean view. Wifi has a decent speed, clocked in at 30 Mbps; only issue was none of my 4 devices would connect (Android and Apple mix) but an IT guy took our MAC addresses and 3 out of the 4 devices then connected fine (I could not get any further help to try and get that last 4th device connected). Two theme restaurants, both really good, both with great service, one Italian and one Mexican. You need to make reservations ahead of time. There is a casual dress code; guys can come in formal khaki shorts, or pants, closed shoe. Ladies is a bit more relaxed, just no beach attire. There is also a breakfast/lunch buffet place close to the beach, and an evening buffet closed to the main hotel (this one has a different food theme each night). There is a little snack place by the pool, and of course a pool bar. At the top of el faro (the lighthouse) there is a bar with amazing views of the city, also air conditioning, good selections of drinks, so don’t miss that. Not everything will go perfect all the time, like most things in life, a few glitches here and there, but it’s a matter of luck. For one, my wife and I got trapped in the elevator going down to the 1st floor; the phone inside the elevator works but no one answered, so I had to break ourselves free and then told staff about it; they said you can press the little “bell” button and security will come and get you, well good to know. And you know, waiters, tip well, and if you find a good one, stick with him/her, otherwise you might end up with a lousy one and having to go chase your own cutlery and coffee at breakfast. Also for some reason we were given a double room, instead of the king size we booked, but our conierges fixed it within 15 minutes of us calling them thank goodness. So none of the above is abig deal of course, just nit picking here. They have the PCR Covid test on site, you have to book ahead of time. If you don’t get in, they use Saint Luke’s Hospital, so you can just go there and get it done (we did and they take credit card, about $110 CAD per person) and they send you an e-mail with the results that evening. Another plus of the Premium lounge, they offer to print you the test result and the ArriveCan code if you e-mail it to them. Note about Ubers, they can be fined for picking you up at the hotel, there are some “inspectors” checking that Taxis comply with regulations, and apparently Ubers don’t fare well with them, so don’t even look like you are going to call an Uber, just walk outside to a store that shows up on the map and set it as your pickup point, same with the way back. (Ubers fear even been in line of sight of the inspectors). If you go out, there is a new Chedraui (Department Store) that is very nice and new, but on Uber look for the word “Selecto” next to it or you might end up in the old one in a not so nice part of town. Also check the prices at restaurants near by, as beer and food can be pricier than a pub in Canada, basically a tourist trap. Taxis, there is a big sign with the Pesos and USD costs, but Taxis will want to bill you in USD as it’s way more money, so make sure you agree to a price before getting in.

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A great stay at a lovely resort

