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Good for price

Sara M on May 25, 2024

Restaurant won’t let you eat if you’re late to the reservation even though they’re completely empty and you pay for all inclusive. Food was decent. Staff here was great special shout out to Carlos and Daniel working the front bell desk area.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The problems we have never ruin our vacation.

Michael B on May 24, 2024

Don't understand all the bad reviews? We have been going here for many years and have had some small problems. Anytime we have a problem and need something we got to Danny, Carlos or Yolanda and they take care of it. We keep coming back because of the people we know and the staff. We have been to hotels down there and the staff does not help at all. As far as reservations, you can do that right through the hotel. You can also do a vacation package with airlines. They also have enough places to eat there, you have to find what you like. Not sure why your stay is not up to par, I would help if I could. We are an older couple and like to tip. We have tipped at other resorts and get treated like were not there. Then again, some people don't like older resorts. But new resorts become older resorts. The staff does everything they can. They are not the owners so please remember that.

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Horrible hotel with lying staff and manager

Anton P on May 19, 2024

Short summary of our unfinished stay: We arrived at night and wanted to order room service, but it was not possible because there was no phone in the room. I complained to the receptionist and he said he would take it up with the manager and it would be resolved. In the meantime, I was supposed to call room service from the front desk. The next day in the evening I asked again at the reception for our phone, the new receptionist didn't know about any complaint and that we have this problem. Looks like no one is doing anything about it, the phone hasn't been missing since we arrived and they don't care. On the 3rd day of our stay a drunk guest tried to enter our room, I opened the door and told him he had the wrong room. He left and came back 15 minutes later and tried to open the door again, this time with more force. I told him through the door that it wasn't his room and he started peeing in front of our door. The urine also went into our room. Since we had no phone, I had to go down to the front desk, I told them about the incident and they wanted to send someone to clean it up. After an hour nothing happened and my wife was so disgusted by the urine in our room that we went down to the front desk again. Again, no one knew anything. Because of all this we decided to leave the hotel 3 nights earlier than planned and look for a new one. The manager accepted and said we would get our money back. We filled out a form for the refund, they promised us the money would be on our account at the latest 72 hours later. Now 6 days later we still have no money on our account and nobody is reachable on the phone. Looks like it's necessary to escalate this issue with PROFECO and with a lawyer. This hotel looks better on the pictures, but in reality it is extremely bad. The rooms are in bad condition, the area around the pool is dirty. The restaurant is full of birds eating from the buffet, which is not hygienic. The restaurant is also too small, when you arrive to eat you have to wait 15 minutes to eat and we were not in high season. This was our first and last visit and we would never recommend anyone to come here. Holidays are to relax, not to deal with problems.

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monainmexico on May 16, 2024

We have been coming to Crown Paradise Golden since 2013. One of the main reasons we keep returning is because of their fantastic staff! Daniel Golden always goes above and beyond to ensure that our stay is the best it can be. Carlos at the front entrance is always smiling, friendly, and eager to help. Yolanda in housekeeping does a wonderful job cleaning our room and making sure that we have everything we need. Sadly, three of our favorite bartenders, Polo, Guillermo, and Jose, are no longer working there. We will definitely miss them! Our oceanfront room was very nice, the airconditiong worked great, and we had plenty of hot water. The breakfast buffet provided lots of good food to choose from, and we enjoyed the cold beer and delicious paninis at the Breeze Bar. In some areas, however, the resort is not up to its former standards. The main pool has many missing tiles and broken grates, the bridge is rusted underneath and needs painting, and the pool restrooms need to be better monitored, maintained, and cleaned. Most annoying to us on this visit was the music played around the pool which was so loud that it was almost impossible to relax or to carry on a conversation. The music seemed to be more for the benefit of the staff playing it as opposed to the enjoyment of the resort guests. This would be an easy fix for the management and would make the resort experience so much better for the guests as vacations are meant to be relaxing. We hope these issues will be addressed so that we may once again better enjoy "our home away from home."

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Off to a horrible start at Golden

Britten W (Reno, Nevada) on May 15, 2024

I recently stayed at the Crown Paradise Golden in Puerto Vallarta, arriving on May 13th. Here’s an overview of my experience so far: **Travel and Arrival:** I flew from Reno, Nevada, via Southwest Airlines, which as always, was a pleasant experience. Upon arrival in Puerto Vallarta, the private van transfer to the hotel was smooth and the service was excellent. **Check-In Experience:** Upon arriving at the hotel, I found the staff to be friendly despite the place being quite busy. However, when I tried to check in, my reservation couldn't be found, even though I provided the confirmation details with our names and numbers. I contacted Bank of America Travel, who apparently uses Priceline. After an hour of being on the phone with my BofA representative and waiting for a Priceline supervisor, another 20 minutes were spent trying to get someone to speak to the hotel desk supervisor. Even after this, no one could find our reservation. **Resolution of the Check-In Issue:** After another hour on the phone, BofA provided a new confirmation number. When I gave this new number to the hotel, they finally found our reservation in the day's reservation bin. It turned out the paperwork had been printed that morning, but initially, no one noticed our names. This caused unnecessary frustration and wasted 2.5 hours of our time. **Room Issues:** We were assigned rooms on the 7th floor (room 1708). I noticed my room had two full beds instead of one king bed. The room had several issues: - The phone had a bad cord. - The fan and light switch didn’t work properly. - The bed light bulbs made horrible noises. I sorted out the bed issue the next day and was moved to a room with a king bed on the same floor. This new room was better maintained, with working lights and fan. However, I encountered another problem: there was no hot water at 8:30 PM, presumably due to high demand. I tried the shower again at 10 PM, and the water was still lukewarm at best. **Further Issues:** I requested a coffee machine and ice. The phone in my new room was dead, so I had to ask friends in another room to call down for me. They were told that no one was available to bring me a phone. While I did get a coffee machine, there was no ice. **Final Thoughts:** I will continue to update this review with more details about the food and other aspects of my stay as the week progresses. My initial impression is that while the staff are friendly and the facilities are decent, the check-in process and room issues significantly affected my experience. I am here for 6 days and 7 nights, and I hope the rest of my stay.

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