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Very happy with everything

Alan W on May 11, 2024

I liked it here, the experience has been incredible, the services included are great, since not only is "food and drinks" have access to the SPA facilities freely, the only thing is that the room service has an extra cost but in my opinion I think it is worth it. The room has been comfortable. I have had a great time for a few days, the workers are very friendly and attentive, Yuniel always gave me delicious drinks and on Majo's recommendation I tried the Mojito PassionFruit which by the way is very refreshing. Very well.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5


Mary P on May 09, 2024

I would like to share my experience, we stayed in the houses facing the sea and it was very worth it, just look at the view I had from the terrace!! They are very worthwhile, the SPA was a bit far away but they always supported us by taking us in the golf carts since we are both seniors, for dinner the menu did seem a bit repetitive but the taste is good without a doubt, although I suggest that they should make it a little more varied and offer a little more gutlen free things. Talking about the staff, they have been very friendly, we found it curious that they always waved with their hand on their chest. We had a wonderful time.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

A different experiencie

Karen H on May 06, 2024

My experience in this hotel has been very different, it is an extremely quiet hotel, the atmosphere surrounded by nature and unlike other hotels that are very close to others and you get to hear the hustle and bustle of the neighbor. Among the things that are included is snorkeling, unfortunately I didn't bring my phone to take pictures but it was a very different experience. We also enjoyed the patios tour, which I recommend not to miss as the explanations and history they told us were very interesting. The food was very tasty, however, my husband and I agreed that they should have a little more variety. The room was to our liking and the overall service was always very good and friendly.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

13th aniversary at blue diamond

Sergio S on May 06, 2024

Our anniversary at Blue Diamond has left us with an excellent culinary and jungle experience. From check in nelly informed us that they would give us an upgrade which made my wife very happy! The room was exquisite... Spacious and very well clean. The golf cart service is a bit slow, but walking around the hotel is also very pleasant as there are many animals such as monkeys and deer. The morning after our arrival the hotel sent us a breakfast included which was very romantic, my wife liked it very much, overall I could say that this place is amazing for couples as it is adults only and petfriendly.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 2 out of 5

Not what is seems

Tory C (Vancouver, Canada) on May 06, 2024

This resort must have been a true gem 10-12 years ago, sadly now it is very run down, worn out and in dire need of renovations and updates. These updates would improve the quality of the stay immensely. Many updates should be for liability reasons as well, loose and uneven floorboards on the communal deck and patio areas causing tripping hazards, loose railings ( like fearful to lean on them as they could break), the Pier is literally rotten posts in the water, there is no-one in the lifeguard structure which looks like it could fall apart if anyone tried to get into it. most of the furniture is worn out, stretched, frayed and coming apart. The main pool area plays our of date crappy music and far too loudly, when they boast relaxing environment the pool area is not that, so we resorted to the beach which (by no fault of their own) is covered in Seaweed, which we understood could be the case but man it stinks! yes they had fellas working all day with worn out old rust tools, its hard to lay there and watch them toil away in the heat and sun, I never saw a single person bring them waters, I did observe the security guard on the beach watching them and commenting on their work, which was also in poor taste. The food: breakfast and lunch is where they shine (if they get your order correct) it grows exhausting to constantly have to ask for things that would just makes sense to do with a food order. Dinners at both restaurants are touch and go, the meal options weren't great, they do different country inspires foods, Italian, asian... when it came to median night we were super excited, how could they get that wrong.... well, they got it so wrong, they did a crappy buffet, A BUFFET, what?! and nothing that a "tourist" would anticipate, most of the serving dishes were chipped, broke, one of he handle on the lids wasn't even attached so you couldn't lift the lid to see what was inside because it was hot. Honestly such a let down, dinners are a bummer. They charge $20 USD for any food delivery to the rooms!!! I have never been charge room service fee on an all inclusive resort stay. they won't allow you to take anything from your meal to your room, I mean not even a dessert... that you already have paid for. loads of ridiculous rules. And if they are going to change a room service fee then at least get it right, after our first round of meals and seeing how lack they are about noticing what would make sense, or even getting your order correct then I would have considered it. But because almost every order was wrong somehow and or missing basic things that make sense I would never. They 1000 percent are watering down their drinks, the bottle may say it's a top shelf product but they are FOR SURE filling those bottles with a lesser grade/quality alcohol. The wine is rough! the margaritas are made with a pre blend mix, I really struggled to find anything I could drink. The Spa area is the only decent haven there for relaxing, and it doesn't have the full working facilities, no poolside service available, only the mens side is open and although i wasn't too bummed as I was just soooo grateful they had one small oasis i could overlook how rundown the structures are. The front desk want supplied with small peso notes so you could tip, why would they have notes in the thousands and not any smaller notes? This place is seriously lacking in common sense, the owners should be ashamed trying pass this spot off at a 4 star and 4-5 diamond resort, which it hasn't received that status for a few years now. They have a real vibe of tip and get better service, you feel very obligated to constantly tip for everything, it really feels like an exchange not like you have already paid for your vacation. I am happy to tip, but man you ultimately are tipping for sub-par services and you start to feel disgruntled about it. The website is very misleading on the state of the property and quite frankly travel companies should have quality advisors that check on the resorts to ensure that they are still in the conditions they claim to be in. Our room was delightful, the first room they tried to put us in stank so badly our eyes watered for the entire hour were were they trying to get a new rom organized (this of course is after we have been travelling all day) once we moved it was a much improved scenario, although the fan in the room made a terrible rattling noise all the time and the AC wouldn't seem to really work, it was slightly cooler but not working as it should. bed fairly comfortable, pillows were average quality, hot water was good, they are a good size, nice to have private patio, dipping pools aren't filled you have to call someone to fill it up. the "art Courtyards " they boast, most are not longer working let alone even cleaned there is debris everywhere. The bikes on the resort and dangerous, not maintained, most dont have sufficient brakes left on them, they have loose steering, loose peddles, use at own risk! They also don't have enough for all the people staying on the resort and the resort staff are often using them. I saw multiple biking wipe outs, not because they were drunk. Yes you can wait for a golf cart, but for the most part you'll be waiting a bit, we didn't mind the walk especially in the evening, this place looks great in the dark.LOL OMG the Cenote, is not a centre it is a pond/lagoon and it is revolting! Hard NO!! This place is an exercise in patience and frankly I feel badly for the few staff that still actually care about the level of service they provide, many that seem to have been there for a long time are nice but also you can tell their heart isn't in it... but when you work somewhere that sets you up for failure it makes sense that you would eventually not be giving your best.that being said everyone was always Super nice and some really tried to do their best with what they have at work from/with. Most of the people we spoke to felt similarly to us, many disappointed folks and you could see on the faces of the new arrivals they were adjusting to what they got vs what they paid for! We found ways to make it work for us, but on the second day we were literally counting the days to get home. There seems to be lots of folks satisfied with their stay based on the comments, to each his own, but to pay for a 5 star and get a 2.5 is a real shock!

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