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4.0 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.5
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  • Rooms 4.5
  • Service 4.5
  • Value 4.0

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Relaxing Private Secluded Resort

brussell2019 (Nashville, Tennessee) on Jul 02, 2022

Zoetry Montego Bay is a relaxing, private and secluded resort. The employees provide a personalized and attentive service to your needs and desires. If you’re looking for an intimate setting, then visit Zoetry.

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Do not stay at this property

AviatorG1000 (Alexandria, Virginia) on Jul 01, 2022

Your best bet is to stay at the Royalton Blue Hotel and Resort. this hotel will put you in a room and later on call you in the morning to tell you that they need to change your room due to a different incoming guest booked the room they placed you in months in advance.

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Zoetry Hotel Montego Bay Don’t Believe the Hype

DrKimmyNalls on Jul 01, 2022

Zoetry is an overpriced. Over rated expensive hotel. The mattresses were very hard. They only have 49 rooms. Very small resort property that lacks entertainment. Most days one artist played an instrumental selection Extremely boring and quiet. Featured as a family resort no daily games or activities for Kids or adults Features 4 restaurants That is an embellishment One main restaurant Cayoba which lacked variety The second restaurant was closed on most days Jerk Chicken Jerkie Joe’s excellent Polo Bar excellent this is not a restaurant lite bites and cocktails Service Excellent Limited air conditioned spaces except polo lounge Coffee bar excellent Top Shelf Liquor Daily laundry service excellent Spa excellent Hotel Taxi very high 100 dollars for a 15-20 minute drive Tours were very high You might drive 2 hours for s pricey tour Hire a private driver you can do more One beautiful very small pool bonus you never have to fight for a beach chair Ocean very dirty and filled with rocks snd seaweed Jacuzzis are for spa members Work out facilitated small 2/3 people max After paying 4500 for air snd hotel I felt robbed Worst travel resort Ever Dinner on the beach cost between 350 to 700 This all inclusive charges for bottled wine

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Unbelievably Misleading

SCD0727 on Jun 30, 2022

We had an ocean view suite that came with the swim out pool. The room was fine and the view was phenomenal. It was devastating knowing I saved up $5k for six night’s stay and every day I had to fight for the “complimentary” accommodations like daily fruit and champagne. I finally gave up asking for it and accepted it as I thought maybe they were under-staffed and over-worked. One restaurant was open each night and the food was mystery meat most of the time. The trick is to get breakfast and hope you get the the jerk chicken shack before it closes because everything else was inedible. During breakfast there was a single bottle of hot sauce being passed around the tables. Room service was equally disappointing. The pool was pretty and the view was as well, the beach was a bit rough and maybe 20 yards wide. There was barely any beach left actually. Beware of the woman on the kayak who will attempt to sell you illegal substances inside of conch shells, she was aggressive and wouldn’t accept no as an answer. What pushed me over the edge was the fact I booked an excursion with “the wrong person” and the phone in our room rang at 8am the next morning with a man scolding us for having booked excursions with the other woman. Wildly unprofessional. The day we checked out the lobby was occupied by an elderly couple claiming they had been taken advantage of during a massage as the massage therapist extended the service when the couple fell asleep. The massage therapist was raising her voice at the couple as the refutes the charge to their room. Turns out a foot massage is a complimentary service as well but we were not told until the fight ensued! My covid test necessary to return home was delayed and I was one hour from missing my flight home. This trip probably took five years off of my life.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


Relaxlifetc (Miami, Florida) on Jun 29, 2022

NO WAY this hotel is a 5 Star resort. I’m left very disappointed in the service, absolutely not worth the money! We arrived at 2:30pm greeted by Renee who was extremely welcoming and very nice. We were told that our room would be available shortly, it was still being clean. Three hours later we still had no room. I was told our butler would be over to help us order food unfortunately this didn’t happen in a timely matter so at 5:30pm we moved on to other options off site. Upon our return at 6:28pm we were told our room would be ready shortly. A few moments later we were escorted to our room #313. I immediately noticed the mirror by the door was not clean which was alarming to me as I walked around the room, I noticed several things were out of place but the thing that bothered me the most was that a couch was pushed together and linen was on it. As if someone had made a bed out of the couches this was completely odd. The worst of it all is there was a dead bug on the bathroom floor. I immediately went downstairs to asked that the room be cleaned properly. The first thing I noticed was the butler Imitating me as he explaining to the front desk my reaction to seeing the bug. When they notice I noticed everyone look like a deer in headlights. (It was kicks and jokes for him but in reality we were traveling with our 18 month old son) 30 minutes later we were still waiting for our room to be cleaned. At this moment I spoke with the manager. The manager Kevin explained to me that the bug that was dead on the floor wasn’t really a bug it was just a rain fly!! He was extremely sarcastic,condescending and ignorant. When I asked about the couches being pushed together and made as a bed, he had no explanation. It was obvious it was done by the previous guest. It was also obvious that they did not even change the linen on the makeshift couch bed. At this moment I was disgusted. After about 40 minutes we were escorted back to the room. Unfortunately, the keys did not work, the butler had to go back to the lobby and get another set of keys and unfortunately those keys didn’t work either. Now that we’re in the room rushing to get dress for rehearsal dinner, we can’t help to notice water trickling down the walls and then pouling on the floor behind the headboard. The wedding coordinator assured us that they would take care of these issues. She informed us that the manager agreed to cover our first night stay and discount or second night. At 10:00 pm Zoetry's staff was in our room cleaning up the water. Another guest whom was attending the same wedding room flooded. The evening manager Shaggy informed us that he would do all he could to fix these issues. Unfortunately, our room type Oceanview suite was completely sold out. The wedding coordinator and shaggy assured me they would compensate us for the inconvenience. Thinking, it couldn’t get any worse the next morning, we woke up with ants in the bed. When I saw Shaggy the evening manger I asked him what was the final resolution he asked if I could email him and he would work on it. At this point I was feeling hustled… There are major water leaks throughout this property that needs to be resolved before a roof falls in on someone. This hotel needs a serious makeover instead of patch work. This property has the POTENTIAL to be amazing, but my experience was a nightmare!! Hopefully with Hyatt's acquisition of AMR thing will get better. It was sad to see so many people working at a resort that is allegedly five stars, be so ignorant and lack the basic knowledge of customer service I understand where on an island but everything is in the island time… KEVIN, who is Manager completely lack the understanding of customer service!! I truly hope he is re-coat and retrain. RENNE, front desk clerk was absolutely was awesome!!! SHAGGY was super nice and appear to be just as disappointed as we were. He made no excuses for the shortcomings of his staff he immediately apologize for the inconvenience. I believe overall he is an awesome manager but he didn’t follow through although he offered compensation and said that things will be right and I wanted to believe him but unfortunately he didn’t deliver instead of him just doing whatever needed to be done he redirected me and asked me to send him an email directly so that they can finalize everything. I felt so hustled! We check out and moved on.. Room 313 has an awesome view but patchwork everywhere..

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