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The Best!

Marshaaabq (Los Angeles, California) on Dec 05, 2022

Everything about this hotel is great, service is exceptional, the people watching is excellent, food and drinks outstanding. The rooms are nicely appointed, quiet, and clean. Housekeeping goes the extra mile.

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I am tired of feeling like I have to tip for service I didn't want

verysavvytraveller (Virginia Beach, Virginia) on Nov 19, 2022

I don't usually stay at these types of properties becasue I don't like valet, bellhops and a concierge. Typically I just like to be left alone. I only stayed here becasue family members are getting married here. Please keep that in mind as you read my comments. Valet parking is almost a must. Self park is 400 yards away. I can walk there, but c'mon. Perhaps make it a little closer for people who don't like strangers being in their vehicles? I asked for more coffee in my room through the text app...3 visits, 2 hours and zero interest later, I finally got what i wanted, though not in the quantities requested. I just didn't feel like getting dressed to go to the lobby and buy a cup of coffee. Had I known this was going to be such an ordeal, I would have. I dunno, I feel like there is a lot of pretense in this hotel, without a lot of actual service or value. I am a loyal Hilton Honors diamond member, but so far, this location has been disappointing. Perhaps today will be better. Weird note - I thought someone sitting next to me had bad breath - turns out it was the pool? It constantly smells like halitosis outside.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

I'd like to give it 5 stars, but....

Lynn G (Sarasota, Florida) on Nov 09, 2022

We used to live in the immediate neighborhood, but moved away in 1998. We returned every year or so, including for our daughter's wedding, until 2012. We finally made it back for a visit. I cannot speak for what happened at the hotel for eight of those years, but during Covid the hotel did some major renovations, under new ownership and management. The service all around, including the spa and room service, has improved, with the exception of the encouraged mode of communication being text, which in our opinion should be replaced with phone use and a more populated, or larger concierge area. The need or desire to distance with other humans we hope is over. Texting can confuse issues, and it is not the fault of the concierge staff. As for the beautiful hotel grounds that the Biltmore was once known for, they no longer exist. The building facades and the lobby interior still remain, but In place of the large green lawn in the center of the resort there are several connected bar areas with man made water canals and large flat screen TVs, (I think I counted four) so if you prefer partying with your friends watching sports, or news coverage at a bar to a beautiful serene vista, then this is the place for you. While there used to be semi private somewhat secluded green spaces throughout the resort, what's left are no longer private places to have a wedding ceremony, and then your guests mingle with other hotel guests upon leaving, as the space gets crowded when you head to the front, and on to a public indoor interior for an after wedding celebration and meal. The other disaster is in place of the small water slide that they used to have is a fair ground, or amusement park size water slide; four winding tubes to be exact, towering very tall. The great hotdog stand still remains at the golf course. The high end restaurant and wine cellar are still there and excellent. The food in every food venue has improved and is excellent, with a bit of a health twist to it. All in all, if you are traveling with a nanny or want to sit by a pool with an amusement park size water slide watching your children who have to be tall enough to use it, or want to play golf within 20 minutes from the airport (a plus) then this is the place for you. The rooms and cottages were all redone. We stayed in room 2106 on the ground floor with an open private patio and chiminea, which was lovely and spacious, but except for the waterslide view; can be had in shoulder season for approximately $1,113.00 a night. I would recommend a cottage, if you can afford it, or a room in the Garden Wing. The Citrus Lounge upgrade for $200 a night we did not take because we don't have to eat or snack 24/7. Forgot to mention that the spa pedicures were terrific, and I suspect that all treatments there are excellent. There is a small exercise room which also has excellent equipment. Service aims to please. Overnight parking is $30 a night, on top of the room rate.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

Trip with my friends

sam80082022 on Nov 09, 2022

I found the property to be beautiful, but was disappointed, with the room they gave me, i thought the prices were high when i booked but thought i would get an unbelievable room which was not the case, sub par at best, i asked for a first floor with private patio, ended up with a second floor shared balcony, horrible. Everything from the bar to the food was extremely overpriced, a double shot of Woodford ...42.00, i can buy the bottle cheaper. I will never stay here again, the Phoenician is expensive, but much better class. I think the Biltmore was just renovated and is trying to recover its expenditures in one year, vacationer beware!

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Waldorf property? Or Marriott Family Adventure resort? Two stars.

jetaged (San Francisco, California) on Nov 08, 2022

Staying at this hotel was not a good experience and I will not return. HiltonHonors Diamond member here and have stayed at countless Waldorf properties over the years. A week before I arrived, I phoned and spoke to the front desk to ask them for a room which was NOT facing the pool area. I had heard and read that this can be noisy, with kids and loud thumping music playing all day. (Why?) Disappointment #1. When I arrived I checked in and was given a room overlooking the pool area, with enormous 40’ high water slide. Received my check in text from Rachelle at the front desk and when i asked for a quieter room away from the water park pool area, I was texted back “Unfortunately, we are unable to meet that request today”. Since I was there for a business conference with a packed schedule, that meant my arrival day was going to be my only opportunity to pack all my things up and move to a better room, Disappoint #2 was the $10.00 bottle of Fiji water in their small shop near the lobby. The rooms only had two tiny little airline sized bottles of water which looked like they had been sitting around for who knows how long. Water. It’s a basic guest amenity at any hotel. Do better Biltmore. Disappointment #3; Exactly as I had been warned, kids screaming and playing outside my room window, not only all day, but at 10:30PM. I phoned the front desk to alert them and about 15 minutes later, it stopped, thankfully. Disappointment #4: Black mold in the shower. Completely unsettling to take a shower knowing that you are breathing in black mold spores. please do better and clean your showers properly. Disappointment #5: The food. I was shocked at how bad the food was at this resort and expensive on top if it. One tiny conservative pour glass of tequila will set you back $28.00. That is insane. The only thing that felt upscale in this property was the lobby. The rooms just feel like a Marriott or Holiday Inn. One of my colleagues stayed in a multilevel building towards the rear of the property and the elevator was shabby, creaky and old and smelled terrible. There was a lot of construction and landscaping being worked on, pretty unsightly. If the Biltmore truly wants to be received as a Waldorf, they have their work cut out for them. They also need to be more accommodating when a guest goes out of their way to request a quiet room away from their ridiculous family water adventure amusement park of a pool. Never again.

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