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Azul Beach Review

Shannon B on Feb 17, 2024

As someone who almost cancelled our trip due to reviews, I'll start by saying we had a great vacation. Our review of traveling with an infant: We took our 6.5 month old and our travel agent really sold us on this resort for it "infant/toddler inclusive". Everything we needed for her was supplied, plus more. When we got to the room there was a crib, bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, change table, diaper genie, baby bathtubs, and a baby monitor (just a sound one). The only thing we had to ask for was a stroller which showed up in our room within minutes. I will add that the stroller is definitely more for a toddler or bigger/older infant, but we were able to place our Graco Snugride car seat in it which made it better. We didn't ask for a ground floor unit, and at first I was a little nervous about it, but it ended up being a huge blessing. We brought our baby monitor just because we didn't know they would supply one and it was great, because while our little one napped we could be just outside by the pool. I will add that the "do not disturb sign" doesn't mean much as the cleaning lady (who was very sweet) went in the room while our little one was sleeping. After that we locked the door with the deadbolt and wrote a note and stuck it on there door and we never had an issue after that. The pools: the pools were nice, but a bit cold. However, our 6.5 month old loved it in small burst. There is also a water park that my little loved. The beach: I'll start by saying, do your research on the Caribbean right now. There is lots of seaweed through out and Azul is not at faul for the state of the waters. There isn't much beach and unfortunately it's covered in washed up seaweed, however, they work very hard trying to clean it up. If you are looking for the crystal clear waters, and lots of beach, you won't find it here. The Food: Spoons is the main buffet and it's hit or miss. Sometimes it was great, sometimes the food tasted old/stale, BUT the service was excellent. For the rest of the restaurants I highly recommended going right when they open to ensure you'll get in. We worked our little ones naps around the 5:30pm restaurant opening and never had an issue getting in right away.Tapaz was our favorite out of the restaurants. Food and service is amazing, but very small portions. The building/resort: while the other reviews are correct that the resort is dated, it is well maintained. Staff works around the clock to keep everything looks as great as they can. We had no issues with it. Overall, Azul Beach is a nice resort and I'm very glad we didn't end up canceling.

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Absolutely amazing!!

