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Hate this place!

abelp378 on Jul 02, 2022

This place is horrible. The staff is rude and the food is bad. The rooms are worn out and outdated as well as dirty. Will never ever stay at a Krystal hotel again! Don’t stay here. We only stayed there because a flight delay and we had no other choice close to the airport.

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Great Stay, Ignore the Negative Reviews

AR72LQ (Toronto, Canada) on Jul 01, 2022

I just got back from my most recent vacation. This one was at the Krystal Grand Los Cabos. I've been to Cabos multiple times, we used to go down a few times a year prior to Covid. However, this was our first time staying at the Krystal Grand. I have to preface this by saying I was nervous heading down, the reviews online are very hit and miss, but I quickly realized the people leaving the negative reviews are either crazy, or just ridiculous. As I mentioned I was nervous in advance of the trip, so I had reached out to the hotel. I was helped by Jimena Acosta Ricardi and she was absolutely amazing. She answered of all my questions and really went above and beyond to make sure we had an outstanding trip. I commended her when I was at the resort, but I really wanted to take a minute to single out the service she provided us, it was truly amazing. She is an absolute asset to the Krystal Grand and they're extremely lucky to have someone that passionate and caring working for them. I'd give her a raise, promote her, do whatever to keep her happy! It's people like Jimena who really set the Krystal Grand apart from other places. On to the actual review. The resort is located closer to San Jose then it is San Lucas. Be aware of that, it's a $40 cab ride into the Marina and San Jose is more of the family and relaxing spot. Don't plan on having a wild party at this resort, that isn't what the vibe is. I will say this hotel isn't perfect, but in all my travels I have yet to find a hotel that was 'perfect'. We were booked in an Altitude King Oceanfront room. The room was great, we had an absolutely amazing view of the ocean. You could hear the waves crashing so clearly it actually woke me up a few times the first couple nights. Absolutely stunning view. Our room also had a Jacuzzi on the balcony, which my wife loved. The room was clean, the beds were comfortable and the AC worked great. The AC unit is a little noisy, but I actually enjoy that because it helps to drown out potential noise from the other guests. I didn't hear a single sound after about 8pm, which is amazing because I like peace and quiet on vacation. The room did have a bit of an issue with the sliding glass door you had to kind of maneuver it a bit, but it certainly wasn't the issue some of the other reviews have made it out to be. When we first arrived the resort was busy (Thursday) and it remained busy until about Sunday. After that it really died down, someone told me they were at about 80% capacity, the resort was certainly well equipped to handle this. Though it felt busy, it didn't feel overly crowded, there weren't line ups or anything so I really struggle to understand why there are so many complaints about the line ups. While we're on the line up thing, check in was a breeze. We were taken to a private check in area and helped to our room by Alberto. He did a great job showing us around the resort and answered some basic questions for us. Alberto left a great first impression for us. I did have to lineup one morning for breakfast at the buffet, this was a first for me. I probably was in line for about 10 minutes or so. Which although a little annoying, it certainly wasn't that bad. This was the only time in my week stay that I had to experience a wait for anything. The pools are really nice. We spent all of our time at the adult pool. I honestly didn't touch the other two pools but they did look nice and clean. The adult pool was busy and had a bit of a party vibe on the weekend, then very relaxing during the week. The towel game does exist at this resort and it's probably something they should look into a bit. Basically you're not getting a shady chair unless you're at the pool at 8am. I was able to get a chair each time we went, but they were always in the sun. Pools are clean and kept at a very nice temperature. The food was way better then I expected. I've stayed at some high end resorts and the food here was easily as good as any of those. Breakfast is your typical buffet, but everything was fresh and hot. They have two buffets (I don't think a lot of people know the Grill is open for breakfast). Going to the grill eliminated any type of wait at the larger buffet, so I'd keep that in mind. We were served by Isaac or David at the Grill, they both did a great job. Lunch has 3 options. You can go to the buffet (which I didn't so I can't comment on), you can go to the Grill which is basically an a la carte lunch. Unfortunately the menu there didn't have many options for us, so we ordered from the snack bar. The snack bar does have long lines for food, but there is definitely a secret. Ask a bartender or a server to order food for you (and of course tip them accordingly) we were brought food at the pool or the rooftop and didn't have to wait in the line. We did have the Grill for dinner the first night. It wasn't good. I had a steak and though the seasoning and sauce was great, the steak itself wasn't of a great quality. This was probably the one meal I didn't enjoy the entire vacation. We ate at Risotto twice (the Italian restaurant) it was great. The lasagna was delicious, but the real star of this restaurant is their beef. It was a delicious filet (that probably should be at the steakhouse) trust me, order this dish. Akiyama (the Asian restaurant) was equally delicious. I had duck tacos and they were delicious. They also have a really nice tempura pear dessert. We were lucky enough to eat the Teppanyaki twice throughout our stay. It was amazing. The food is delicious, the chefs (their names escape me) did a wonderful job. It was one of the best Teppanyaki experiences I've ever had. As for the bars, they were pretty great. We spent most of our time at the Sky Bar or the Adults Pool. The sky bar is easily the best option for drinks. It's reserved for Altitude and VIP guests so there are very few people there. During the entire time we spent at the resort, there was no more then 6 people on the rooftop. Not the bar, the entire roof top lounge. I never waited once for a drink and this is where you'll find the top shelf liquor. Don Julio blanco, 1800 tequilla, Jack Daniels, Malibu and Appleton rum. Though these aren't the best brands available, they certainly are great options for an all inclusive. I'd usually have a couple drinks here before heading down to the pool and switching to the 'other' stuff. Fernando and Alaay (might have that spelling wrong) were absolutely amazing on the rooftop. Pedro and Pablo at the pool bar were excellent as well! I didn't go to any of the other bars (except the lobby bar in passing) so I can't really comment on the service provided by them. They also have a sports bar that turns into a bar/club type thing in the evenings I believe its open until about midnight. Though this resort really quiets down around 10pm. If I were to give a summary to this resort, I'd say don't sweat the small stuff and you're going to have an excellent stay. We had some problems with our room keys dying. Had to get them switched a couple times, was it annoying? Yes. Is is a big deal in the long run? No. Was the sliding door on our room annoying? Yes. Big deal in the long run? No. Basically what I'm saying is if you go in looking for flaws, you are probably going to find some. If you let them ruin your mindset, it's going to affect your vacation. The Krystal Grand is a great spot if you're a family or looking to relax. It's not a party hotel and there isn't much entertainment. Come here if you're looking for a good quiet, relaxing vacation. Thanks again to everyone (especially Jimena) and hope to see you all again in the Fall!

