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Time share sales presentation

genevievejodouin on Feb 23, 2024

We chose to do the time share sales presentation. Our representative Antonio was very kind and playful with our five year old daughter, singing songs and making sure she was having a nice time as we toured the royal elite section. As a gift for doing this presentation, we received two massages at the spa which were excellent, a beach bucket for our daughter and thermoses which came in handy at the smoothy bar.

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Ashten W on Feb 22, 2024

It was amazing. I would want everyone to experience this! Go here! If you have a family with small kids, this is great: super fun. And enjoysble. 100% recommend for anybody traveling with their family. The rooms, the food and the views we’re all top-notch, and I cannot wait to go back

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Beautiful setting Terrible food

Chris R (Vancouver, Canada) on Feb 22, 2024

1 week family wedding. Restaurants are nearly impossible to book even though they only had 50% of seats filled. Waited 1hour in a line to book the 2 restaurants you could not look through the app, only to find out one of them was available for five days away. Booked it - Brazilian place - it was nice but they hurt you to finish your meal and kick you out. The other restaurants, you book through the app, after midnight for the following day, most of the seating is listed as unavailable. This for you into the buffet. The food in the buffet was cold, uninviting, and often oxidized or dried out because it had been sitting so long. Waited in line for 35 minutes at the Mexican buffet restaurant, again, 50% of the seats were empty. The snack bar by the beach served raw hotdogs in a bun and cooked hamburgers. All went into the garbage once wrapped them. Theatre shows, and the grounds were all very good. The beach is small, but well kept. The bar staff are very generous and friendly. Santiago, a waiter in the buffet was a highlight! Room was clean but toilet room wreaked of sewer gases all the time. If you left the door open, it would stink up the whole room. Check in and check out was very easy. To airport also very well organized

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Not the "value" or great location you think it is.

BavarianCabinman (Kamloops, Canada) on Feb 22, 2024

This resort definitely misleads its customers about the amenities and such. The beach you see is non existent since the storm took it out YEARS ago. That ocean side bar is 8ft in the air and not open because the Sandy beach is gone. Rocks, rocks, rebar and more rocks are the beach. The smell of sewer from their sewage tanks just 8 metres from the buildings is terrible, the concrete tops of the tanks were open (broken) posing a serious risk to a small child falling in and this is just a few feet from the boardwalk. The pool tables are broken (edges have fallen half off).. The water slides, that's another quite misleading thing. They count everything as a slide. Technically yes, but a 6ft kiddy slide isn't what people are expecting. They have a few real slides there, maybe 4 or so are legit slides, the rest as very short, small and for very young kids. Pool side chairs are incredibly hard to get, people fight over them, there is a bit of space to put more out but they don't. The hot water in the room is SCOLDING Hot, so beware of that if you have young children. The rooms were dark and dingy, very humid even with the a/c going, bedside lights were broken, the list goes on. Spoke to the manager about some of our concerns and he said he would act on them but absolutely had no intention of doing anything, that became pretty clear quite quickly. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, these places are charging a lot for what you get, $90/hr US for massages in the resort when you can walk 100metres down the beach in front of the resort and get the same for $10-15. Buyers definitely need to be aware about what you see advertised vs what you get.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Amazing resort

Kiera B on Feb 21, 2024

This resort is so underrated. I fell victim of the negative reviews and on day one I hated it.. fast forward to day 2/3 and I felt so much better. I will say checking in takes a while and front desk staff are in no rush to service you but other than that we had an amazing time. My only downfall was not being educated/reading up on this resort before going. NOTE there ARE dress codes at some restaurants on resort, make sure to wear clothing and no swim suits showing, sleeves for men / no tanks. And some places wanted close toed shoes. Some people stay up at midnight and book reservations for the following day. The Brazil supper menu is amazing and the food was unmatched. We also loved the Mexican buffet, there was something for everyone and fit our dietary restrictions (vegetarian). The beach IS rocky, but if you’re comfortable-walk 6 minutes to left to see the most beautiful beach you will ever see in your entire life, filled with coral, shells and beautiful tropical fish everywhere. Walk the boardwalk and look down at the fish! The water is amazing and there’s lots going on at the beaches. We stopped for a coconut drink there as well and it was delicious. Monkeys are everywhere on resort you just have to look for them or view the Facebook group where people are posting them. They are precious and worth finding! Looking at the map and exploring the resort is a MUST. there’s not enough to learn what this resort has to offer, the cenotes are stunning and there are animals everywhere! We also viewed an amazing show on the large cenote water front which we didn’t know was even going on until we walked passed it so be aware what is going on before it happens so you don’t miss it! This was worth watching and we loved it, just sad we missed the first half. If you get the chance to lay at the beach at night it’s so romantic and beautiful, we laid in the beds on the water front with our friends/group and enjoyed the waves and the photos in front of the string lights and it was beautiful. Make sure to peek in the blue river throughout the resort it’s filled with turtles. My best friend got married here this feb 2024 and the wedding venue was breathtaking, food was amazing, set up was stunning and might have been the nicest wedding we’ve ever been to! Staff was great and everyone was happy to be there, on the roof top above the palm trees. We cannot wait to come back!

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