Leah B (Cloverdale, Canada) on Nov 21, 2021

My husband and I, with our 8 year old daughter, just had our first stay at this resort November 11 - 20, 2021. We booked a Premium level Oceanview room. Club Premium gets you some perks, like private check-in in the Premier lounge, unlimited and priority bookings at the a la carte restaurants, higher floor rooms, deluxe room amenities with welcoming chocolates and a bottle of tequila, late check out, 24-hour room service and free wi-fi. We found the wi-fi to be sketchy, and it kicked us out constantly, but it worked well when we had the signal. We'd be happy if they would work on improving the network, so we could consider coming for a longer stay. We were also able to book our Covid tests at the concierge in the Premium lounge and they have a cappuccino maker, top shelf liquor and snacks in there. We think booking Club Premium was worth the extra cost. We'd like to specially mention Luis, the concierge in the Premium Lounge, who was always super helpful and courteous. Hilary was also very pleasant and helpful. The resort has a Kids Club, but it was closed due to Covid, which was a bummer for our daughter. We realized as the week went on that there were almost no school aged children at this resort. Maybe it was just the time of year, and that not everyone pulls their kids out of school for a Mexico vacation, or because of the pandemic, but for whatever reason, there were very few kids older than babies, so keep this in mind if you are travelling with a family. The view from the resort is outstanding, and the pools and grounds are beautiful. You can see whales jumping and blowing way out in front of the beach. There are three pools - a large general use pool with pool bar and "hot" tub, an activities pool, and an adult-only infinity pool. The pools were cool, but still comfortable once you got in. There are poolside waiters, bustling back and forth right from first thing in the morning. We found their service to be excellent. The Club Premium Bar next to the adult pool has top-shelf liquor and also gave great service. People saved pool chairs early by putting towels on them, so unfortunately, if you can't beat em, you have to join em. The beach, however, was never very busy, and you could usually find chairs out there. The beach has a good volleyball net, bocce balls, and was well maintained and groomed. The flag is always black or red, with high waves, so it's not safe to swim. There are understandably no watersports at this resort. The whole resort was kept very clean (including, to my happy surprise, the washrooms). Covid protocols were in place and followed by most people. Most guests wore masks when walking about inside, especially when walking in the restaurants, and ALL the staff wore masks ALL the time. Temps were taken when entering the buffet restaurant. There was hand sanitizer everywhere, and we felt confident that we were not going to get sick at this resort. The activities team, Montserrat and Manuel, were fantastic. They worked tirelessly all day, keeping the energy high and fun, and running water volleyball, beach volleyball, water aerobics, yoga, bingo, dance classes and crazy games each and every day. Just the two of them. They always took special care to include our daughter, which was so appreciated. They are two gems and we hope the resort appreciates them. The rooms are roomy and comfortable, with good working air conditioning, flat screen tv and safe. There were plenty of hangers and drawer space. The mini fridge had beer, soft drinks, water and a few little snacks. There was no spare room to add our own stuff. (Pro tip: we put a $5.00 tip in the fridge the first day with a note asking the fridge guy for lots of what we wanted, which was, in our case, bottled water. He kept us loaded up, and we never had to ask again.) The balcony is large, with a table and two chairs and a drying rack. The king bed was very firm, so if that won't work for you, bring a foam topper. The king had 4 very nice pillows. Our only complaint is that we had booked a King Room for the three of us on the basis that there was a sofa bed, but they gave us a room with a normal sofa instead of a sofa bed, so our daughter just had to sleep on that. They also didn't bring any blankets for her without us having to ask, and even then, they only brought 2 sheets. But overall, we were happy with the housekeeping. In these times of Covid we were just happy to get our room cleaned, beds made and fresh towels. The food options were as follows: Buffet breakfast either at the beachfront buffet restaurant, or in the main buffet. The offerings were the same in both places, with the usual premade foods, fruit, and a fresh omelet station. (*tip the omelet ladies, they deserve it). There was usually lots