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Travel_Mafia703 (Virginia) on Jun 28, 2022

On April 21, 2022, we (two people) booked a Altitude Junior Suite Swimout Ocean Front King room for a June 19, 2022 check-in. We arrived on Sunday 6/19, checked in at approx. 3:30pm and was taken to king room on the 4th floor with a jacuzzi bathtub (not what we reserved). After surveying the room and noticing it was not what we reserved, we immediately went back to the front desk and was told the room we reserved was not ready due to an issue with the lock, so that's why they gave us the room with the jacuzzi (no previous mention was made about this "lock" issue before sending us to the room on the 4th floor). After about one hour of back and forth with several staff members (including manager Pedro), we were told the room we reserved with the pool would be available in 2-3 hours (by then it was approx. 5pm, so room wouldn't be ready until 7-8pm) and they offered us a lower grade Junior Suite Swimout Garden View King room to change and "relax" until our room was ready. We dropped off our luggage in the temporary room and went to get something to eat at the buffet (dreadful). After dinner, we went back to the front desk to check on the status of our room (approx. 7:30pm). Room still was not ready. We were told to go back to the temporary room and they would call us when our room was ready. Front desk called at approx. 9:30pm and said someone was coming to the temporary room to take us to the room we reserved. We get to the room and yet again, it's not what we reserved! It's a room with two full sized beds (we reserved a king) and the nightmare continued... AC filter/vent was sticking out of the wall and unit not properly cooling the room Bed linens were stained and had holes TV and Mirrors were dirty, bathroom faucet was loose at base (literally rotated 180 degrees) Exposed electrical wires Sheets smelled horrible Toilet would make screeching buzzing noise after flushing (I have video of noise) We decided to go back to the front desk at approx. 10:30pm and showed them pictures and video of all the issues listed above and was treated as if we were being unreasonable. At that point, we told them we were leaving and want a refund! They gave us a early check-out form to complete and was told a quality manager would be in contact with us on the next day (6/20) and I have this all recorded on video. Well, were back home now and as of the date of this post (June 28, 2022), I have not heard from anyone! I tried emailing the parent company (Santa Fe Grupo Hotelero) for Krystal Grand and I have not received a response. I also tried calling the number on their website and was transferred 4 times and hung up on 4 times, then they just stopped answering my calls. So, the nightmare continues as we have yet to receive a refund or any communication back from the hotel or their parent company. Both Santa Fe and Krystal Grand should be ashamed at how they are handling this nightmare of a situation for us. Customer service and satisfaction is definitely NOT paramount in your organization!

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Great place for a great price for the whole famy

Joshua B on Jun 26, 2022

Great hotel with great service! Food was excellent and you can't beat the location! The hotel having 2 bedroom condos for rent was great for my family of 4! Easy access to San Jose and San Lucas. The staff made my family feel at home. Looking forward to staying again soon!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5


eleonoraw622 on Jun 24, 2022

very good! excellent service great attention to people. i did beach volleyball, pool volleyball, aerobics, crazy games. everything was super fun ariadna was super sweet and it was super fun hanging with her and other workers were super funny and amazing.

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