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Was nice but had it's issues

X3848NHbobl on Jul 04, 2022

The resort as a whole was pretty good, location of the hotel room had a wonderful view. The food tastes good, apart from the fact that they only change up 1-2 things each day so you will get tired by the end. I loved the outdoor style seating and the indoor restaurants were good except they just served almost the same things as what you get in the buffet. The amenities were also nice with a beautiful roof top infinity pool (perfect for sunsets) and the sports/gym facilities were good (except the rackets were almost broken). We didnt really attend the night events so i could not comment on those, however the day pool events seemed to be fun for many people. The primary two issues i had were that the room started to grow mold on the walls which was most likely a result of water damage. Because of the water damage they turned off the water for half the day without warning. The second issue was that I found some of the staff, especially the male bar staff seemed to not take kindly to me being Asian. I have never had any real issues with people treating me different because i am Asian, even during the pandemic, however i did notice they would serve the White and Hispanic guests first even if they knew i was next in line. I knew it wasnt because of tipping since that came after and i would tip when i noticed most others did not. This would happened on first interacting with a bartender so I knew it wasn't due to a bad history. Apart from the weird interactions i had with the Bar staff (not all were like this, as some bar staff were great), i liked this hotel. If you plan to visit this hotel, keep in mind they treat water bottles like gold, so i suggest you just buy them at the oxxo at the corner.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Food sucks, nightlife non-existent, bell boys EXCELLENT

KRTX22 (Dallas, Texas) on Jul 03, 2022

Nothing to do after 9 - no night life as advertised - Swimming pools close so early - old nasty pink tile in the bathroom - toilet very slow to flush - food is not very diverse or flavorful - bell boys and bartenders were VERY helpful and prompt (same can be said for the taxi drivers) - house keeping ladies did excellent job cleaning rooms - gnats flying on food at the buffet - bed was comfy - mini fridge was completely hot and would not cool drinks - reserved room with two beds - only got one king bed and front desk laughed about it when we requested different room - laundry service was convenient and inexpensive- some of the staff make me want to re-visit this resort because they were wonderful , but overall - will not stay here again. One of the reasons we chose Mexico was to experience Mexican culture and the resort played American music the entire time ( I realize this is a personal preference of mine ) The gift shop had lots of things - shampoo, toiletries, snacks , drinks- very convenient. Also several pharmacies within walking distance. The buffet was convenient but not in any way delicious or worth mentioning. Mediterranean restaurant upstairs has EXCELLENT salad bar. Food was mediocre though - Salvador’s was also mediocre in my opinion. Feel the value of the inclusive drinks helped to make up for the lack of food value. Can’t brag on the staff enough (excluding the front desk people ) Hope they are appreciated by their employer because they are a huge reason why I have anything positive to say.

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Worst Vacation of My Life

missfish1976 on Jul 03, 2022

I just returned from a week-long vacation from Crown Paradise Golden, and I am so happy to be home. We even left a day early because we were just too tired of being at this resort. I am going to give you my honest opinion on this vacation. First of all, I am a teacher, so I don’t live an extravagant lifestyle. I just wanted a nice vacation after working so hard over the past two years during Covid. That didn’t happen here. Check In: Check In was terrible. When we reached the resort, we had to stand in a long line that extended to the front door. The line moved slowly, but we were offered a drink when we were in the line. When we reached the desk, we were told that our room was not ready. We would have to come back at 3:00. They took our luggage to a secure room and told us to enjoy the lunch buffet and drinks while we waited. At 3:00 we went back up to the desk to see if our room was ready, but we were told that we had to get back into the long line once again to get our keys to our room. This was annoying, but we got back into the line once again. When we finally made it back up to the desk, our original room was not ready, so they gave us another room. We retrieved our luggage and headed to the room. Rooms: We entered into a very hot room, so we immediately tried to turn the air on. I began to change clothes because it was so hot and humid. At that time a maid knocked on the door. I said that someone was in here to hold on. She did not. She opened the door and came into our room to grab a bag she had left on the balcony. There was no apology for barging into the room. The temperature started to increase in the room, so we decided to go downstairs to ask about getting the air fixed or moving to another room. The front desk was too busy to handle any situation in the resort because they are constantly checking people into the resort. We had to deal with the bellboys. We asked for a manager, but they all said that there was no manager. Later on we did meet the manager, but they would not allow us to speak to him when we needed help. We were told that there were no more rooms in the resort. They said that it would have to be fixed by the maintenance crew. We went back to the room and waited. Two maintenance men came to the room and worked on the air conditioner for an hour and a half with no luck. During this time, I called my travel agent, and he immediately called the hotel. We went back downstairs to demand a new room. Allan (bellboy) spoke to my travel agent and helped us get into another room even though we were told that there were not more rooms available. Carlos (bellboy) was extremely ugly to us about the room. We finally got into a new room with a working air conditioner. The room was very dated. The bathroom looked as if it came straight out of the movie Scarface. The bathroom ceiling was very moldy. The shower had little to no pressure at some points. There was also a smell on and off in the room. Sometimes it smelled like rotten eggs, and other times it smelled like a new perm. Also, there are two elevators, but only one was working the last few days that we were there. Bars: We are not big drinkers, but we do enjoy cocktails. There were no “real” juices. They had liquids that looked like juice, but it was more like a mix or fake juice. It was cloyingly sweet. I could not drink any of the drinks other than a Bloody Mary. That mix came from a carton. The only other drink that was drinkable was the Mojito, and that wasn’t great. If you drink beer and wine, then you probably would be fine. The bar staff was nice but never super friendly. Food: We tried the buffet at both resorts. The differences between the two were that the family buffet was larger and indoors. The biggest issue was the screaming children. The food at both buffets was not good. The Mexican style food was probably the best thing to eat. We ate the buffet for breakfast and most days for lunch. We tried the snack bar with hamburgers and hot dogs. That was okay, but I couldn’t eat it every single day. I was too nervous to eat any of the cold cuts or cheeses. They set out all day and had a weird color to them. All of the pastries tasted the same. They were not made at the resort but manufactured from a facility. The coffee wasn’t great, but it was coffee. We ate refried beans and eggs for breakfast each morning, and that got old quickly. The sopes, when they had them, were pretty good. Restaurants: We tried the Mexican, Italian, French, International, and Mediterranean. The restaurants were definitely better than the buffets, but they were still not great. The Mexican restaurant was probably the best and the International was the worst. At each restaurant there were several courses, so we could find something to eat that tasted well enough to not be hungry. Most of the food tasted like school lunch food. The pastas were overcooked, and the sauces tasted like they came from a powder. The food at the International restaurant was not good, but the service was the worst. They had two men serving the entire restaurant. Activities: There were a lot of pool activities each day. This did not bother us because it did not take up the entire pool. The pool and pool area needed updating. The pool tiles were broken and the cement around the pool was rough. It was difficult to walk on it without shoes. The beach canopies were very nice. There were people selling things on the beach. They came by very often, but a simple no thank you was all that it took for them to move on. We did not attend the shows at night because they were for the family side as well, and we didn’t want to be around children. The sports bar was a nice place to go at night. We did not use the gym, but the smell of the gym was horrendous! The smell was of mold. Even when we walked by the gym, I had to cover my nose because the smell seeped out from the windows and doors. Pros: - Several reviews stated that there were long lines for the buffet. We did not experience that a single time. - A few reviews stated that they had trouble making reservations at the restaurants, but we had no difficulties making reservations at any of the restaurants. - The beach was wonderful, and we had no trouble getting a beach bed every single day. We spent most of the day at the beach and pool. - The mini fridge was stocked with sodas and water. - Ubers were extremely cheap. We went to the downtown area as well as the mall. All in all, I would absolutely NOT return to this resort ever again. If they offered me a free week, I would turn it down.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Enjoyable getaway

