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Natasha C on Feb 03, 2023

Zoetry Aqua is literally heaven on earth! It is absolutely breathtaking, remarkably clean, the staff is truly outstanding and your every need is met, 24/7 without hesitation and with genuine delight! It is SO well organized (mind-blowing, actually) and our personal concierge Ramon, ensured every little detail was magical every step of the way! Juan Carlos was an absolute gem, as we awoke each morning with coffee & mimosas, followed by hourly check-ins (wherever we were) to ensure any and every need was met. Rosaura (aka RosaLinda) went above and beyond daily, complete with a special Domincan meal that tantalized our tastebuds with an experience that will never be forgotten and cherished for years to come! Marcelo delivered our evening bar entertainment with an abundance of fun and literally made our souls dance! Every single staff member was nothing short of sensational! The food was truly spectacular, as was the wine, coffee, cocktails - everything!! It is SO clean and well cared for, there is seriously nothing to complain about whatsoever. We are seasoned travellers and had zero complaints - quite the opposite, so please pay no attention to those negative reviews, as they are completely unfounded, in my respectful opinion (if it weren’t in poor taste, I’d liken those folk to the YouTube Walmart fights people watch for amusement).

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Not for foodies who like wine!

446dianas on Feb 01, 2023

Loved our room and the beach and all the staff were very friendly and helpful but when it came to the food and wine it really let the hotel down! It was our first all inclusive and will probably be our last as this is probably a problem in all all inclusives. The wine was the cheapest you could buy in any small supermarket, I Vivio'd it and it was $4 in the supermarket, the cheapest wine on the wine list was $80 and as we had paid a lot of money for this "5*" holiday we weren't prepared to spend stupid money on mediocre wine. The food wasn't great but we have found that is the norm in the Caribbean. So if you like your wine don't visit here.!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

The most wonderful resort, highly recommend!

Andreea D on Jan 30, 2023

We stayed at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana in January 2023 and had the best time! The resort is beautiful and tranquil, and the amenities are fantastic. The food is delicious and fresh and the drinks are great. The pools and the beach are well maintained and there isn't a shortage of areas to lounge. What made our trip unforgettable, however, was the staff at the resort. Their kindness and attention to detail made all of the difference for our trip. Our personal concierge, Wiris, went above and beyond to make our stay special. He was always available when we had a question or needed help and he even put together a special birthday surprise for one of our family members, including a birthday cake, signs with pictures of our family and a piano player. The restaurant staff at Piragua, one of the resort's phenomenal restaurants, were kind enough to make us personalized dishes with what they remembered to be our favorite food items on our last night at dinner. Lastly, the entertainment team organized the best shows in the evenings, as well as enjoyable activities throughout the day each day. Our family generally prefers to visit a new place each time we travel, but we loved Zoetry Agua Punta Cana so much that we are already planning our next trip back!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Magical Vacation

630pamelaw (Saint James City, Florida) on Jan 30, 2023

From the moment we arrived, we were treated like family by Lucia, Ana, Javier, and Henry our butler. Zoetry is a peaceful oasis of beauty, peace, relaxation and indulgence. While also offering activities and entertainment that meet each person’s need. The food is exceptional and the staff, very friendly and accommodating. The resort offers several free activities. Horseback riding, kite surfing lessons and helicopter tours. Be sure to ask your butler.We cannot wait to return.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

