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Entertainment team

Michaela S on Jul 18, 2024

The hotel is stunning with great views and lots of places to relax and take in your surroundings. The drinks are very good with lots of variety and our favourites were the mud slide and grasshopper cocktails. The staff were very friendly shout to the handsome Benjamin, luis they are the face the face of this resort thank u guys for ur service luana, Alejandro, angy

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Horrible Service

EricaWV (Charleston, South Carolina) on Jul 18, 2024

Where do I begin? I will begin with the pros of the resort, because there aren’t many. Our room was very nice, and it was always clean. The housekeeping service was excellent. There are tons of bali beds and chairs on the beach, it was never an issue getting a bed at any time of the day. The overall service at the resort is terrible, but we did have a few people who were awesome – Liz was the best waitress at the beach, Miguel was awesome at Mia Casa, Antonio sold us our spa package and chatted with us throughout the week any time he saw us, Dayana and Ana were amazing masseuses and everyone working at the spa was great! AND that’s it for the pros! There is No Way this is a 5 Star resort, it is “all inclusive” except when you get there you find out that everything is an upcharge! We stayed at the seaside suites and our initial room was on the 2nd floor. We asked if we could get a room on a higher floor and that was a $250 up charge to be higher than floor 2…same room, different floor. We did pay because we wanted the beach view, however joke was on us because once we got to the building the elevators were broken! They were down for 3 days, and a worker told us they break down all the time –can’t blame that on the hurricane. So we paid an extra $250 so we could walk 5 flights of stairs for the first half of our trip. You can get room service for breakfast and they bring it in a floating table (Floating breakfast), that’s an upcharge. We were celebrating our 19 year anniversary. Our concierge asked if we’d like special messages and surprises in our room from room service to celebrate – BUT that’s an extra fee too! Certain meals at certain restaurants – up charge. Speaking of restaurants there are 2 on the resort that require reservations. And you must show up at the exact time of your reservation. We showed up to a restaurant 8 minutes early, and the hostess asked us if we could leave and come back inside in 8 minutes. What! We had reservations to Mia Casa Dorado, however we were unable to eat at the restaurant that night because my husband and I both got sick (more on that later). We asked our concierge if we could get another reservation for a different night, but we were told you are only allowed to eat at those restaurants one time during your stay! They said they have to save reservations so that the new guests who are checking in can make diner reservations. Even though we missed our reservations because we were sick from the resort – we were still told sorry – only 1 reservation per couple per visit!! The photo on this review of the empty booths is one of the restaurants they are saving reservations for….it was empty. The Japanese restaurant that we did get to use our reservation for was ok. We were there for 2.5 hours. We ordered our food, and our waiter actually talked us out of ordering our own rice. He said the servings are so large we can share. After waiting 45 minutes our food comes out…the huge serving of rice is legit in a bowl the size of a cereal bowl and it is not even half full. My “hibachi” was also in a cereal bowl that was mostly peppers and onions with a few small slivers of flank steak. After we ate we were starving, and ordered more rice – one bowl for each of us…. we waited nearly an hour for it to come out. This is how the service was the entire week – terrible. The open restaurant on the beach Arrecifes was nasty both times we ate there, and I eat school lunch everyday so I’m not real picky when it comes to food. But dried out buffet food is not good no matter what. At the beach we would order drinks and never get them. Liz was the ONLY waitress on the beach who actually brought us drinks after we ordered them. Everyone else would get our order then never return. By the end of the week I was starting to think something was wrong with us! As mentioned above we got sick. We ordered room service for breakfast one day and it took over an hour for it to arrive. When it did arrive it was cold, but we were hungry so we ate it. This is the only thing my husband and I both ate that day, so we pin pointed that this is what made us sick. We were told by hotel staff we could get stomach medicine in the gift shop….a box with 2 Imodium pills was $40, off brand stomach meds were $35, Maalox $30, and the smallest bottle I’ve ever seen of Pepto was $20….so they make you sick then charge you through the roof to get relief. Every room has their own personal concierge – and they are totally worthless. The only thing the concierge cares about is getting you to sit through a presentation of the Exotic Club which is their vacation club…we went in to try to make dinner reservations and we ended up sitting there for 45 minutes while our concierge tried to talk us into attending a presentation. As a matter of fact, everywhere you go on the resort someone is trying to sell you something. There are shuttles that run all over the resort, but we only rode a shuttle 3 times. You get on a shuttle and they won’t take you where you need to go, or you see an empty shuttle and you’re just standing there waiting for the driver to show up and they never do. Even better you get sick of waiting so you start walking and an empty shuttle will fly past you. One time a driver stopped and asked us if we wanted a ride, but other than that they just zoom past. We did a lot of walking while we were here. Our room only had hot water in the morning. After 5:00 the water was luke warm at best so we took cold showers every night before dinner. Nice big tub in your room and they provide bubble bath – but unless you’re into taking cold baths – you can’t use it or you can take your both at 8:00 a.m. for the hot water. The seaside suites building itself is run down from the outside (see pictures) and this is not from a hurricane. The swim outs are neat, absolutely and the balcony each swim out has is also very nice, but the actual building looks like it belongs on North Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach – not in the Mexican Caribbean. The buildings on the Palms side were much nicer. Overall – we 100% will not be back to this resort. The horrible service is what did us in. Also we’ve been to Mexico multiple times and have NEVER gotten sick until this time. Very disappointing I would not recommend. There are MUCH better places in Riviera Maya than this.

