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Worst hotel

Fallon C on Jul 08, 2024

We have been here two days and it has been awful. The concierge service is a pyramid scheme where they force you to attend a sales presentation. The restaurants are impossible to get a table at. Our children developed some kind of of all over body rash. The hotel is run down, rusting and falling apart and dirty. The food is not great. This is definitely a budget destination that is terribly overpriced, it’s truly awful. Do not come here.

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1st time & high hopes to return with some improvements!

Tanya B (Montreal, Canada) on Jul 03, 2024

After reading many controversial reviews, my mom and I decided to book two weeks at this hotel. We didn't have high expectations going into this trip, however based on the price and going to the DR every 2-4 months, we were slightly disappointed by certain aspects. Although we knew this hotel was slightly outdated, we still took the chance to book here since we mostly care about animation, and the beach. The check in process was not too long given we had taken a taxi from the airport so there weren't too many people. We were originally assigned a room which was far from the beach and we did not find it convenient. We upgraded to a room closer to the beach. The room which we upgraded to (40USD per day) was on the second floor. The AC was extremely weak and the toilet wasn't working. The day after, we request an immediate room change and Bartolo in guest services was super accommodating. We were very content with our new room with very strong AC and a functioning toilet (room 1262). Shoutout to our maid, I can't remember her name but she was a doll!! :) The rooms were cute, spacious, and I really liked the high ceilings. The bathrooms were newly renovated and very modern compared to the room itself which was a little outdated but totally sufficient. The beach was very spacious with lots of huts available throughout the day. The seaweed situation was rough on some days, but other days it was crystal clear. I will never let the beach influence my thoughts on a hotel since it's obviously not in their control; just a note for travellers who really value the beach; is isn't the best spot. The food.... Yikes. My mom and I are not picky eaters but let me tell you, the food was extremely disappointing. We have been to so many all inclusives and this was a huge let down. The options at the buffet were extremely minimal and not very appetizing and honestly I did get quite a few stomach aches after eating. To be fair, we did not do any sit down restaurants which I heard good things about, but normally I have no complaints regarding the buffet. It definitely needs improvement. The snack bar by the beach is where we ate the most throughout the day and was the best food, as well as the 24 hour Star Cafe which had great sandwiches and pastries, but you can only eat so many sandwiches until you become one! Lol. As a frequent traveller to the DR, I was extremely offended and disappointed regarding the service at this hotel. I am a Canadian who speaks fluent Spanish, and better yet, speaks the Dominican lingo since I am there every 3-5 months. I would always be animated, kind, and friendly with waiters, bartenders, towel guys, bell boys, and let me tell you, a lot were VERY RUDE. Totally not acceptable. The hostesses at the buffet also had severe attitude. It seemed like the only time they were happy was to let us know 10 minutes before that the buffet was closing. There were the few staff members who were super kind like at pool bar and a couple of waitresses in the evening theatre. But the vast majority, rude and impolite. Prior to coming to this hotel, I had no idea about this whole "green" thing (environmental friendly). Listen, I am all for saving the turtles and protecting the planet, but how does a hotel not have any cutlery at a beach bar? What do they expect us to eat with, our hands? Found that odd. No plastic cups (easier to get sick in my opinion; my mom caught a cold in the first 3 days), finding napkins was a challenge itself, and no garbages throughout the hotel. I highly recommend bringing a stainless steal water bottle as they do not have water bottles either, just water/ice stations throughout the hotel which you have to go fill up your water (they give you 2 glass bottles in your room). Okay okay, I guess it's enough with the complaints and it's time to talk about the aspect which in all honesty, was the reason we came to this hotel which was... THE ANIMATION TEAM. Wow. I have nothing but amazing things to say about this team. Everyone was so welcoming and kind. We actually knew Fresita from a previous hotel and decided to follow him to Iberostar and we are SO happy that we did. The team worked very hard all day and night, with a good 12-14 members. You were able to see the dynamic, the energy, and the love. And we truly felt it. THIS is the reason we would come back. Shoutout to Fresita (the best!!), Looky Looky, Cocodrillo, Alf, Lulu, Bubbaloo, Black King, Johnny Bravo, Bobby, Chocolina, The Baby, Wanderful, Coca Cola and their amazing, kind, vibrant boss Coco Loco, for an amazing two weeks which we will never forget. Overall, I do believe I would return to this hotel however, I would hope for improvement because it a) is need and b) has such potential to grow and be even better. Thank you for the experience!

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Vacation for anniversary

Walter S on Jun 30, 2024

Vacation I would like to say that we as a family have more than just a word of thanks to the Iberostar management and their staff. We have found the resort to be extremely friendly and the very best food and service anyone could ask for. The Smith family would like to say thank you for our excellent vacation. I would like to say a special thank to Noemi Reynosa and her staff Lismer for their interest in making our vacation one that we all will remember. Thank you for making our 60 th wedding anniversary so special.

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Cockroach Cleanliness Issue

fyy2024 (Ottawa, Canada) on Jun 29, 2024

My family and I just returned from a 7 day vacation at this resort. First room was infested with 10 cockroaches and bed bugs. The next day we were then provided an upgrade at the Coral level section of the resort. Upon inspecting our newly assigned room, we did find a dead cockroach beneath the sofabed which was promptly removed by housekeeping. Otherwise, the facilities at the Coral level were very nice (infinity pool, beautiful beach, el Faro buffet and restaurant). We were also offered two free massages to make up for our poor first impression. All the staff were very friendly, polite and helpful. Our daughter got a bad stomach flu on the fourth day and we took her to the onsite medical clinic which you have to pay for upfront and then submit a claim to your medical insurance provider (they refuse to bill insurance). The night before we were eating at the Japanese restaurant and my son had a live cockroach run out from under his plate. Clearly cleanliness is an issue for this hotel. Not sure that we would ever return or recommend this hotel.

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Iberostar Bavaro Suites-Vacation with friends and family

Kimberly T on Jun 27, 2024

My stay at the Iberostar Bavaro Suites was amazing! Flanagan was amazing and took time out to learn me and my son’s name and would always address us by our names when he picked us up to take us wherever we wanted to go. He’s the best! The room was beautiful and spacious. The bathroom was clean and always stocked. The golf cart rides are very convenient. The restaurants were good especially the Barbecue restaurant! Breakfast was buffet and I loved the coffee shop. I look forward to coming back here!

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