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A wonderful stay for father and son

carlosmirandalevy (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) on Jul 30, 2021

Really attentive staff. The room was clean and comfortable. Ample spaces and my son loved the whirlpool tub. Room service was delivered promptly, although sometimes it took them a while to pick up the phone. The Mini Club for kids was heaven. My son played with newfound friends not just under supervision but with the company of a lovely girl, Stephanie I think was her name. There's water colors, books, videogame consoles, etc. and healthy snacks for the kids. I found my son playing UNO with Stephanie and 2 other kids when I came for him the first day. He spoke of Stephanie as if she was another kid and friend. I was very pleased, because I worried that he would be bored while I had to do some remote work and meetings at the Privilege lounge. I enjoyed this Privilege lounge, mostly because there was an endless supply of tangerines and apples, and I could get some work done quietly. We were pleased with the general buffet offerings and options so we did not try the variety restaurants. As a vegetarian, I found good options all six days we stayed. Not just salads, but grilled veggies, pizza, chinese, stews, rice, beans, wheat, etc. Default drinks are high on sugar, but you can always ask for the guy at the juice station to prepare your own fresh juice with the fruits of your choosing. The Aquatic Center had a number of nice offerings and Javier, the guy in charge, was very informative and cordial. You can get your diving certification right there with initial training in the pool. We ended up not doing water activities as we spent most of our time either lazy floating in the pool and playing in the sand and beach. In general, my son was happy and felt part an important part of the vacation and a special guest. They even had a special table for Mini Club kids at dinner time. The night shows were a bit loud for our ears so we did not stay to watch the 2 shows we felt curious about (the one about international trivia dancing and a circus like one with guys juggling fire sticks). People did appear to enjoy them though. We preferred to hit the activity center that opens at 5pm until late and has bowling, billiards, ping pong, basketball hoop and arcade :-p It was a nice place to hit after dinner. In summary, we had a good time together and are very thankful of the kind attention by the staff, which prompted me to write this review as this was our first time staying and I had never visited it before.

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ankia2013 (New York City, New York) on Jul 29, 2021

I'm not sure why ppl brag about this hotel and give them 5 stars!! this hotel is horrible in every sense of the word, just HORRIBLE! IF YOU WANT TO RUIN YOUR VACATION AND HAVE EVERYONE PISS YOU OFF, THEN STAY HERE! Nothing looks like the pictures, they fooling you. old room, old hotel, everything broken. couldn't use hot tub bc it was broken. i was with a group of 50 ppl and those that paid for privilege got horrible service. the pool closes at 7 and the beach is useless bc its covered with seaweed and smells horrible. you cant even play music by the pool, even at a low volume, my son was threatened that they would take his speaker! no entertainment when pool closed, nothing to do. restaurants are completely and utterly horrible! their workers are super aggressive with their wanting to sell whatever they sell or to "get their point" that they "need" and wont stop until you get nasty with them. you can not control the temperature in the rooms so freeze away! overall this hotel sucks, left me disappointed and not wanting to go back to DR and I'm of Dominican descent!!!!!! And stop with your generic responses to everyone that leaves a BAD review, its pathetic and shows you really don't care! STOP TAKING PPLS MONEY AND SHUT THAT PLACE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could've given them NO STARS

TripAdvisor users rated this property 1 out of 5

Family Reunion

efraino756 on Jul 28, 2021

Please I beg you, DO NOT BOOK HERE... worst experience ever. Service was horrible, non one knew what was open or closed due to "COVID" yet the buffet was open. Get ready to walk a lot because the carts do not come when called. and to think I had the Privilege service LOL what a joke.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5


Z2160OTjordanr on Jul 27, 2021

Just stayed for 13 nights on a long end of the summer vacation. The only thing keeping me from saying 1 star is that most of the staff is extremely nice and helpful. Once we were checked in we headed to our room only to find out that it was already in use. We headed back down to let them know and to hopefully get a room that wasn’t in use. There was basically no apologies or explanation on how that happened. We got to our next room which thankfully was empty. The fridge in our room had 1 water, 2 sodas and no beer which I’ve never seen at an all inclusive resort before. We asked about this and they told us it should have more than that and brought us stuff. It was a shaky start but nothing too terrible. The resort is very spread out so be ready to walk a lot which we didn’t mind but definitely saw some older people really struggling to get around. They have carts that will take you places but in 2 weeks there we were only able to get 1 ride. Very little is explained to you on arrival for instance there are 4-5 different wrist bands with different “privileges” but not once were we told what ours included. We were told on arrival that the next day we would be treated to a “privileged” breakfast we assumed maybe a private breakfast or somehow different food from what was usually offered. Instead we got to eat breakfast with a salesman who tried to get us to buy into a travel club owned by the H10 hotels. AVOID the “privilege” breakfast. The food at the buffet was average as expected with most resorts but the most frustrating thing was how hot it was inside the buffet. They have massive AC’s on all of the walls that we only saw on 2-3 times the whole trip. We are from Texas and used to the heat but it was ridiculous inside. The actual restaurants are hit or miss the only really disappointing one was the steakhouse. Our most frustrating experience was returning back to our room after breakfast to find our keys not working so we headed down to the lobby and they gave us new keys. We headed back to our room and again didn’t work. We walked back and let them know again they went on the radio and said someone was headed to our room to fix it and to meet them there. We walked back once more and waited for over 30 minutes. We went back once more only to find out that the guy who was supposed to come fix it thought it was our sliding door to the balcony so he had waited to head to our room. Finally they showed up and said the battery on our lock had died. We heard this happen to a couple people during the trip. In total it was almost 90 minutes wasted just trying to get in our room. Last complaint was I had never been to an all inclusive that didn’t play music at the pool they had random times of the day where they would play some but most of the day it was quiet and we were told we couldn’t use our speaker. They also have maybe 1 person getting drink orders at the pool which again had never seen at all inclusive resort before that usually have tons of people walking around getting drink orders at the pool and beach. Overall just a disappointment.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Wonderful trip!

brittanyrR7366VL on Jul 24, 2021

Great food. The grounds were beautiful. This is my 7th time in punta Cana and I loved this resort. The pools are large. The rooms are clean and spacious. The bed was very comfortable. The entertainment was wonderful, especially KELLY!!! He was so sweet and engaging. Shout out to the rest of the entertainment team morocha..polin..cherry…Pokémon…espagueti..and the DJ. I felt very comfortable as a woman traveling alone. I would definitely come back again.

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