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4.5 Excellent

  • Cleanliness 4.5
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.5
  • Service 4.5
  • Value 4.0

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Loved the Monkey Bar!

Valerie H on Sep 16, 2023

Housekeeping and the front desk let us down on this trip, but we had consistent, excellent service at the pool desk and especially the Monkey Bar from Lynden and the rest of the team there. Thank you, guys!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing family trip, big thanks to Tamika Wallace

Meander16091379311 on Sep 16, 2023

We have been to Mexico, Punta Cana and Bahamas as a family. Staying at SLS Baha Mar was a fantastic experience. We met Mama Bear (Ms Tamika) on our first day - and she ensured we were well taken care of. She is an invaluable asset to your cooperation. It is a beautiful environment and Tamika was truly a huge blessing. She made a lasting impression on us and because of her I would recommend other families to visit SLS Bahamar and to also ask for Mama Bear. We love you and Tamika! You are truly the best Concierge ever!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Kids Paradise

Seaside596714 on Sep 15, 2023

Absolutely love this resort. This is our 3rd time staying at this property. Stayed at Hyatt twice before, decided to try SLS this time. All the same amenities and restaurants. I’d suggest going with the more affordable option. This place is amazing for a family vacation. So much to do. Not a dull moment. An amusement park on water. The food is actually DELICIOUS. Ate everything. 4 meals a day for each of us. Worked out to around $350 a day for 4 of us to overeat. The beach is stunning. The sand is soft. The pools are perfect. The water park is so much fun. Kids walked with the flamingos. Went to the aquarium touched the stingrays. The kids are already planning our return for next year. This place is perfect with the family.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not worth it (for all of Bahar Mar hotels)

eyalutas on Sep 13, 2023

The quality does not come close to the price charged. Everything from my room, to the food quality, to the lack of service on the beach (they clean the beach which was unbelievable to me) was disappointing. The website details did not match the room type. I wanted a ocean front room and I even called to be sure I got something like that on the highest floor and they placed me facing the pool. Every meal is expensive ( i don't think i spent less than $100 for every meal and I'm only buying for one person and the quality of food was not even close to fine dinning). I've gotten sick from the food and I’ve returned food back because it was so bad. I had men hanging from my balcony multiple days and it was frightening and no one notified me any work was going to be made during my stay. To give you context, I’m there for work break so I have early mornings, workout, looking for healthy meals, being productive during the day with reading and a little of work so I’m in and out of my room all day. And most importantly, I wanted to be sure I rested even if it meant taking afternoon naps which I wanted to do every day I was there. The balcony was always dirty because they did work so it wasn't even enjoyable to try to mediate which i had planned to do in the mornings. One of the mornings, a random person tried to come into my room without knocking. I heard the unlocking of the door and thankfully I keep the door guard locked so he couldn’t barge in. It scared me to know anyone who may be a staff has access to our rooms. The person was supposed to go to another floor to clean a sofa per front desk apparently but as a guest, that is not acceptable. When I was leaving, I had shared my dissatisfaction and the guy offered me $100 when my total bill was over 3K. I declined the offer. Also, I found out another guest had the same issue with the room option and just like me facing the pool but she and her husband were offered a room on the 14th floor. They came a day after me. Was it because I was alone? Was it because I was a woman? Was it because I was black? I'm not sure but I have expressed I did not have a problem getting the best room facing the ocean for the duration of my time there. I even called and spoke to someone to be very clear and it was not delivered. I felt like I was dismissed. I was there during the week and the whole hotel wasn't even fully occupied. Between the staff and other guests, they've all said it was a slow season. Knowing that, I was not accommodated nor was it acceptable of all the hiccups / negligence by the staff regarding the lack of communication internally for such an experience of random person accessing my room, the random men hanging over my room multiple days without notices, the quality of food that had me sick, no service on the beach to order anything, beach not being clean and the high prices for food (the chicken sausage from Cleo had me vomiting all day. Sent the spaghetti piccadilly back twice at the Marcus and couldn’t even eat through the shrimp & grits because it was so oily. The alfredo pasta at Fi’lia was so thick and had only 4 shrimp with a small portion (Olive Garden has better food and it’s a big chain). There was a sushi place I can’t remember the name where the noodles was so bad as well. The sushi was bearable however. And all of these places, I was spending over $100 just for one. I would have a glass of bourbon or vodka (my go to Basile Hayden or Tito’s) with my meal and anywhere I’ve been across the country in the US and abroad, the prices did not match (and there was nothing special about the drinks I would order).

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The team is amazing, but Latoya R. Is the best!

GrandTour821576 on Sep 12, 2023

The team at SLS is truly top notch - especially Latoya R. - we booked last minute with a party of 6 adults, and she helped us seamlessly plan a luxury vacation for us and our friends. Could not recommend this team more.

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