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Perfect Everytime

ads8qd (Overland Park, Kansas) on Oct 17, 2021

Always an amazing stay! The staff is incredible , we rarely repeat a vacation and this is one is an exception. We can say without reservation that this resort seeks to exceed your expectations. If you are comparing this resort against the others just know you will not be disappointed and you are supporting the only premier Jamaican owned resort in Jamaica.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Awesome birthday experience

Emerly2 on Oct 13, 2021

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday and really enjoyed all the food at the restaurants. Careba was so nice and helped ensure my birthday was great! Michael was friendly at the pool bar & made sure we enjoyed our time there. Overall a super fun trip & we will hopefully be back again soon!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


Terri L on Oct 08, 2021

Well I must write this because- We traveled to tower isle on 9/16/21 with a return date of 9/22/21. This was our 2nd trip here:) We were so impressed with the cleanliness of Tower Isle from our room, to the restaurants, bathrooms, bars ect. the entire resort was amazingly clean and everywhere we went hand sanitizer was encouraged or demanded I should say; which was good to us. It was an amazing 2nd trip for us with #3 on the horizon for sure.. we were provided with a date and time for our covid test for our return trip. phew it was a brain stick lol negative of course.. even had to test 3 days when we returned to the states and it was a negative test. we did not really do too many excursions due to covid which is a smart thing to do I think. we did a private excursion with duncan duncan coruthers (sp) other than that we hung out and drank and ate the most amazing food. All our our breakfast, lunches and dinners were soooo good. All of the employees had masks on the entire time and it was HOT and Muggy out too. People please don't hesitate to go. Be safe, wash your hands, wear your mask when you cannot social distance. thank you to everyone at tower isle. YOU ALL ROCK :)

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Horrible Service

ericac784 on Oct 06, 2021

We’re considered repeaters since we stayed at Couples Negril in May but decide to stay @ Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios becuz we had a wedding to attend. Our first encounter was at the buffet where Micheal one the server was extremely rude to us, we reported him to Lenox who’s the manger on duty which handled the situation. The food at the buffet was great either. Dinner @ the Asian restaurant was just ok noting yo rave about, but our dinner @ Eight Rivers was amazing! After returning from dinner the last night of our stay, we went back to our room after dinner. After entering our room I needed to use the restroom, running to the bathroom I end up falling in a huge poodle of water. I slipped on the floor and hurt my left side of my body. I used the restroom and clean up the mess, we both went on the balcony to watch the stars and talk for about 20 minutes then decide to go inside to watch some tv. My boyfriend went to the restroom only yo see another poodle of water in the same spot. We called front desk yo report what happen to me earlier in the room and about the water on the floor. They send maintenance to see what’s the issue, turn out the AC above is leaking/overflowing. He fixed the issue and cleaned up the mess. I went down to front desk to see the nurse because I was a bit sore from the fall only to treated poorly by the nurse and the manger on duty. I filed my complaint and left. The next day I spoke to Lenox about the issue which in turn I send an email to Sharie and spoke to Wayne as well. I’m truly disappointed with the staff and customer service @ Couples Tower Isle which I never got from Couples Negril and won’t be returning anytime soon @ this particular location! The beach was filled with seaweed, the food was just ok, roach outside the room in the corridor, no ice machine and horrible customer service! I wouldn’t recommend this particular location to anyone!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