A Relaxing Vacation with a Few Hiccups Along the Way

Renee W on Jan 28, 2023

I just came back from Zoetry earlier this week and overall it was a pretty great. Zoetry is somewhere between a 3.5 star to 4 star hotel. It's good but it could be even better. I LOVED my room and especially the Bali Bed. I could lay there for hours just listening to the ocean and I had a pretty decent view of the beach from my room. I loved the beach it was quiet, they had these round loungers that you could just lay in and waiters who would bring the drinks directly to you. The pool was also great. It ran alongside parts of the property so it never felt overcrowded. There was also parts of the pool near the bar where you could stay in the pool and look out at the beach. I also really enjoyed the night time activities. There was a Flamenco show, a local Dominican show and a circus show. The spa was also pretty good. They have a hydro pool and my hot stone massage, foot bath, citrus scrub and mud bath were really good. However, as discussed below avoid the Zoetry special massage if you want a deeper pressure massage. Luckily, the hot stone massage made up for it, as it was absolutely amazing and just what I needed on my last day! The food at Zoetry was somewhat of a hit or miss. There were four restaurants only three of which were open for dinner. The restaurants menu would switch nightly from steakhouse, Italian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Mexican, etc. The Caribbean and Mexican night were my favorite and my friend also really enjoyed the steakhouse night. However, the Asian food was pretty horrible. The worst Pad Thai I’ve ever had (although the chef was nice enough to make me some grilled salmon and rice to make up for it) and the Italian night served lasagna with pasta noodles that were not fully cooked. I would seriously recommend making one of those restaurants permanently Caribbean night because it was that good! They also give you a butler to assist you with your stay and they provide you with the daily schedule for the day and check-in. They can also help you schedule things like the spa and I believe some excursions. While they do offer some complimentary items with your stay there were a few things I wish I knew about them prior to booking: 1. You can get a complimentary bottle of champagne and fresh fruits every day, but you will have to call room service for it daily and they didn’t deliver it unless you are in the room. 2. There is complimentary horseback riding but it is only offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:30 and 4:30 PM. They apparently mention this during the tour but they will not send reminders or mention it again so book as soon as you arrive. 3. The $200 resort coupons comes with tons of restrictions. It is spread out across different spa services and activities i.e. you get $20 for a facial, $60 for a private dinner, $20 towards a bottle of wine and you get 2 $40 certificates for a 50 min or more massage at the spa and they can’t be combined and have to be used per person. It doesn’t seem that bad except the cheapest 50 min massage is I believe $189. 4. There is complimentary laundry but you have to send it in 24 hours before you need it back otherwise you have to pay $3 per item. My biggest complaint from my stay is what I’m going to kindly refer to as “miscommunications” with the staff. I’m not sure if this was just due to the language barrier but some of this seems a lot like misrepresentation. First, somewhat deliberately I think when you go to get your resort coupons they make you pick them up from VIP services. After listing off all the restrictions that come with the resort coupons they make the offer that you can get a $200 coupon to use at the spa on anything except four things (i) a pedicure; (ii) manicure; (iii) haircut; or (iv) promotion and they will throw in a free 2 night/ 3 day stay and all you had to do was attend a 90 minute presentation. I was also told that you didn’t have to use the 2 night/3 day stay immediately and had up to 18 months to use it. Well I later learned that the $200 coupon can only be used in its entirety to book one massage service and the so-called free stay actually costs $200 to use, the $200 had to be paid in 30 days to activate it meaning you had to book in 30 days and there were a long list of hotels that it couldn’t be used on. However, what really upset me was prior to attending the presentation, which was essentially a time-share pitch, I had discussed with the VIP person how there was a Zoetry in Jamaica and I was thinking of visiting etc. and could make use of the free stay, but when I went back to the VIP desk post- presentation to ask why Zoetry was on the list of excluded hotels given the prior conversation, I was essentially told that I was crazy to think that that Zoetry would be included given the cost of Zoetry per night. Think they might have brought that I couldn’t use it to stay at Zoetry during our discussion if that was the case or even mention that some of the more expensive hotels wouldn’t be included in the free stay. When I also brought up the fact that I was assured the vacation would be free, I was told by the VIP rep that the $200 was a “tax” even though the paper that I got after the presentation clearly states what they are offering is NOT a free stay but a discounted stay i.e. you pay $200 for an apparent $700 value. My next “miscommunication” came when I booked the Zoetry special massage. The Zoetry massage unlike the other massages where you can only do 80 minutes for $259, gives you the option of getting a 50 minute massage for $199, which is what I got or an 80 minute massage $249. This massage is offered as custom massage that you and your masseuse create that can combine techniques from deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage, which seemed great for me since I wanted to work out some stress with a deeper pressure massage but also feel relaxed. Imagine my disappointment when all I got was someone rubbing oil on my skin for the entirety of my 50 minute massage and could not get firm pressure despite me repeatedly requesting that my masseuse use firmer pressure. I told her that I wanted more of a deep tissue massage and she told me she couldn’t do that for the Zoetry massage. Upset and disappointed, I went to discuss this with spa personnel and was essentially told that for the Zoetry special massage you can't get deep pressure and you cant get a sports or deep tissue style. They stated that because of the difference in price between the Zoetry massage and deep tissue/sports massage, I shouldn’t have expected to get those techniques with this massage. When I pointed out that (i) there was only a $10 difference between the 80 minute Zoetry massage and the 80 minute deep tissue and sports massages and (2) the menu book literally states in writing that I could get a combination of deep tissue and sports techniques with this massage, I was told “It’s fine”. $200 is not chump change for a massage. People work really hard for their money. It is not fine. I believe you are free to charge whatever you want or not offer something for whatever reason you chose, but it is absolutely not “fine” to misrepresent what your offering. These events put me on high alert and made me feel like I had to double and triple check everything that the staff said to me and that I couldn’t just take their word for it. Being on high alert is obviously not the way you want to feel on your relaxing vacation. My only other nit was there were a few hiccups with some of the scheduled events i.e. a few of us turned up for a scheduled wine tasting but the sommelier was not there. I went to a painting class but they forgot paintbrushes, so I had to paint with a wall paint brush and a folded up piece of paper. Luckily the instructor was able to assist me and fix my painting mistakes, so my painting came out presentable but it was not the fun painting class I was expecting. All in all I still had a great. Would I give Zoetry a try again, maybe, just probably not this location.

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