of bacon, but NO GUACAMOLE or PICO DE GALLO!!!! To me, these are staples with my eggs in Mexico so I really wish they had them. There is a Starbucks on the bottom floor, which was open off and on. We didn't try it. Starbucks is not included in the all-inclusive. Lunch was in the beachfront buffet restaurant, which had salads, hot dishes, a panini station, fresh made tacos, fish or steaks. The beachfront restaurant had the only ice cream in the resort - soft serve. There was NO GUACAMOLE or PICO DE GAYO HERE EITHER!! The other lunch option is the poolside snack bar, which offered hot dogs, hamburgers, chips with queso and guacamole, and fruit. You have to ask for the guac, they keep it behind the counter. Both lunch places had table bar service. Both restaurants have good long hours, so you can always find something to eat in the daytime. For dinner, there was the main buffet, and two a la carte restaurants - Mexican and Italian. The dinner buffet was unfortunately very meh. You could get fresh made pizzas, which were good, but the buffet is small, and although they change the "theme" each night, the selection was pretty limited, and the dishes were a little bland. That said, we didn't starve. We could always find something to eat, it just wasn't very interesting. A fresh pasta station every night would have been welcome as a backup, and we also wish there was ice cream in the main buffet for the kids for dessert. The two a la carte restaurants were excellent. You have to pre-book your reservations in the morning for the evening. They are both fairly high-end, and the decor is beautiful with nice art and artifacts. The Mexican restaurant served some delicious regional dishes, and the food was nicely presented and tasty. The three chili beef filet and the mole chicken were great. The tres leches cake was really delicious for dessert, and so were the churros. A word of warning though, there was nothing really for kids to eat for dinner (unless your kids are less picky than mine) and they are unable to change the menu at all to accommodate. You order what's on the menu. On our second visit to the Mexican restaurant we fed our daughter at the buffet first, and brought her things to entertain her while we ate. The Italian restaurant, La Gondola, is another story. We all LOVED it, including our daughter. The pasta is excellent, and so is the lamb and the beef filet. The appetizers were great too, with a delicious and artfully plated caesar salad, fresh caprese salad and beef carpaccio being the three of the many options we tried. They have lovely desserts here too. Our favorite was the cannoli, although the tiramisu was also very good. Shout out to our server, Fernando, who gave excellent service, and also found our daughter's little bracelet and kept it in his pocket till we came in again. Both restaurants are worth a visit. Before Covid, there were two additional a la carte restaurants - a Japanese Restaurant at the top of the tower, and the beachfront restaurant was open for dinner - not sure if it was a steakhouse or seafood. But during our stay there were just the Mexican and Italian. They had the same two white wines everywhere in the resort (Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc) and two red wines (Merlot and Cabernet), but at least they were in a bottle and were quite drinkable and not from a spout. They also had champagne (or Cava) and of course all the usual awesome mixed drinks. One note for the resort - red wine should not be ice cold. We always asked for our red to be "no frio" and our server would go find us a room temp bottle from somewhere. The evening entertainment takes place in the lobby lounge, which is the main gathering place in the evening. While we were there, there was mostly live music, with one karaoke night and one latin dance show. I have a feeling that there were likely more ensemble shows before Covid. That said, the musicians were talented, and it was decent quality, not cheesy. The entertainment starts at 9:00. The lobby lounge also has pool tables, an arcade-style basketball game, and tvs. The servers in the lounge are great - special shout out to Maria Enrriqueta, who was so lovely to us and was so kind to our daughter. There is an adult only bar at the top of the tower, which is quiet and has a 360 degree view of the area. Very pretty at sunset. The shop in the lobby is big, and has everything from sand toys to clothing, snacks, medication and sunscreen. The spa and gym both looked really nice, but we didn't try them. The resort is conveniently located on a main road with shops, pharmacies, restaurants and bars within a block or two. It's easy to walk out, and safe, even in the evening. Overall, we had a lovely stay and we were sad to leave. We will definitely be back to Barcelo!

