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No air conditioning.

Charles D on Sep 30, 2023

In real estate they say the 3 most important things are location, location and location. For this review my biggest complaint is air conditioning, air conditioning, air conditioning (rather the lack there of). Who rents out rooms in September in Mexico without a/c? They do. Room one wouldn't chill below 29 celcius (84.5 F) and the pipes were dripping in the ceiling onto the bed. We didn't even unpack but went down and complained. They did give us another room (shouldn't they check this stuff out before they assign a room). Anyway room #2 wouldn't go below 28.5 C (83.3 F) . We complained 3x to no avail. A maintenance man said to me directly, "I'll fix it for you." He did not. Another employee told us to make sure it wasn't set below 22 C or it would kick off. Setting it to 22 C made no difference, it stayed at 28.5 C. A third told us we needed to shut if off for a while to give it a rest. We did for an hour, no change. After 2 days we complained again and were assured we had a good one this time. Nope, it was stuck at 27 C (80.6 F). We started asking other guests and all but one said there a/c didn't work well. Furthermore, none of the restaurants have a/c (unless you go to the sister resort next door) and the buffet is outside and over run by bees. The food was 3+ stars, the pools needed some repair (broken tiles etc) but overall 4 stars. Service was spotty (i.e. sometimes good, sometimes slow). Until you can be assured they've fixed the a/c I would not go. It seems like this was a nice place once upon a time but they've fallen way behind on maintenance and they were not even apologetic about the a/c. Honestly I think most of the employees knew it was broken but were afraid to say so.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Never again.

kylahs2015 (Burns Lake, Canada) on Sep 30, 2023

We tried two different rooms, and the AC wouldn't get any cooler than 26 degrees Celcius. Functioning air conditioning should be a priority. With all of the dirt/dust clogged in the air intake vents, if this is how it was in every room (it was in the 2 rooms we tried), it's no wonder why the central air conditioning couldn't keep up. The A/C wouldn't have adequate air flow, and would be very inefficient. Preventative maintenance seems to be a lost concept here. The buffet food was never hot, and was missing many essentials (like cream for coffee, and syrup for pancakes etc.). There were many flies in the buffet area. Our last day there, they had cubes of butter floating in the buffet in water. There were no utensils with which to retrieve the butter, so people were reaching in with their bare hands to get it, thus contaminating all of the rest of the butter. Many of the staff were very nice, but some were absolutely disinterested. The issues re: property maintenance/cleanliness are definitely an oversight from the management. We would not stay here again.

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The bathtub was not safe to climb. accident Sunday 9/10/2023

Journey488197 on Sep 26, 2023

Bathtub was slippery so I slipped and had bruised on my left side of my leg. I showed the bruise to my friend and she suggested to report it to the hotel. I wrote a message to the hotel website but they did not respond. My suggestion is to check the cleaning solutions as it maybe the cause of the slippery bathtub floor.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 3 out of 5

First time at the Crown Paradise Golden

Daniel_Sophie (St. Albert, Canada) on Sep 04, 2023

We’ve been going to Puerto Vallarta for roughly 8 years and love it we usually rent a condo but we decided to try something different this time. This was our first stay at the Crown Paradise Golden, check in was pretty easy and we were accompanied to our room by Daniel, he explained how things worked in the room and at the resort. We got a room in the old section, the rooms/hotel are old and rundown, AC did work well though and the room was clean, bed was comfortable. Water in the shower comes and goes and not a lot of pressure, it can be challenging for long hair. There are plenty of long chairs at the pool but little umbrellas so you will most likely be spending the whole day in the hot sun as you can’t move the umbrellas since the long chairs are so close together. So we spent 2 weeks sitting at the Breeze Bar on the beach to get shade. At the Breeze Bar we received amazing drink service from Antonia. Sandra the panini lady works very hard and her sandwiches are great, she gave me a big hug on our last day. Alejandra works at the buffet, she always had a great smile and was ready to help for anything we needed. We only had breakfasts at the buffet so cannot speak a lot about it. We had dinner at the A la carte restaurants every night and never had any issues booking. The service and food were great, special thank you to Filippo the captain at the Mediterranean and his staff. Weekends get crazy busy with young people coming to party. All in all we made the best out of the 2 weeks we were there and had a great time but I would not return again.

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Annual visit

JellybeanCanada (Vancouver, Canada) on Sep 01, 2023

We come twice a year. The service this time was exceptional. Antonia, Ivan, Rosario, Magasca, Piro and Arturo the bartenders, best bellman ever Carlos, Poly and Carmelo captains. Sandra the panni lady. the food was great, the room was done by noon every day and the A/C worked great! The only complaint is the rowdy crowd on the weekend that are rude and ill mannered! We always got a reservation at the time we wanted and the food and service was great. The other minor complaint is no smoking is not enforced leave guest to smoke on the balcony which comes through the a/c, the breeze bar and the beach. No courtesy at all by the guests. There were plenty of bali beds and loungers and there were NO towels down by 7 am. Had a great time!

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