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  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 3.5
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We love this resort! Give it a try - especially if you want to be close to Universal Studios.

ElizabethM59 (Atlanta, Georgia) on Jul 06, 2024

We spent 7 nights in a 2-bedroom suite in mid-June at Westgate Lakes. This is our 4th visit and we can’t wait for our next trip! I’m always surprised at the negative reviews of this resort- our experience has always been amazing. Here are the things we love about Westgate Lakes: - The employees: Everyone I pass by at the water park; the restaurants; or on my morning walks has a smile on their face and are incredibly friendly. Shannon at the front lobby is AMAZING! She went above and beyond to make our trip be the best. She was professional, friendly, and exactly what I would want as the face of Westgate. Another person I want to mention is Penny at the water park. I met Penny 3 years ago and she remembers my family as soon as we walk up to the Treasure Cove water park restaurant. She treats us like family and I have no doubt she is that way with so many people. She makes sure that everyone gets the level of service they deserve and is truly a kind soul. If you have the pleasure of meeting Shannon and Penny, your trip will be top-notch! - The rooms: On our first 3 trips to this resort, we had the older decorated rooms. There was nothing wrong with the decor- it was just very dated. This time we got building 2600 and got a renovated room! It was BEAUTIFUL! They are supposedly beginning renovations in the buildings surrounded the water. They will continue to do the interior building rooms towards the end. If you can get building 2600, I highly recommend it! - Nature: This place is FULL of wildlife and beautiful views. We saw at least 15 bunnies on our morning walks; lots of birds (egrets especially); turtles; and even a crocodile one day (don’t worry- it was no where near us). I walked every morning and if you walk the trail from the Pelican pool all the way around the lake and back to the Pelican pool, it is 1.7 miles. It’s a beautiful walk! - Proximity to Universal studios and Walmart: Walmart is exactly 1 mile away so it is perfect for grocery pick up (the address is 8990 Turkey Lake Road). It is 4 miles from Universal Studios and took us less than 15 minutes to get to CityWalk. It is less than 3 miles to the 3-story McDonald’s we love. And it’s less than 3 miles from an AWESOME arcade called Arcade Monsters. - The water park: We LOVE the water park! It’s big enough to have plenty to do for a few hours but small enough that you don’t worry about where your older kiddos are. If you are an owner, you get to go 1 hour before opening time to the public and it is free. If you are not an owner, you can download the Westgate app and become a member of the WOW program. You get discounts on the water park and activities on property. It’s a free program and worth joining. - The pools: We love building 2600 bc it is close to the 2 pools we prefer: the sunset key pool and the flamingo bay pool. The resort has 7 pools but those 2 are our favorites. - Sales meeting: I did not attend a sales meeting, but I talked to many who did. There was a lot of pressure and people were held in the 90 minute sales meeting for 2-3 hours. The perks of membership are awesome and having access to Interval is a game-changer, however, if you are in no way interested in buying into it, turn down the meeting. If you love the resort; love the owner perks; and love traveling all over the US (and the world through Interval) then going to the meeting and joining may be the way to go! Just be ready for a long meeting either way ?? If you’re on the fence about going to this resort based on the reviews, I recommend trying it for yourself. Getting the 2 bedroom is ideal (or 3 bedroom if you need the extra space) and building 2600 is our new favorite! Be sure to say hello to Shannon and Penny! See you next time, Westgate Lakes!

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Read before booking!

Laura G on Jun 30, 2024

Parts of resort very pretty but rooms are musty, wet carpet and our unit wreaked of weed do the people below us smoking it on their balcony. We complained Ned to front desk twice, they said they send security to check it out but security couldn’t do anything because they didn’t smell it. Seriously. If we would’ve our patio door open for more than a couple minutes at a time our room filled with the smell. Disgusting! I’d rather smell cigarettes. Side note- we saw two different times men rolling joints at the pool and a couple basically in the middle of foreplay in the pool right now t to kids. That was tue end of our pool time. Never again.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Wasted vacation 2024

Sandra L on Jun 25, 2024

Checked in on June 20 ,room that we were given didn’t look anything like the one on the picture.Air conditioner would cut off in the middle of the night .Wouldn’t come back on unless you got up and turned it back on .Now here is the big deal breaker we booked this and paid for it back in May .Now they had plenty of days to check this room to make sure it was up to par ,get there the bedroom remote is not there but the worst thing is the microwave that is in room has a wire rack ,I’m from Alabama I never seen a wire rack in microwave so I text someone and they say I will send someone to do a demo on how to use microwave.Person come they say microwave was suppose to be changed out,Because when engineer turned it on it was shooting fire sparks.Not only did he turn it on once and it did that but twice .So we had to rush and get dress for someone to change out microwave and stay gone for awhile for them to do this.Yes the resort fee was all that they would give back.Bugs was coming from under the refrigerator..Just a wasted vacation at this Resort.

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Kt T (Seneca, South Carolina) on Jun 17, 2024

It's a pretty and fun place, YET... We were really saddened about the amount of roaches in our kitchen. We opened cabinets when we first arrived and there were several dead roaches in them as well as live ones crawling around. We also found a dead roach smashed in the bathroom floor upon our arrival. We also found pubic hair in our our bathroom when we initially entered. Gross! We called the front desk about the bug issue and someone came to look at the situation and take pictures of the dead bugs, but they didn't clean up the dead bugs. They sent someone to spray the roaches, which we weren't excited to have those toxins in our room. We got a note that someone came to spray but the dead roaches were still left in the cabinets (even after they took pictures of the dead bugs). We hoped that the spray would help, yet every morning I went to the kitchen, I was greeted with roaches scurrying across the counter. Seriously, every morning. We even found them in our dishwasher. We have stayed at many resorts and never dealt with this.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Westgate management is inconvenient and very unhelpful.

Mary R on Jun 16, 2024

The newer upgraded units at Westgate Lakes I have found to be decent. I have been an owner with Westgate Lakes for many years. Have used it many times. However, I would recommend to others to only visit as a guest and not to buy into the timeshare plan as an owner. The ownership is okay when you are able to use it regularly, aside from the sales staff being a bit overzealous and giving misconceptions about use of the timeshare, but the major problem comes in when it is time to get out of it. The annual fees go up quite a lot over time and can get very expensive, and what I have found is that as time goes on and I am not able to use it like I did before, there is no viable means of getting out. So even if I don't use it I am still charged expensive fees. I am older and living on limited means now and am unable to get around as before. What I have found is that Westgate unfortunately does not take this into consideration and will not facilitate my returning the ownership to them. Have also found that selling the timeshare can be very difficult as they are not worth much and there doesn't appear to be a buyers market. If I had known all of this in the beginning I might not have become an owner and just booked as I needed. After trying several times to enlist Westgate's help in getting out of the timeshare and related fees, I have now learned what a situation I am in. This is what led me to share with others. If they would just make a way out for longtime owners it would be better, and solve some of the issues with booking and maybe slow down on the added fees as well. But I have found that they seem to be very inconsiderate of owners with my circumstances, and this is after I have paid out quite a lot of money over time to them and been a steady owner for a lot of years. There seems to be a lack of customer care. So I would caution others before getting into a lifelong business arrangement and ensure you have a way out.

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