1st anniversary CTI

MikaJean2008 on Oct 02, 2021

Alright y'all, here's our experience from Couples for our 1st anniversary trip (long post ahead) Pre-arrival: We booked Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in one of the Signature Oasis Spa Villa rooms which includes ALL spa services during your stay. The room has a private plunge pool. We booked over Labor Day and received a free night and a $250 resort credit. This was our first time to Couples. Their FB group is wonderful for information. Their app isn't as user friendly as Sandals, but it does offer sample menus and resort activities (though many were different once we arrived) Airport experience: We flew out of St. Louis Lambert International with Southwest. Our flight was on a Saturday morning, arriving to Sangster International just after noon. We had a direct flight and had booked Club Mobay before we even had our flight booked. Our SW agent quickly looked over our COVID test and travel authorization. (I will mention to make sure your boarding pass has "Docs OK" stamped in red. They did not do this for dozens of us and now the gate agent has to go over everyone's paperwork, again. Also, our tests did Not specify where the specimen was taken nor did it list lab requirements. Neither were an issue. Although I did have the CLIA certificate available that I'd found with a Google search, but did Not need these). When we arrived to MBJ a little after noon our wonderful Club Mobay rep was waiting and we were escorted by I couldn't even tell you how many people! Cannot recommend Club Mobay enough! The two areas we had to stop we only had one couple in front of us. We were in the lounge within minutes and on our private transfer (included with the villas) just as quickly. Resort: We arrived after an easy 1.5hr drive. We did take dramamine, though I doubt it was necessary. The villas come with in room check-in so we were escorted to our room. From the FB group we decided to request villa 6008 as it was closest to the spa and did not have a neighbor on both sides. This is the villa we were taken to. The photos didn't do the room justice. It's huuuuuge! The pool was a bit smaller than expected and it isn't very deep. We'd setup a few spa services shortly after arriving, so we headed to the spa after quickly unpacking. This is what our week in our Signature Oasis Spa Villa looked like with spa services: Saturday, 9/25 Leg/Underarm Wax, Zen Sea Spa Pedicure, and paraffin hands & feet Scalp Deep Conditioning & hair trim, paraffin hands & feet, + Zen Sea Spa Pedicure Sunday, 9/26 Couples: Body scrub, seaweed and massage in villa Reflexology Brow wax Hair/makeup for private island dinner Monday, 9/27 Hand rejuvenation Couple's massage- 4 hands massage Bamboo massage Tuesday, 9/28 -break- Wednesday, 9/29 Foot treatment Scalp conditioning with haircut Haircut Thursday, 9/30 -break- 8:30 covid testing 9AM Dunn's River 3PM tie dye Friday, 10/1 Couple's purifying mud bacial Hot stone deluxe back massage Nail trim Cannot speak highly enough on the ladies at the spa. Every single time we stepped through the doors we felt welcomed. Everyone was always So kind to us. The treatments we received are absolutely wonderful. Everything was amazing but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the 4 hands massage, hands down (no pun intended??) The spa is spotless, warm and inviting, and we are so happy in the time spent here. The first night we had reservations for one of their two restaurants which required reservations. We'd had a reservation for 7:45, but arrived early and they happily sat us early. Service was wonderful. We wanted for nothing. Presentation was great. The ambiance is quite romantic. Food was good, but not great. The drink I tried was overwhelming with alcohol. After dinner was walked a bit before heading back to the spa villa for a night swim. Met one of the furbabies ?? (there are quite a few cats on property, as well as lizards ??, and frogs ??). The following morning was our anniversary which we began with breakfast at their only breakfast option. It's a buffet breakfast which changes a bit each day. Their French toast was my favorite. I found out I could have a mimosa, but nothing extra like a sunrise… No rum cream for coffee either. If the bar or restaurant is closed, you can't get anything from that area. I asked for ranch dressing at noon one day and was told the second lunch restaurant wasn't open yet so ranch was unavailable... We headed back to the villa where our couple's body scrub, seaweed body wrap, and massage kicked off our day. I had a reflexology massage while Cara got her eyebrows waxed. Then we order room service for lunch. Their chicken club sandwich was my favorite. We hung out in our pool before I had my hair and makeup done for our private island dinner (during the day the island is au natural. Not optional. You must be with your partner and you both must be nude). We had a photoshoot before heading over to the private island. Their photos compare to Sandals. The dinner is a set menu, although we were able to change the appetizer as neither of us ate what was offered. We took the earliest time slot for dinner, but it is Dark. We used my phone's flashlight to see. We were asked about the light, but they didn't bring additional lights. We were only able to have their wine with dinner, which we Don't drink. Several guests said they were offered any cocktail, so I'm not sure why we couldn't get our drinks… Service and food were