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Personalized feeling ??

MandyandKaylyne (Norwalk, Ohio) on Feb 15, 2024

First ever girls trip. Friendly staff in every direction from airport sandals desk, to our bus to the resort, everyone at check in, all the service, and awesome entertainment. Not to mention being gluten free vegans we were worried about food, not to worry, our chef at the La Plume restaurant came out to discuss our special requirement meals?5 of 5 still hungry for for of that meal will return

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

First, but definitely not last, Sandals experience

Quantumpoker on Feb 13, 2024

We had some minor problems with our room on the first night. The staff response was incredibly positive and we were subsequently treated to the most generous and attentive hospitality. We will definitely be a repeat visitor to the brand. Whilst we received incredible attention from a few people who knew of our initial issues, the welcoming and friendly attitude of staff was uniquely ubiquitous amongst everyone we met. Nonetheless, there were some stand-outs. Selina from customer relations was beyond awesome, Jamal and Jasmine from reception, Joel and Yorlet from the private island, Nicole from the beach, Meoshi from housekeeping, Shawna from the snack van and of course Nichola and Logesh the impeccable and resourceful guest butlers. Thanks so much to you all. Perhaps not the most modern and luxurious property we have ever visited, but the warmth of the hospitality and the usp of the private island to enjoy and snorkel from easily compensate.

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Wouldn't go back.

BobbySukie (Crowley, Louisiana) on Feb 12, 2024

Probably the worse Sandals we've been to. Updated but still has an old feeling. Severe moisture problem in our room, steady drip from A/C onto the floor for all 4 nights we were there. We complained daily to no avail. Made the room and bedding damp because of the excessive moisture. Food in the reservation restaurants was great but the quick food (burgers and sandwiches...)almost felt like they were doing us a favor. We had some rainy days and the resort had NOTHING planned to do, 3 board games in the whole lounge/game area.

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Our Visit & Comprehensive Request for Full Refund - Unsatisfactory Stay at Sandals

Aaron R on Feb 10, 2024

Below is a detailed account of our recent experience at Sandals Resort in Nassau, Bahamas, which has also been communicated directly to the Resort's management team through a formal letter and our Travel agent. This review reflects our honest thoughts and opinions on our stay from December 8 to December 16, 2023. We feel it is important for us to share this feedback openly to provide future guests with insight into our experiences and to encourage Sandals Resort to address the concerns we've raised. Our hope is that by sharing our story, we highlight the areas where improvements are necessary to ensure that all guests have the enjoyable and safe vacation experience they deserve. ____________________________________________________ Dear Sandals Resort Management Team, I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction with our recent stay at your Nassau, Bahamas location from December 8 to December 16, 2023. My wife, Joline, and I encountered a series of unacceptable issues that not only ruined our vacation experience but also raised significant health concerns. We are seeking a full refund for our stay, and I will detail the reasons for this request below. Health Concerns Due to Room Conditions: Our initial room had a pervasive mold smell, significantly impacting our health. We developed a cough, chest tightness, and headaches within two days. Leaving the room provided temporary relief, but symptoms returned upon reentry. The presence of high-powered fans in the corridors suggested a known issue. The mold smell intensified with the air conditioning, pointing to potential HVAC system problems. Inadequate Response and Room Change: After experiencing excessive coughing, we sought a room change. Initially, the concierge desk advised us to return the next day, which we found unreasonable. We then spoke to a manager, Ashton, who arranged a new room. However, this room was no better, heavily scented with fabric freshener and a damp floor. Astonishingly, we found Ashton's notebook in this room, revealing prior complaints about mold and odors in our initial room and frequent room changes due to similar issues. Health Deterioration and Early Departure: Our health concerns escalated, leading us to contact our travel agent to arrange an early departure. Manager Selina offered a future stay credit, which we declined. Later, we were offered a few days credit, but when we went to check out, they were missing from the bill. We were asked to go to Selina's office. We were then presented with a liability waiver and confidentiality agreement, which we found insulting and refused to sign. Room Assignment & Internet Connectivity Issues We experienced persistent internet connectivity problems, requiring multiple check-ins with the staff. This issue hindered our ability to make reservations and access services, causing significant inconvenience. Noise Disturbances: The junior suites, facing a parking lot, were subject to constant noise from security guards and employees, disrupting our peace and quiet. Employees are allowed to play their loud music upon arrival and departure. Lack of Basic Amenities: Despite multiple requests, we did not receive a laundry bag, indicating a lack of available laundry service. Substandard Diving Experience: The diving experience, a primary reason for our stay, was extremely disappointing. Contrary to the advertised amenities, all three of the Resort's advertised dive boats were out of service. We were transported 30 minutes by bus to a non-specialized boat, a significant deviation from the expected service. The rental equipment was in poor condition; my rented wetsuit had a large 2"x 2" hole, and another diver's gear had a broken depth gauge. We were also asked to manually check multiple tanks to find ones with adequate air, an unusual and concerning practice. This process was time-consuming and not what we expected from a reputed resort. Additionally, there was no safety briefing provided about the boat, and the head was inconveniently blocked with stacked items, so you had to crawl in and out on your hands. Due to the respiratory issues we believe were caused by the room conditions, my wife could only dive on day one, and I had to cancel my dives after two days. This significantly impacted our overall experience and enjoyment. Poor Dining Experience at Butcher Restaurant: Our experience at the Butcher Restaurant was marked by slow service, delayed orders, and a lack of attention, detracting from the overall dining experience. Encounters with Other Guests: Conversations with other guests revealed similar experiences, including health issues likely related to poor air quality. Given the severity of these issues, particularly the health concerns, we find a full refund to be the only acceptable resolution. We have documented evidence, including photos of the manager's notebook, which we are prepared to share if necessary. We trust you will address this matter with the seriousness it deserves and look forward to a prompt and positive response. Sincerely, Aaron & Joline Robertson ____________________________________________________ Despite our and our travel agent's persistent efforts to resolve the matter, we were unable to reach a satisfactory resolution with Sandals Resort. The management repeatedly offered to refund only the two days of our vacation that we did not stay for, without any compensation for the third day, despite our departure at approximately 8 am. This offer did not acknowledge the extent of the issues we faced throughout our stay, including the significant health concerns and the overall diminished vacation experience. The lack of a fair resolution underscores our disappointment with Sandals Resort's approach to customer service and care. For us, this situation transcends monetary compensation; it's deeply about the quality of the experience we hoped for and deserved. Vacations are rare and precious opportunities to create lasting memories, and our time at Sandals Resort fell dramatically short of our expectations. The value lost is not just in the dollars spent, but in the moments of joy and relaxation, we were deprived of. Our pursuit of a resolution is not driven by financial reimbursement but by a desire for acknowledgment of the shortfall in service and care, hoping it leads to improvements that ensure no other guests endure what we did.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Best time ever!

Cara H on Feb 09, 2024

We had the greatest time celebrating my 40th birthday at Sandals Royal Bahamian! We got a butler suite. Logesh and Nickola were the best! They went above and beyond to make sure we had everything that we needed. The weather was wonderful and I can't wait to go back again!

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