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Jasmin M on Jul 13, 2024

I have stayed in 5 star hotels around the world and this is the first hotel where I have encountered such lack of response or accomodation from the hotel management. Mr. Courdon- I have sent you an email and have not heard back. If you truly care about customer experience and are not just after one-time client bookings who will never return, please follow up with your reception team and email a response back to me. Details of events as follows: On Sunday June 30, 2024 my family and my sister’s family checked-in to your hotel at 5pm. My family had an ocean view room and my sister had a 2 bedroom suite. Prior to our arrival, we had called the hotel to inform you that because both families have a toddler and children, we will be spending a lot of time in the rooms and to put us close to each other. As Sunday was a holiday, there was no construction and so no issues. On Monday at 6:30am, we all woke up from construction vehicles driving to the construction location near us. We subsequently learned that the construction begins at 8am and the noise persisted throughout the day until 5:30-6pm. The following morning on Tuesday, both families went to the reception to express our concerns. We were re-assured someone will get back to us to arrange for a room replacement. We didn’t hear back from anyone. The situation escalated on our third day. For both families, as the children still nap, we would spend from 1pm-5pm in the room. The children, being exhausted from waking up from the noise anywhere between 6:30am-8am, would pass out by 1pm but their sleep was consistently interrupted by the loud and unbearable construction noise, causing further distress to our families’ schedules and enjoyment of the evening. On Wednesday July 3rd, after being woken up again at 6am from the construction cars driving to the location, I went to the reception at 6:30am to voice my concerns. I spoke with Eguine and he told me that his supervisor Ameida will get back to me shortly. I did not hear back from anyone. On Thursday July 4th, we checked out. Upon check-out, I spoke with Eugine who was very apologetic and explained that he had sent my note to Ameida and wasn’t sure why she hadn’t reached out to me. He was able to locate Ameida who apologized and said she was still waiting to hear back from her manager. Given the lack of response and a severe disruption to our stay, I explained that we are asking for a refund for our stay. She assured me she will call me that afternoon with an update and confirmation of the resolution of this matter. Despite assurances, I never heard back from her. Upon returning home to Los Angeles and still not having heard back from the hotel, I contacted the hotel on July 8th and spoke with Eugine again- he said Ameida’s manager, Beatrice Colmenarens is in the property, and he will pass on my message to her to get back to me. Unfortunately, I did not receive a response from Beatrice. I followed up again later the same day and spoke with Teressa who said she will make sure Beatrice gets back to me before leaving for the evening with an update either way. Needless to say, no one got back to me. The lack of responsiveness and the overall handling of this matter have been deeply disappointing, especially given the impact on our vacation.

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Beautiful resort

Brenda S on Jul 13, 2024

We have been to Garza a few times and we are always happy and satisfied with the resort. Everyday at the pool Rey would go out of his way to accommodate my family of 10 to sit together. He was a delight and courteous every time. Also, the food by the pool was delicious.

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Wonderful time

Autumn W on Jul 12, 2024

We had a great dinner at Barcados and Rosalio, Martin, and Jaime made sure our kids had a fun experience too! Delicious food and memorable experience! The steak is superb and the wine selection is excellent. We ate here two times during our stay and both times were fantastic.

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Michael V on Jul 12, 2024

If you are planning to go this resort anytime in 2024-2026 be on notice. They are building a new hotel tower close to one of the towers (Tower 4) of the hotel. The construction noise is from 7:30 am to 6 pm all week. Sounds of drilling, sawing of metal, hammering, trucks (basically all construction noise you can think of will be heard during that time). If you won't be in your room during that time, then its not a problem. But good luck getting any peace and quiet in your room during those hours if the hotel puts you up in Tower 4. And the hotel charges your credit card upon arrival, so good luck getting a refund if you have this issue (so far we have not been successful despite several follow ups.) They will sweet talk you and tell you someone will follow up to address your concerns but they will simply ignore you. Our toddler was unable to take an afternoon nap during the day because of the noise. An overall frustrating experience that ruined our family trip.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Another amazing stay!

Gigii76 (Los Angeles) on Jul 11, 2024

I've stopped counting the number of times we have stayed at Garza PV and Mousai...over 10 for sure. This year we went to Garza in June with my husbands family and July with my family. This review is a culmination of both trips. At this point the employees recognize us and welcome us like family. This resort is fantastic. The food is delicious and service is wonderful. That said, we want Garza PV to continue to excel and remain at the top which is why we want to focus on a few things that can use some improvement. -Make sure towels are available for guests at the main pool throughout the day. -The chocolate cake on the room service menu from a few years ago was stupendous. the cake was moist and the frosting was mouse based. My daughters used to look forward to it. However, about two years ago the resort changed the recipe and it is not as good. It is dry and lackluster. Please consider going back to the prior recipe. -Dessert at Karuma is now the gold standard. The pastry chef at Karuma should be consulted for the dessert menu at Blanca Blue and Bocados. The majority of the desserts at the other restaurants look good but they fail to deliver flavor. -We stayed at Le Blanc Cabo in the Spring and they offered food (ice cream, churros, tacos, burgers, hot dogs etc.) poolside. This was a special treat for guests, because it was a break from the usual poolside menu. Garza should consider this as guests really enjoyed the different offerings on differnt days. -In all the years we have stayed at Garza we have never had any issues with employees. I will not mention which employee, as my goal is not to get anyone in trouble. However, I do believe there is room for improvement in training employees on hospitality. On our first night we had dinner reservations at Bocados. Upon check in, we were told that our reservation was at 9:30 and not at 8:30 as we had thought. Obviously there had been a mix up somewhere. Rather than acknowledge that it was a mix up and try to work with us, the person in question was rude and dismissive. We had a pregnant woman and an elderly person in our party. We weren't even looking for an apology. All this employee had to do was maybe offer us a drink while we waited. Instead he ruined the warm welcome of the day. Thankfully the amazing staff at Blanca Blue accomodated us and made the night a success. There are so many employees who are wonderful but I cannot recall their names. I do want to recognize a few employees who are extra spectacular: Keira and Betty Concierge Natividad Housekeeping Roberto Main Pool Mike Main Pool Ponciano Upper Pool Jose Butler Edi (Spelling?) Karuma

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