Venture55143284727 (United Kingdom) on Feb 16, 2024

We booked this holiday at the end of last year, and in all honesty had no idea what to expect due to the mix of reviews. But, we are so glad we did, please do not let the negative ones put you off. Here is an honest review, we booked with TUI. Check in - when we arrived, there was a short queue to be seen, and the check in was quick. Everything was explained clearly and given information about hotel (meal times, map etc). The only downside we had was when we got off our bus from airport, our suitcases were taken from us by the bell hops. Which, wasn’t an issue, but it took quite a while for us to get our suitcase, and after a long travel day, we just wanted to freshen up before going straight out for food, but had to hang around instead - so maybe give customers the option to take the suitcase theirselves. But - it is a nice added extra. Room - we opted for a room in the adults only area. The room was absolutely amazing, so spacious, clean and had everything you could want. The mini bar is restocked daily, housekeeping comes daily and do an amazing job. We went for our anniversary and as an added touch they had left us a cake, and some decorations which made it even more special! If you wanted anything extra (towels, bubble bath, blankets etc) you could easily request through the app and it is with you in no time. We had an issue with the AC, it didn’t actually heat up the room even when the heating feature was on so the room was freezing, but a quick fix was to just turn it off and only put it on if it was too hot. There was one plug by the bed which was faulty as well, but they have a plug and USB slot, as well as a few other plugs in the room. Beach - we were most hesitant about this hotel because of the beach, but we were pleasantly surprised with it. It is small due to not much tidal movement, but there are still so many sun beds and Bali Beds on the beach, along with the platform for activities, and outdoor massages. We spent the whole week on the beach, as the Bali beds at the adults only pool are very noisy and loud, and people are reserving the beds the night before or early morning making them near impossible to get. We did try reserving a bed one morning but had our stuff taken off it, only for someone else to take it and reserve it. But again, we didn’t mind in the slightest as there are members of staff bringing you drinks - tip them well, they do an incredible job! We found Cristian to be amazing - remembering our drink orders, friendly and so appreciate of a tip. Now, there is seaweed washed up, but there are staff out there every morning cleaning it up, working really hard. It doesn’t affect the usage of the beach, there is no smell. A tip is to take some water shoes for the sea, as there is a lot of seaweed - but this is nothing that can be helped by the hotel and they are doing the best they can! An added bonus was the ability to do Kayaking which we really enjoyed doing. But please note there is a 100 peso charge per person which is not mentioned on the app, but you can use it until 3pm as much as you want. The charge fee goes towards protecting the reef here. Personal concierge - this was the only problem we really faced, trying to find a gazebo open with a staff member in. They were advertised to be open between 9-4pm I think it was, but they weren’t there most of the time. But again, the issue was resolved by phoning them on the extension or going to reception for help. Once we had found someone, they helped us out no problem. Spoons - can not complain at all about the main buffet. It’s not the biggest buffet but they still plenty of options, always being asked if you have any allergies (same in every restaurant). Staff bring you drinks constantly, it’s clean and they do themed nights. We read about queues and poor waiting times. There was only a queue a couple of times we went; but this wasn’t because there was no tables, it was just a case of waiting to be seated. So really not a negative. The coffee options at breakfast are basic filter coffee; but there is a Starbucks on site which is the same price as most Starbucks normally. Other restaurants - the Italian one you needed to book a reservation for, which we made sure we did as soon as we arrived to prevent disappointment. We did feel a little let down when we first arrived, as our table wasn’t ready for the reservation time, and we were then taken to a dirty table and waited about 15 minutes to get our drink ordered. Not a great start, and we were tempted to leave. But we are so glad we didn’t. Once we had a drink, everything else was so fast and the food was incredible, it was so fresh and enjoyable and there was a wide variety available. Wilberth was our server and he was amazing. The outside area was also very beautiful! The Mexican restaurant was our favourite, no need to book but there were long waiting times. With a bar at the back of it, this wasn’t an issue. You could sit and have a few drinks before your buzzer went off, and the times we went this was faster than expected. The food was once again amazing and the waiters were great. We can’t remember their names unfortunately- but we had different ones each time we went and they really can’t be faulted, nothing was too much trouble. Pizza Pizza - absolutely amazing! Fresh pizza, lots of choice and customisable. We felt this was a bit overlooked as the times we went there was only one cook and one waiter who definitely were overworked, so a couple more staff members would be beneficial. Again, was a great experience, a bit of a longer wait time but to be expected for handmade fresh pizza cooked in a wood fire. We didn’t try the others available as we weren’t a fan of the menus, but they looked well kept and never too busy. Bars- plenty of them, good selection, friendly staff, you definitely won’t go thirsty. Room service - good added extra especially when all inclusive and plenty of restaurants around, it’s available 24/7 and included in price, except 2 premium dishes. You can easily order through the app. The wait times were longer than told most of the time, but it’s a massive hotel, you can’t expect it to be instant! They are catering towards a large number of guests. The app stopped working for us 2 days before our holiday ended, so we did phone them to place an order and found out there were a few more options available which was a nice surprise! The plates come very hot, which you are always warned about. But again, you get asked via the app chat if you have any allergies, and can then request sauce, extras etc. General facilities - this hotel is so well kept and modern. Every member of staff works so hard. It is so so clean! They change the cabanas and Bali beds daily, they are even there washing and cleaning the paths. They are working hard to fix any issues and we saw that ourselves. There is a slight sewerage smell in the main walking areas, but not noticeable at all. Pools- didn’t really try these out as we stick to the beach, but look clean, well kept. One afternoon we did sit by one of the pools and it was nice and quiet. Lots of choices to pick from. There was a little splash zone next to Pizza Pizza for the kids as well. Spa - we had seen the prices on the TUI site and we are so glad we had as we did want to book a massage on the beach, but when it came to staff members trying to sell you it was a lot more expensive. Thankfully, when we did want to book it we had a guy offer us TUI offers before knowing we had flown with TUI and it ended up being a better offer than we had seen anyway. A slight issue when we arrived as they tried to give it to us in the spa facility but when we said we had asked for a beach one, it was quickly sorted. We got the use of the hydrotherapy after which was also really nice. Definitely recommended as a treat and to relax. The security getting in and out of the hotel is extremely advanced and impressive too, so it is very safe! The concierge on the front were great as well, letting you know when your bus had turned up for excursions/ transport to the airport. They also looked after your luggage if you have a flight later on in the day and need to check out. There is a little shop at the lobby for snacks and souvenirs, a fossil museum and another shop by the kids pool/ pizza pizza for swimming stuff. We didn’t care too much about entertainment in the evening or even during the day, but this is just because it’s not something we were interested in. There seemed to always be something available for all ages. There are a lot of weddings that happen here. But really do not interfere with your stay, other than a few parts of the hotel being closed off for a few hours. Even though the music was loud, it ended by 11pm and wasn’t too loud that it was a nuisance. We will definitely be returning and already can’t wait!!