good. After dinner we attended their Martini rooftop night. I'd asked for our wedding song to be played, but they couldn't find it. With the private island dinner your room is supposed to be decorated with towel art, rose petals, tea light candles, etc. I was significantly disappointed to find our room just as we'd left it. We didn't even receive turndown services. And our room service tray was not picked up. I will say we did receive a few towel art decorations in the following days from our Wonderful housekeepers but nothing quite like the after dinner decor. The next morning we tried room service for breakfast but it was significantly limited to a continental style. They were out of several of those options. I headed to the spa where I had a hand rejuvenation treatment. We checked out the resort gift shop which is a little small. We had lunch at one of their two lunch spots. Cara joined me for a couple's massage after lunch- I had the 4 hands massage which was the BEST thing! Cara had a heated bamboo massage, which was her favorite. There was a pretty floral arrangement when we returned from the spa. We ate dinner at one restaurant which didn't require reservations and this place ended up being our favorite. Service was always great, setting is very pretty, food was the best here. The next day we took a break from the spa and hung around the resort. Their entertainment is pretty good. The lead for entertainment is the Sweetest human being! I'd contacted an artist, Aubin Garfield Dunkley, who works at the resort after seeing a sketch he'd done for another guest. I sent him a wedding photo of us and he brought it to life. He was such fun to get to know. We sat at the swim up bar and played The Newlywed Game. Looked at the vendors on the beach and purchased a personalized wooden piece. Checked out their Glass Bottom Boat tour, which is included. We had a buffet lunch. Their lasagna was Amazing! We wanted to go back to the room but although it was early afternoon housekeeping or the pool cleaner hadn't been by. They were fairly late several mornings until they figured out our schedule. We had dinner at their second reservation required restaurant which is Asian styled. Service was great. Food and drinks were ok. My "mild" chicken was anything but. We watched the Silver Birds Steel Orchestra which was a wonderful show!?????? Their COVID testing was easy which we did 2 days before departure. With Couples Tower Isle an excursion to Dunn's River Falls is included. We decided to go and glad we did. I checked the cruise ship schedule prior to and we were the only group there. We did buy their $40 video but split it with another couple. They offer tie dye on the beach so we tie dyed our wedding shirts after Dunn's. We went back to our favorite restaurant for another great dinner. On our last full day we had the breakfast buffet before a couple's purifying mud bacial. Then I had a hot stone deluxe back massage and nail trim. We picked up our tie dye shirts and hung out in our pool. Lunch at the pool grill (great jerk cheeseburgers!) Our last dinner was lobster night. Their lobster is good, but I do miss the buttery garlic dipping sauce from Spices. Miscellaneous: I had a pretty bad stomachache one day. Cara had an upset stomach 3 different times during our stay. We always take a probiotic a few weeks before to "prepare" for the new foods and drinks. The resort has one restaurant for breakfast which is buffet style. Two lunch options, one is buffet style. Four dinner restaurants, one buffet style. Two require 24hr+ reservations and are closed on either Saturday or Monday. Veggie bar is available during the day which we enjoyed for their dips. There's a late night option and room service. I'm not sure of the resort capacity but nothing was overcrowded. Masks are required in restaurants when not at table, inside areas when not seated, etc. Their cleaning protocol reminded us of Sandals. We definitely felt safe. There were a few days the pool wasn't cleaned and with the overhead trees it's definitely needed. The light in our pool was broken and I mentioned it on our first day. It was still broken when we left. Turndown/ mini bar was skipped a few evenings as well. There's no ice machine, that we were aware of, so we were without ice. Their room service has a limited selection and it took almost 2 hours each time we'd order. Two times our orders were incorrect. Grounds weren't as pristine as Sandals or Excellence. No butler option at Couples. Flag service on the beach. As a same sex couple we researched Couples being LGBT+?? friendly. Although we didn't experience anything in particular we felt as if we were "watched" by several staff. I saw several staff interact with other guests and then disregard us. I cannot explain it, but the feeling I got was not an accepting one. We never felt this way, or had any experiences like these, at Excellence Playa Mujeres or at Sandals Royal Caribbean. If you've stayed at Couples and enjoyed yourself that's great. This is just our experience. I had a great time in the spa, in our room, with a select few staff, all guests, and with my wife. Personally, we will not be returning and wouldn't recommend Couples to our family and friends. Had we not been in the type of room and had the spa services I would've likely canceled and checked SRC's availability for the remainder of our stay. And now we countdown to South Coast! #CantWaitToReturnToSANDALS

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