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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 3.5
  • Value 3.5

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A surprise at a usually nice place, times are so different now

aproctorinbox (Jacksonville, Florida) on Sep 19, 2023

Well we had the worst accommodations ever. There was little to no hot water for showering or anything. The kitchen did not have a frying pan at all, no drying towels or pot holders in the kitchen. There were no pans for baking anything, guess they didn't do the quality check of this unit. Oh and our view was of I-4 and Turkey lake road, cars all day and night. You gotta laugh to keep from stressing out. Gotta make better choices.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5


Mary C on Sep 10, 2023

You get what you pay for. Was it a 0 no, the room was ok you could see they tried to update it but cheaply. There was paint splatter, outlet covers painted. The jacuzzi tub in the room was super cool until you filled with water and saw the 10k cracks. The baseboard were dirty. The couch was worn on one arm I get it no biggy. The beds were comfortable. The negative get black out curtains they are not expensive was way too bright from outside lights. Invest in sound proof windows again not horrible expensive even if just for rooms overlooking pool and at elevators this was super loud. Our building was toward the front and right at elevator you could hear the road noise and elevator which are small and slow. We had to do a timeshare but that part wasn't horrible. Let's talk about the state of the property. They have shuttles to take you around, the property is large, the drivers were all super nice. The pools the best one was the sunset pool. We used the one closest to our room most, it was falling apart. I mean seriously I cut my foot on the floor from the exposed floor in the pool. The deck was also in less then perfect condition. Yet they spent millions on a Waterpark they charge you for and can't fix what was already broken. The hot tub didn't work out was always filthy. I get it won't be perfect but everyday it was this way cloudy and dirty. The Waterpark not worth the it. Activities center this was ok, they have free crafts each day and this was fun. Let's talk food, they hype the restaurants so we thought let's give it a shot we didn't feel like driving more so we started with the sports bar. Known for burgers,took ALMOST 45 MINUTES TO GET BURGERS, BURGERS, not to mention it cost way too much. Was it worth the wait. NOOOOOO we saw our waiter 3 times I think the whole time we were there, your thinking it was busy right NO WE WERE ONE OF 4 TABLES. It was terrible I wish someone warned us I dropped over 80 bucks for 3 burgers and sodas. 1 was kids No. Let's talk pizza pretty hard to screw that up right. Wrong THE PIZZA TASTED LIKE WEEK OLD FREEZER BURNED. barely any sauce if you can call spaghetti sauce from can sauce. The cheese was lacking. The meatballs looked like they were leftover from a year ago super dry looking and you guessed it even more disgusting then it sounds. The PIZZA WAS DISGUSTING, SAW DUST WOULD HAVE TASTED BETTER. It's pizza how can you screw that up not to mention we waited 30 minutes for this terrible that was almost 30 bucks DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEIR RESTAURANTS Overall it was worth the money I paid but your trying to get me to buy your timeshare. The place is falling apart who wants to buy into something that's falling apart with ROACHES. LAST DAY YEP SAW THEM SCURRY INTO THE AC CLOSEST THAT DRIPPED CONSISTENTLY.

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Unsanitary Disappointing Stay

Shaurice H (Orlando, Florida) on Sep 09, 2023

Stayed at Westgate Lakes in July for a family getaway. When arriving to the room there was a very funky odor in the room. We open the windows and sprayed Febreze to help get the smell out. This did help in the main area but not in the lock out. it was to the point that we could not remain in the room. Housekeeping was alerted and they did come to try to clean the room. We were told the smell was probably coming from a wet rug. The smell did not go away. We went to the front desk and was giving a different room. The other room was not much better. We decided to give it a try for a night. Upon going into the shower, I noticed that there was a lot of mildew or mold at the top of the shower and was wondering if this could be where the smell was coming from. I was so worried about my children possibly getting sick because they have asthma. Housekeeping came in the next day to patch up the area and it was found that the unit shower above was leaking into our shower. A new shower head and a coat of paint was added. This helped a little, but the mildew/mold was back in a day. We did call to complain but was not offered another room or any compensation. All Westgate was worried about was us attending some tour, which we did not go to because of our disappointing situation. We stayed out of the room as much as possible. My dad however has health issues and was not able to get out as much. I am hoping that his issues were not exacerbated by the mildew/mold. One night we decided to order room service from Drafts. After an hour, the food had not arrived, so we called back. We were assured that the driver was out for delivery because the food was not there. Needless to say, we never received the food. I have always had great experiences with Westgate in the past, but this stay was filled with disappointments. I would like to get in touch with corporate.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Horrible..... DO Better.

Trek734605 (Hilton Head, South Carolina) on Sep 07, 2023

After I decided nor to buy, carlos left me and my daughter at the table and we were told to take a shuttle back to our car. We did not take a shuttle to get there. They picked us up in a go cart so why didn't they take us back from where we were picked up from. I'm glad I didn't buy any timeshare as they (Pedro and Carlos) where rude. My daughter has something wrong with her kidneys and cannot walk to a shuttle. Had she passed out, westgate would be talking to my attorney.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Great Family Destination

Amanda W on Sep 03, 2023

We are having an amazing time at westgate. I saw a lot of negative reviews, but I urge travelers to not let that dissuade you. The room was perfect, and exactly what we were looking for. The beds are comfortable, the room is clean and well equipped, water pressure and temperature completely fine. The balcony has an amazing view of the lake. Check in was not quick or simple and after a day of travel my kids were exhausted. The first room we were assigned had an issue with the lock so we had to be reassigned. But the concierge compensated the frustration with free Waterpark passes for our stay and a $50 voucher. The Waterpark is not big or anything super special, I would have been disappointed if I paid 25 dollars a person for it, however since it was included it was a very nice amenity. It does seem that the resort is understaffed- some of the things advertised have been closed, but a shortage of workers is a national problem that can only be managed so much. Overall we have been very pleased with everything, the staff have tried very hard to be accommodating and the included amenities and atmosphere is great.

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