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Staff were the highlight, pool freezing, sea brown

Janicebrown2 on Feb 15, 2024

Positives - Friendly staff! Friendliest hotel staff I’ve ever experienced. Angelous in the Mexican was the friendliest waiter ever! - Spacious room, lovely fresh sheets - Banner on door and cake for anniversary - Activities, we enjoyed Coconut Painting and the Kayaking (paid extra £5) - Smoothie station for breakfast - Chocolate fountain always out at lunch/dinner time - Always able to get a basic sunlounger - Cocktails made like smoothies were amazing! - Lady walked around the pool all day bringing us drinks - Massages by Karla and Karen were fantastic - Some of the evening entertainment was great, singer Nina, Burlesque show and Queen tribute - We saw some cool wildlife we don’t get in England, Iguanas, Pelicans and even a Racoon! Negatives - Pool was freezing every day, not enjoyable to get in and couldn’t spend much time in there - Beach wasn’t as pretty as hoped. Water was brown. The staff did work hard to clean up the masses of seaweed left on the beach every morning though - Restaurants always cold, even taking a jacket I was often shivering - Closest shops to the hotel was a 15 minute taxi away which would have cost us £35! - Shop in the hotel was very expensive - If you’re a fussy eater you’ll struggle with lunch and dinner. I always rely on chips at an all inclusive and they didn’t have these, could sometimes find soggy, cold curly fries in the kids section Overall We had a lovely week away together but possibly wouldn’t go back to this hotel as it’s too far away from anything. The staff honestly are the highlight of this hotel!

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Great time at Azul

Rob B on Feb 14, 2024

Great resort! The food and dining was very nice, hotel and service was exceptional. The pool butlers really went out of their way to make life easy. We were lucky enough to get Dorian as our butler and he made the trip run flawlessly, and amongst a staff of super nice and friendly people his level of service and professionalism was exceptional

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Worst trip of all time

Mike S on Feb 13, 2024

Oh man, where to begin. Probably the worst trip my wife and I have ever been on. This is gonna be a long list so strap in. Swim up suites: If you opt in for the swim up suites be prepared for every other guest with a swim up suite to be walking across your "private" patio to get to their patio. Even when you're sitting in your private hot tub people don't seem to care one bit. Premium services: We paid for the "premium" services, which include a personal concierge. Little did we know that the concierge was simply a crooked salesperson. Our concierge, Febe, offered us a bunch of deals on excursions only available to "premium" members. After we decided on what we wanted to do, all the prices she quoted us became much higher than the original number. She then told us that to get the discount prices we had to attend a mandatory timeshare sales pitch that killed two hours of our day. At the very end of the pitch we were informed it was not actually mandatory and was completely optional. To top it all off, we decided to change our minds on what excursion to go on, but were told by Febe that it was too late and the discounts were no longer available. Restaurants: The food was average but be prepared to wait 30-45 minutes to get a table at every restaurant, even when you see tables that are empty. Rats: Yep, rats. Fairly self explanatory, but most of the buildings have rat infestations. Room Cleanliness: The maids did a decent job on the daily cleanings, but when we arrived we found clumps of hair left over and empty beer cans and trash stuffed around the room. Could be what's attracting all the rats. Beach: Definitely not what's in the pictures. Tiny beach area, murky water. There are a bunch of day beds scattered around the beach but good luck trying to book one. If you don't book them the day before you're out of luck for the day. Staff: Most of the waiters/bartenders/butlers are excellent. Probably the only bright spot of our trip. Unfortunately, the rest of the resort staff seem to have no clue about what customer service actually is. We lost power to our building for an entire day during our stay. Not once during the day did a staff member reach out to us to apologize or give us updates about how long it would be. I had to go ask 4 times throughout the day and was told each time it would be only an hour. 9 hours later we finally had power. The final insult was during check-out. We called the morning of our last day to arrange for the bellboys to come get our luggage out of our room. Not only did they forget to pick up our luggage, they charged us for a late checkout because our bags were left in our room past checkout time. When my wife went to the front desk to speak to someone about the issues we had over the week, the employee, Ruth, dismissed her and told her to talk to someone else. As my wife walked away she heard a tirade of Spanish that Ruth was muttering under her breath. Unfortunately for Ruth, my wife speaks Spanish and heard the string of insults that was being said about us. To sum it all up: The resort itself is actually quite beautiful, but it definitely did not make up for the daily headaches we had to go through to enjoy our vacation.

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