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Milestone Birthday and Anniversary Trip - 2nd Trip!!

Venture641271 on Jul 16, 2024

This was our 2nd trip here - May 2022 (first time May 2017). Both for very special occasions. I cannot say enough exceptional things about the resort and food, but the staff is what makes this place exceed all! The rooms division manager, Daniele Di Mauro, made this trip extra special and made sure no little detail was missed. An extraordinary asset to this resort. We are planning a 3rd trip back in the near future!

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Good staff

FarAway18492699836 on Jul 13, 2024

Luana was so anazing she took such good care of us she made our vacation top notch. They made my wives birthday special they sang happy bday to her and made her room up wonderfully. Luana, Alejandro, Benjamin, Louis, and Angie are hands down the best employees at this resort all of the employees are amazing but these ones stood greatly above the rest!!!

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Disappointing experience at a supposed 5-star resort

Mario C on Jul 12, 2024

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with my recent stay at the resort for the following reasons: 1. Room not ready: Upon arrival, our room was not prepared and we had to wait 40 minutes. This was very frustrating as our arrival was planned, and we expected everything to be in order. 2. Lack of information: There is no place where you can get all the information clearly and accessibly. This caused a lot of confusion and difficulty in enjoying the facilities and services. 3. Resort app: The mobile app leaves much to be desired. It is slow, difficult to navigate, and does not provide the necessary information effectively. 4. Airport transportation: The transportation from the resort to the airport made stops at different resorts to pick up lost luggage, which made the trip very uncomfortable and prolonged. 5. Ruined honeymoon: We were celebrating our honeymoon and were told that we would have a surprise in the room. The surprise was that there was nothing special prepared for us, which was very disappointing. 6. Japanese restaurant: The Japanese restaurant was a major disappointment. It was one of the worst we have tried in 26 days of vacation in Mexico. The quality of the food was very low, and the overall experience left much to be desired. 7. Lack of snacks: There is no place to get snacks like peanuts, candies, or other light options. It would be great to have a place where guests could easily purchase these items. 8. Management response: The only response from management has been to apologize, which I consider insufficient. We expected concrete solutions to the problems raised. I am a frequent resort guest, and this one does not seem like a 5-star resort. The experience was a major disappointment. I expected much more from a resort of this category and location. I do not recommend this place and hope they improve these aspects for future guests.

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