Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort & Spa reviews

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Best Massage

Amy L on Sep 18, 2023

One amazing experiences you should book while you are here is visit the spa! If you get the pleasure to get Karolina for a massage you won’t be disappointed. She was out of this world awesome! Great pressure, attention to detail and balanced. I wish I could have taken her home with me lol I felt like a million bucks after my massage! Thanks again Karolina

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Sales Presentation was Great!

Marnie P (Tampa, Florida) on Sep 16, 2023

Went to the sales presentation and we’re sooo impressed!! The resort is beautiful, breakfast was great, sales pitch was low key, our guy Armando was excellent. Pure class!! We didn’t buy, but prices and options were great! Don’t hesitate to go to the presentation!!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Good people

jJorge R (Rosarito, Mexico) on Sep 06, 2023

The following names gave us great service 1-Gaby at the front desk was exceptional; welled versed in her position and helped with plenty of advice in regards to calling a Doctor, using the Consigliere, and an overall positive and attitude. 2-Octavio, he was an excellent waiter at the Emerald Sushi. The second time we visited the restaurant, we had not ordered any drinks or food and he came to the table with a Tequila and two of the sushi dishes we had two days before. This was a Wow moment!! 3-Carlos and Jairo over at La Cordeliere restaurant (we had the breakfast buffet three days) Again these two waiters were superb and provided us with excellent service. Both of them friendly and as well chatty both wonderful guys. 4-Andres over at Kelly’s bar : really good guy, prompt service and easy going. 5-Isabel at Armonia spa and gym; very under standing plus a sense of treating you well. She was friendly in explaining why I had to wear tennis shoes and not sandals in the gym; all said in professional tone and with a smile.(beautiful Gym by the way). 6-all the golf cart drivers special mentioned. All good guys. My wife is suffering from the sciatica nerve; so they drove extra careful and allowed my wife to sit in the front seat. 7-props for the cleaning lady !! Outstanding cleaning job. 8-the resort gets 5 stars, the personnel, the hotel, the food, the bar all get 5 stars. 9-the names mentioned above richly deserve to be recognized for their professionalism, service and attention to detail. 10- thank you!!! We visited from Tijuana:/San Diego region. we stayed at room 1033 from 9/3/23 to9/7/23.

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skies2blu (Cave Creek, Arizona) on Sep 05, 2023

4th stay here and by all accounts they are desperately trying to do too many things. This affects the "customer experience." Here are the low-lights: 1) the Check-in process has never been good. Despite pre-check in days before via smartphone/computer, the scene at the registration area is chaotic - at best. On average, what should be a simple, hassle-free experience results in a 20 minute (per person), overkill. While they blame this on their switch to a keyless system, check-in has been painful since 2016. Next. Golf carts shuttle guests to and from the sprawling resort, but they are inconsistent and are often in very short supply. Third: In order to change (or break-down larger bills) money, the resort requires your Passport. Bizarre. So, I told workers I wanted to tip them but the hotel management wouldn't help me make change. Sorry! Fourth: the resort appears to spend more time hustling the sale of Time-shares (or similar). The moment you enter, you are met by tables on both sides swarming with women pitching these All-Inclusive deals. Fifth: the "new" POS credit-card processing machines often struggle to get a wi-fi connection and often result in a wait-person walking around, holding up the unit in search of a connection (The Bistro restaurant). Sixth: My buddy and I were there (as usual) for our near-annual deep sea fishing trip. We each had our own room. We entered one of their restaurants and they ask for a name and room number. So, I would give them mine. Upon paying for our meal, my buddy slapped down his credit card. When they saw the names being different (credit card, compared to the check-in), they panicked. WTF? The good news in all this is that the hotel is still looking pretty good although there are growing signs of peeling paint, and dinged doors & tile. The bartenders at the pool (Rooster) are unbelievable and will make you dizzy in no time. Also, hats-off to the chef and cooks at The Bistro. We caught some Mahi-Mahi and brought it back to the resort in hopes of having them cook it for us. They were very happy to do so and the result was an over-the-top presentation! We personally thanked the chef afterwards. Great job! I'm not sure we'll stay here in the future. It feels like they are trying to do way too much and it is negatively affecting the experience. I want a place where I can easily check in, not have to worry about carrying credit cards and small bills (to tip)...and, otherwise, just relax. And for God's sake...fix the check-in process!!!!!!!!!!! Good God!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Pueblo bonito Emerald Bay!!!

daralyn4zeal (Arnett, Oklahoma) on Aug 18, 2023

Junior Prado and Miguel Rodriguez were absolutely the best waiters at the restaurant !!! We truly enjoyed and would highly recommend asking specifically for them!!! The Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay is beautiful and all staff is so very helpful!!

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