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2807vickiew on Jun 28, 2022

Don't even know where to start... But we will NOT be back again. We took our 13 old son here to swim & relax for 2 days. We wanted to get away from our busy life to have some family fun & relaxation. 1.) The CHECK-IN HUSTLE: Checking in took about 45 minutes. First we went to the front desk, they pulled up our reservation info & assigned us a room which took 20 minutes even though we booked online & all the information was already in their system. Next we had to get in a 2nd line & wait another 10 min to "get our room key" from a sales person who hassled us for 15 minutes trying to get us to sign up for a "90 minute timeshare presentation" as if we were obligated to take it (which we were not). We told him NO several times. He would not take no for an answer & was holding our room key hostage until he could convince us to sign up. We had just drove 1hr & 45 minutes from Melbourne Florida & just wanted to check in & start enjoying our vacation but this sales person was not allowing us to do so. He promise an 8 day 7 night FREE vacation & $20 credit to use during our stay (which we never got). He continued to say that it costs nothing, all you have to do is sit for a 90 min presentation & you receive a free vacation, I told him we did not want to take 90 minutes out of our 2 day vacation nor did we want a free vacation. I did not pay $697 for 2 nights to be hassled on my vacation. He got very irritated & made us feel as if we were doing something wrong if we didn't sign up & still wouldn't give us our key. We finally signed up for the presentation so we could get our room key because it was obvious he wasn't going to give it to us til we did. How many times does a person have to say NO, apparently 7 times was not enough? After being pushed into saying yes to this FREE presentation, he proceeds to let us know that he placed a $50 hold on my credit card that was on file from check-in & it would be taken off when we showed up to the presentation & nonrefundable if we cancel. This is how our relaxing vacation started, being aggravated, upset, & hustled. We finally left & went to our room, changed into our swimsuits & preceded to our village pool. 2.) The Dirty Pool: The pool that was part of our village (West Village, pool on Southern Magnolia Court) had dirt on the bottom & was full of floating debris that included leaves, pollen, bugs & more infesting the pool. There was not a clear spot anywhere to swim & that is not an exaggeration. You literally could not swim in it without having debris all over you, so mostly everyone that showed up to the pool left because it was annoying to swim in and just not enjoyable. 3.) Pool #2 at Breezes Restaurant & Bar in the west village. This pool was clean but very crowded & not very enjoyable as it was not monitored in any way & there were kids running around unattended, chucking balls everywhere hitting guests in the pool & those sitting poolside. Not very fun or relaxing. Apparently there are no rules at the pools. 4.) Staff NOT Very Nice & Not Very Helpful: The majority of the staff from renting floating tubes to eating out (Tradewinds Bar & Grill) were not very friendly, quite rude & couldn't be bothered. My son asked why everyone was so grouchy. Not very welcoming or enjoyable on a vacation to feel like we are being a bother to them. We are very easy, laid back people & never complain but this was just not what we paid for. We work in the hospitality business & understand how hard it is BUT this was just so disappointing. then 5.) They closed down all amenities early that day @ 5pm so we were unable to do anything but spend the rest of the day in our room. We planned to dine at the River Island Grilling Co. for dinner but they no longer offer their menu as advertised, they offer the Tradewinds lunch menu. We tried to play putput golf the next day b4 checkout at 9:30am & it was an hour wait! NEVER AGAIN! Waste of money & precious time. We left & went to Bonanza Golf on 192 & had a blast! 6.) Scam to get you to buy a time share and they are very rude. I bought my reservation online and there was NOTHING that requires or says you have to buy or sit through a class for a time share where they treat you horribly. I did NOT pay $697 for 2 nights to have over 2 hours filled with a timeshare class. Don't waste your time or money. By the way, you have to pay for most of the amenities at this resort so you are better off staying at a near by hotel for less and paying for the same type of amenities that better and located outside the resort on US-192 also for less and much more friendly. I thought it would be nice to have everything in 1 resort that we didn't have to leave and it was not the case. Go anywhere else but here if you want to enjoy your vacation and be around friendly and helpful staff.

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Largest resort and longest lazy river!

Dante L on Jun 28, 2022

The resort is very very large. We stay weekly/monthly and practically live on various resorts full-time the past 8 months using RCI weeks and this is the largest resort we stayed at. Although we didn't really utilize all the resort amenities during our stay, there were plenty if you have time. I also liked that you don't need to pay a fee for resort amenities that you don't use, so if you want to use a tube to float on the largest and longest lazy river in a resort, you pay the $9, unless you get the 3-day or 5-day or 7-day pass which includes all the other stuff, like the two 18-hole putt putt golf courses and 25 foot climbing wall, which I wished I had time to play. The resort actually offers the 3-day pass for free ($220 value for 5 passes) only if you attend a "timeshare" presentation which lasts 3 hours (not 90 min)... but it was no-stress and the sales staff are not that "pushy" compared to Hilton Grand or Wyndham, or others (we've been to all of them), so you only need to say no about 3x... the good thing is the 3-day pass can be used another time within 90 days, so it works for us. The unit we stayed in is 2-bedroom in the River Island area (Bldg 1) and the room decor is much better than most resort rooms we stayed in as well, however, the appliances are dated and the main TV needs to be larger to at least 55 inch. I mentioned this and they said they were in the middle of upgrading all the units. The best part is the pool complex, lazy river, food court mall, and the lush vegetation and landscaping surrounding the huge lazy river. Very well done, the scenery is even better at night, as you float or walk along the river... Food and beverage service is good, nice cocktails, and don't forget to tip your servers, the ones that have to walk to the lounge chairs all over the pool complex to serve you. The facilities are nice too, we used the gym almost daily, and restaurants on site are really good. We would love to stay in this resort again, but it does get very crowded and parking could be a challenge.

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Nice resort but along way out

Jodie Q (Greater Sydney, Australia) on Jun 24, 2022

This is a lovely resort if you have a vehicle and don't mind having to drive everywhere or if you don't want to leave the property. There's lots to do there and several pools and a shuttle that runs around the property. If you don't have a car then it's quite a way from everything and you need to catch Ubers/Taxis everywhere.

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Great week for everyone

sunderh2o (Annapolis, Maryland) on Jun 21, 2022

Easy check in, clean room and great amenities. Plenty of activities for everyone all week long. Friendly staff. The alcoholic drinks were a little pricey but good value for the food. Kids really enjoyed it

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5


tazmtnbiker (Sevierville, Tennessee) on Jun 21, 2022

For six months we prepared with family and friends. Twenty one in total with 5 2 bedroom villas in our favorite North Village. 4 of the villas were in the same building per our request. Id first like to recognize the head of maintainence Peter Cancel who was extremely helpful with an early arrival. I'd also like to give appreciate for his attentiveness to meeting our needs. He was just a true example of great customer service. The villas we had have been renovated. We did not spend a lot of time in the villas. Each day was filled with fun. I must also note that the beds are unbelievably comfortable. The internet was easily accessed. The pools were frequented and enjoyed. The location is situated within 15 minutes of the Disney parks. The area has lots of good restaurants. The resort is well maintained. We have visited this resort 6 times. The staff is great. Being a Prestige member provides a really relaxed check-in. Had a great day golfing at the reserve. Our visit was highlighted by a family and friends barbq at the picnic area in the North Village. We look forward to a return visit. Another great vacation experience at the Orange Lake resort.

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