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This is a long story BUT WORTH THE READ! Please read before booking this hotel

sarahBloves2travel (Scottsdale, Arizona) on Nov 21, 2021

Hands down worst hotel I've ever stayed at. All inclusive is code for: Low quality unhealthiest food ever, cheapest alcohol, cheap labor that doesn't require any kind of training or knowledge of anything. Lack customer service skills. Disorganized. Upon arrival we had to move rooms 3 TIMES until we finally gave up! I swear it was like playing a game of whats behind curtain number one. The front desk guy couldn't for the life of him accomplish the task of finding the correct room. ROOM EXPERIENCE - 1st room didn't have sea view (which we paid extra for) and only 1 king bed instead of 2 queens. These rooms are very outdated and drab looking. -2nd room also didn't have a sea view AND wasn't even cleaned or ready! There were no sheets on the bed. They were going to give us a dirty room! Doesn't the system tell them what rooms are cleaned and available? -3rd room had a view of the hotel next door back wall. But hey, at least they managed to give us a room with 2 clean beds. My friend and i said F the view, we're done lugging our bags up and down and all around. 5 hours later we discover the room A/C IS BROKE!! I called down to front desk, they said they will send maintenance up in 10 min. Never showed! ended up falling asleep on top of covers. My friend pays the front desk a visit next morning. They show up when I'm in the shower and unable to answer door...OF COURSE! POOL EXPERIENCE -couldn't find any service while at the pool. When we asked the bar tender if any of the waiters were going to be servicing our area he gave a dirty look and said "yeah". Good customer service skills would have said "let me find someone for you". No one showed or even came to our area. We had to go hunt service down. There was left over food laying around the pool area, including the rubbery cheese whiz that was on top of tortilla chips...I guess those are called "nachos". No one was cleaning the areas. RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE They have mostly gross buffets, where everyone touches the same handle to scoop out the slop! The breakfast buffet experience was interesting. The food was under cooked. I had to keep telling the omelette station person to please cook the eggs more. The other 2 restaurants, 1 Italian and 1 Mexican were on a rotation. Meaning only 1 of them can be open at a time. I'm going to assume this is due to short staffing. I saw the same poor girl who was at the breakfast place at 8am now working in the same outfit at the Mexican restaurant at 9pm. Lets also mention you cannot walk into these restaurants without a reservation that has to be made at the front desk. Yes, you have to wait in a long line while people check in (and get the wrong room) in order to eat! We ended up missing our reservation due to an excursion that didn't end when it was suppose too! We were 30 minutes late and the host would not seat us, even though there were empty tables in view. She told us to come back in 30 minutes and maybe we can get in. NO such luck, she lied to us and wasted more of our precious time that we had to find another place. We ended up eating Asian night at the nasty buffet. I love Asian food, but holy crap this place is going to get people sick! Where's Jon Taffer when you need him lol. Dried up noodles chilling in a bowel that you have to add liquid to in order to create miso soup! I asked one of the staff which dipping sauce was what because there were NO labels on anything. He didn't know. OF COURSE! Needless to say, my friend didn't eat that night and I ate about as much as a dead bird. When the third day of our stay rolled around, I told my friend if I have to eat at the breakfast buffet one more time I will be sick! We ventured off the property and behold....GOOD FOOD!! UBER IN MEXICO first off, Uber is frowned upon in Mexico. We asked the hotel where do we stand to catch an Uber? He told us to stand in front of the fountain at the entrance. 30 minutes later and 3 Uber drivers in, WERE STILL STANDING OUT FRONT WATCHING OUR UBER DRIVERS PASS US! The hotel guy who told us to to stand there is watching us struggle to get a ride, and says nothing to us. Finally, some local stranger from across the street sees what's going on and walks up to us pointing to a guard standing in the hotel entrance waiting to fine any Uber drivers that enter! If we walk across the street they will stop for us! Would have been nice to know that hotel guy, you schmuck! Why does the hotel do this? Because they want you to pay $70 U.S dollars to ride their shuttle....OF COURSE! ON SITE COVID TEST You need an appointment for this. They were an hour behind. Not at all surprised at this. The lady giving the test told us we would receive our results via email in 4 hours. We actually got it in an hour. My friend's test got marked as a Male, even though she's a blatant female. Then It dawned on me that I'm pretty sure you have to show an actual negative test in paper form at the airport. So we pay our friend the front desk guy a visit, and asked him if we need our covid results in paper form to show at the airport? His reply was "Oh yes yes". Then he prints it out. (insert eye roll). The take away from this, is you have to do their job for them. Not he or the testing facility is going to have your back. Lucky for me I'm a thinker, and thought about how we could have got stranded and denied at the airport because of our incompetent hotel! You constantly have to watch your back, dot those I's and cross them T's. Forget relaxing and vacationing, you will spend your time stressing about things that you shouldn't have to stress about. TO SUM IT UP If the deal sounds to good to be true , it probably is! All inclusive can be good and bad. Low cost means low budget quality, including there is no incentive for staff, so there is no need to go out of your way or lift a finger for the guest. The word "lazy" comes to mind. If you don't require anything and have the patience of God, then this is the place for you! lol.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

location in San Jose del Cabo is excellent, resort lacks soul and character

Jeepinjoel (Seattle, Washington) on Nov 18, 2021

Reception: understaffed and overworked. We spent WAY too much time in line at reception on several occasions. Our rooms were not available upon arrival. In fact, our arrival was to see many groups of people, disgruntled and tired from a day of traveling, just waiting to get into their rooms. Housekeeping, understaffed and over worked. The room we booked was not the room assigned. While waiting for the room we booked, our luggage was lost by the bellman for a short time when our room was reassigned. The food selection gets boring quick, and that's one reason why I would not recommend to a friend. We love the location but would try another resort before coming back here. Security was very rude to a friend of ours who we were meeting when we were standing right there. We fell like the staff really didn't care if we enjoyed our vacation. The Lobby Bar – if you have a large group traveling, this is a great location to meet up for drinks and the nightly entertainment. Very cool space. Again, understaffed and the people are overworked. Most nights there was 1 server and 1 bartender. OH! our last night there, 1:00am I called to complain about a cleaner at the pool bar and restaurant. He was singing loudly while working, and his female co-worker was laughing at and with him... SO LOUD, do they have ANY idea how loud the sound carries in the pool area? Seriously, the man sounded like he was drunk on duty. The location in San Jose del Cabo is excellent, but this resort just seems to lack soul and character.

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