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saz66 (blackpool) on Jun 21, 2022

Absolute hellhole. Rooms dated, no hot water, no balcony/terrace, overlooked 2 massive Gas tanks. Towels given were threadbare & discoloured. Pool was disgusting, not cleaned or ph tested in months, algae around the waterline, dirt & sand in the pool, bird droppings around & in the pool & lights hanging out under water, waterborne disease waiting to happen. Bins not emptied on the private beach entire time we were there, empty bottles, cans, cigarette ends & Infested with sandflies my partner was bitten several times even though she was covered in insect repellent. Breakfast consisted of a black egg, overripe mini banana mouldy banana bread. Dinner is NOT offered as stated on the website we booked on, no WiFi, TV didn't work, safe broken, kept awake past midnight by Woodstock & Roots bars next door then woken at 3am every morning by cockerels & dogs barking. I would not like anyone to go through what we went through so just do not book here. Only good thing about the place is the staff, felt quite sorry for them. The Manager would not even come out of her office to speak to us which was cowardly. Just don’t go here, there are much nicer boutique hotels along the beach at a reasonable price.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

THEFT BY STAFF- We stayed at this resort from April 30th to May 10th ….NEVER AGAIN! It was a total waste of money and un

April T on Jun 20, 2022

ISSUES: -No hot water for 3 days due to a “burst pipe”. -No water AT ALL for 2 days, and the courtesy room they provided – we weren’t even given a key. They propped the door open with a book. UNACCEPTABLE. -Key cards repeatedly not working, constantly having to go to reception to get the cards reprogrammed almost everyday. -Broken air conditioning. - Staff asking for money and items like clothing, laptop, beer… - Operations supervisor picking her nose and then serving food in the kitchen. - Kitchen only partly operational – lunch served maybe every other day if you’re lucky. Even though it’s advertised that you can order lunch at the bar on the beach. -Bar staff – Velma – asking us to bring our disposable plastic cups back to be washed and reused. -Sexual Harassment – Hebert – contractor on site who we saw verbally sexually harassing receptionist. There were 2 receptionists when we arrived and after several days one of them quit. Management is aware of the sexual harassment but does nothing. - THEFT – Operations supervisor Gay Ann, entered our room without our permission and stole $20 US that was sitting on the counter between 9:20am when we went for breakfast and 10:40am when we returned. She admitted to us in the room that she entered to check our broken air conditioning unit, which we had complained about before going to breakfast. She denied in front of security. So the $20 dollar bill grew legs and walked away on it’s own?? It’s not the amount, it’s the principle. If she was that desperate for the money she could have done what the other staff do – and ask for it. -Our referred guests left after 1 night because there was no hot water and no communication on when it would be fixed. - Another couple left for the RIU hotel after they figured out that someone was in their room and using the husband’s aftershave. -Another couple also had money go missing from their room, and they thought that perhaps it might have been stolen while they were off the resort. -Staff never have change. Our friend had to buy $20 worth of water at the beach bar because they didn’t have change and he got sick while at the resort. -Security who is asking for money and food at the gate, is also asking what room you are in when you leave…. But doesn’t care to ask what room you’re in when you return…. Very suspicious. Seems like they keep tabs on when you’re not in the room. -Poor management: Ms. Grant did not once reach out to us after we complained about the operations supervisor entering our room and taking the $20. Instead, their “internal investigation”, accused us of misplacing the $20 and that they had interviewed other staff and guests who said they had seen us leaving with $20 to purchase cigarettes. RIDICULOUS. We brought more than one $20 bill with us on vacation. Ms Grant was more preoccupied with having her operations manager show the “best rooms” to Air Canada representatives who were viewing the site, than to deal with our situation. We had to face this THIEF every day for the remainder of our trip. After everything that happened at this resort, I would NEVER go back and strongly discourage anyone from staying there. You’ll get disrespected and robbed by staff. From the manager not caring to deal with theft on her property because they’re so understaffed, to the bar staff singing “praise the lord” the day you’re leaving… nothing but DISRESPECT.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Lovely stay

zoe_nash (Stevenage, United Kingdom) on Mar 17, 2022

We had a lovely stay at Rooms, there were a few issues but nothing to spoil our stay, the staff especially Maisie at breakfast were so friendly and welcoming. Security looked out for us and even came out of the grounds to check we were ok one night. The room was spacious and bed was comfy, the main issue was with the water pressure it was no more than a trickle some days but we managed. Housekeeping could be improved they would come if asked but the standard was not very good. For us the location was perfect, we come to Negril for the beach, music, people and food and Rooms has everything in walking distance. We can’t wait to come back and would stay at rooms again at the right price

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Hit and Miss

Vladimir C (Holsworthy, United Kingdom) on Feb 27, 2022

This hotel is Jamaica’s version of Fawlty Towers. The main problem is noise: every night the bar next door, Woodstock or its neighbour, has a band or karaoke. The sound is deafening and usually lasts until 11 p.m. One night it was 1 a.m. when it finished. It was so loud that sometimes our windows would rattle. Sleep is impossible. And then there was the pack of wild dogs that would start howling. There’s nothing the hotel can do about the noise but it’s an important point to consider. Hot Water: usually there isn’t any. We mentioned it to the front desk and they sent someone, but it seems there’s nothing that can be done. It was a running joke at breakfast seeing who had managed to get some for a shower that morning. The water isn’t ice cold but it’s still cool. Housekeeping: sometimes the room got cleaned; sometimes it didn’t. Even on the days when someone turned up we might not get clean towels. One day we were given one bath towel and three floor mats. We’d usually wait until 4 p.m. and if it hadn’t been cleaned we would then go along to the front desk. They were usually apologetic. One problem is that most days there’s only one person cleaning all the rooms. This hotel has 57 rooms! And she usually has to start her day at 8 a.m. cleaning the public areas first. No wonder she can’t keep up. Wi-fi: sometimes it worked in places; sometimes it didn’t. Restaurant: at the start of our stay we could usually get enough, but first the milk for the cereals was reduced and eventually we were rationed to one glass of milk for two people. When we asked for more we were told that there wasn’t enough. Then the bananas ran out. The cornflakes ran out and were replaced by Frosties. Then the hot food at lunchtime was reduced. One day there was no hot food because there was no cook. By the end of our stay we went to breakfast with all our own food. I felt sorry for the staff. Most were friendly. They tried their best but clearly the management isn’t putting the money into the hotel any more.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Fabulous Everything!

karenzU3824AQ on Feb 24, 2022

Rooms was fabulous! All of the staff were welcoming, helpful and always smiling! A special shout out to Kelvin, Maisie, Velma and Kenya! Always working hard along with everyone else to make all of the guests feel at home. The hotel manager Sienna-Ann was also a pleasure to deal with and could often be seen helping ensure all was running smoothly. If you’re planning a trip remember this is Jamaica, and so if its an everything at your finger tips holiday you are looking for, look to the all inclusive 5 star places, but if its local laid back fun and the beach you want Rooms has it all, hence my five out of five rating. Thanks everyone for making our trip perfect! Stay safe and we hope to see you again next year!

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