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3.5 Very Good

  • Cleanliness 4.0
  • Location 4.5
  • Rooms 4.0
  • Service 3.5
  • Value 3.5

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Never Will I Stay At A Westgate Again!!!!

jubeyab (Tallahassee, Florida) on Jun 28, 2022

This was a horrible experience for a family vacation. This place is totally outdated and we knew that going in but it just wasn't clean. Living arrangments have always made my trip but I was so ready to get out of here and probably would have left sooner if it weren't for family coming from all over and wanting to stay at the same place. The amenities were nice. There were several pools to choose from, the gym had enough equipment for a full workout and the restaraunt Draft Sports Bar & Grill had delicious food. The mini market at the registration building was also resourceful in buying small items. Parking is by far the worst, if you return after 7pm you'll find yourself walking a long way. Although they have bell service that drives around on carts its near to impossible to actually have them meet you take you to and from your car. Staff look busy a lot of times but seems to be busy doing a lot of nothing. Although the inital bell service guy my family interacted with name Brandon was a great spirit and helped us tremendously. He is the definition of quality service. Our room was horrible, there was a big wet spot on the floor near the tub expanding to the night stand. I realized it once I stepped on the soiled carpet with socks on. We sent a text to room service immediately and recieved an responding text stating that someone would be by to check it out as soon as possible. FYI, all communications are done through text messages, the resort does not accept phone communication. We continued to text room service the following day only to have a manager come in the room, take pictures and state someone would return. It was until the third day when my husband and I went to the registration desk to speak to someone about the issue, things began to actually happen. Security came and took more pictures, followed by a plummer who stated they checked the pipes and there was not a plumming issue, referring us to an engineer. Later in the day a gentlemen came and vaccum the floor with a wet vac. Nonetheless the smell was removed from the room but the floor issue never got resolved as a day later the area was still wet just as it was the first day we arrived. So I say stay at your own risk and we found out that it was mold on that carpet so yeah there is a leak somewhere but no one actually wanted to figure it out.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

I've been at worse, and much better

John S (Norwalk, Connecticut, United States) on Jun 28, 2022

Things we liked: Great location - Universal and Icon Park are close by, so is Walmart. The sports pub restaurant is nice, not too pricey. Good food. Tons of pools (more on that later) ... rooms are nicely laid out, even come with a little silverware, a few dishes, dish soap - nice. Nice cable in rooms. Things we didn't like: the property is not well maintained. Parts of our room were dirty, bathroom in our unit was in some disrepair. We were told no housekeeping, because of COVID. So many amenities listed on their website are no longer offered: no shuttle service to parks, water park (while nice) is an extra ($20!) fee per person, no towels for pool, pool bars apparently never open, snack machines and other pool-side niceties are all shut down or unavailable. They seem to close pools at the drop of a hat. A little rain and they're shut down. Waterpark too (and they often don't reopen it, hope you didn't pay to use it that day!) ... Wifi service is ATROCIOUS. Terrible signal in room, slow as molasses on a winter morning. A bunch of the pools have bars, but I've yet to see them open once. I like the property, but the lack of amenities (even those advertised) will have us look elsewhere in the future, most likely. If I can't swim in your pool, and you close the waterpark early because it drizzled for 20 minutes, why am I and my kids here?

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Too much weed smoking

Bent3132 (Cleveland, Ohio) on Jun 26, 2022

My family and I have been staying here for the last couple of years and have had a great experience! This time is very different. That is why I am giving it 3 stars as I have had good experiences in the past. We have always stayed in the same building except for this time. The rooms seem like they need updated. Washer and dryer is very loud and needs serviced, the head board covers ALL the outlets near the bed so you cannot plug in your phone charger or more importantly your CPAP. I have NEVER smelled so much weed. It’s by the pool, it’s walking down the hallways, it’s while you are sitting on the balcony. Worst of all, I found someone else stash in our room from previous tenants. Hopefully, they will be able to crack down on some of this as I find it frustrating when you have little kids as well.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Not what I was hoping for!

_patrizia_brown (London, United Kingdom) on Jun 26, 2022

Misleading website!! Pictures nice but that’s it. I did read reviews before arriving and was naturally dubious to be honest as they weren’t good but don’t usually like to judge without experiencing something for myself! I have now been and stayed for a week and now agree on the negative reviews on all things being highlighted. My list: Dirty room - unacceptable, didn’t see anyone in our block cleaning/crockery was poor Door lock broken Safe broken Small hand towels for bath towels provided (bring your own) Very dated rooms /blinds let light in couldn’t sleep ! Water park- thought this was the biggest joke, and to charge for it was pretty poor! Sid’s bistro - dirty looking and staff dis-interested! Ice cream containers were dirty and frozen over . Loud music on one night until 3am/screaming going on and a strong smell of weed. Smell of weed every day! Honestly one of the worst experiences in all the time I’ve been coming to Florida. Been visiting for many years and always felt hotels in US better than most but this time I was lost for words! I’m one for highlighting things face to face if needed but quite honestly the staff on the desk didn’t seem too bothered either, I was speechless. Won’t be returning and won’t recommend either!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5


SharonOkawesky7 on Jun 21, 2022

The worst hotel I have ever seen, it looked like any hotel in a poor country. Really disappointed that these kinds of places and services are in the USA. Very dirty room, everything is old inside and outside, very rude staff, they never clean the room in 4 nights. Very expensive for the quality and service, the aquatic park is very small and poor. Please, please, please, check and read reviews before expend money and time for a bad experience here.

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