Where_to_travel_next (Vancouver, Canada) on Jun 30, 2022

I have been to the main mexican all-inclusive resort towns, ranging from 3 to 5 stars over the years. This is my 3rd time to PV, and I came here solo for a little fun in the sun. I chose this resort for the price (added single supplement) and location after reading many reviews. This is a solid 4 star resort. I wanted an adults only hotel, but you also have access to their sister hotel family-friendly services next door, too. At the information desk, grab the qr code to book same day dinner reservations, which opens at 9am online or in person and the code for hotel services, i.e. resort map and activities. There is also the daily activity board by the pool just before the beach area. They are smart to share the same towel hut and enclosed nightclub/theatre, which is located across the street. Check-in was a smooth process as soon as it was my turn. The bell boy watched my luggage and showed me to my room after I got my room card. I elected to stay in their suite crown plus renovated room with jacuzzi with partial view vs. Most are full ocean view room overlooking the pool, which did not sound renovated by reading other reviews. My skytower room is beautiful, spacious, and quiet overlooking the tennis court but also had a view, ac and ceiling fan, and balcony, so I was very comfortable. Water, pop, and beer are included and stocked daily in the mini fridge. Large supermarket selling alcohol too (Chedraui) or oxo gas station around the block, too. Walmart and sam's club about 15 minutes walk, 2 large shopping centers within 15 minutes both directions and only 40 minutes walk to the marina to check out their restaurants, shops or other services too so wonderful location to be at and near to airport too so not a long of a bus shuttle or cab ride. Access by local bus to downtown or malecon convenient, but I didn't feel like it. The beach is filled with vendors, of course selling their wares, and is public access, so locals also enjoy. The current can be strong at times if to swim. If to walk in one direction (left), it appears you can walk a long way if to get some exercise. The 3rd party water activities are right there so you can watch them launch and see parachutes land. Daytime activities run 9-5pm by an enthusiastic team to keep guests busy. Relative to other resorts I have been on, they put on excellent evening show performances for an hour. I am impressed by costumes, backdrops, choreography, and talent. Weekends their nightclub (drinks included) runs, and they can take you offsite, too. The pool is where I spent my time. 4'3" deep only so perfect for non swimmers. The music was loud but not blasting, and the song choices were fantastic. There are no issues to find a lounge chair, though a shaded one with umbrella was more challenging. On the beach were also lounge chairs and cabana beds. Why the 4* then? Food. The best was their buffet lunch and the snack bar by the pool. Awesome burgers and tacos. I tried all but the French restaurant. At Salvador's (International), I definitely would recommend the pork tenderloin entree, and the service was superb. For a satisfying entire meal, their Los Gallos (Mexican) was excellente! I enjoyed the Mexican sampler, chicken breast, which was so moist and choco cake with Mexican Frida coffee to finish. I would skip the other restaurants. My last night on Wednesday, it was their seafood theme at the buffet; it was ok. Their plastic drink cups washed with disinfectant are thankfully a decent size, but I suggest bringing your own cooler cup to keep your beverages cold for them to fill up!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Dont Go Choose Another

claudiarW7069OI (REDONDO BEACH) on Jun 29, 2022

Upon arrival either Expedia or the Resort had incorrect information. Thank God I save emails. Room phone out of order, no water to drink, did not inform of hotel procedures (so no dinner reservations)

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