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Roa23 september

Ruth G (Oakland, California) on Sep 14, 2023

Roatan was amazing, just make sure bathrooms are accommodating for wheelchair users the shower was not that accessible but everything else in the resort was amazing I love infinity bay and the employees they are happy to help.

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Rip off

nicole n on Aug 20, 2023

I tried to book this resort 6 times online. I called two times and left messages and never received a response. The website said it was all-inclusive $60 per adult and $30 for children. We went to the property which was lovely and were told it was $80 per person per adult and $70 for children all included. We paid $230 for our family of 3. The property and the pool was very nice. The beach was tiny, but we got chairs on the waterline and sat down. I had a pina colada, my husband had a vodka and my daughter a virgin daiquiri. Immediately, we were swarmed by bees and flies. My husband and I could not get any service so we went to the bar. The flies and bees were unreal. One of the bartenders was trying to kill them with the lunch menu which was off putting. We tried to have lunch because we have seen videos of people who purchased day passes eating off the menu and we were told there was a buffet inside and the menu was ala carte. We ended up leaving. The snorkeling was amazing (my daughter brought her own gear), the water beautiful, but 100% a rip off. Also, if you don’t want a hundred vendors constantly bothering you, this is not the right place for you.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Fantastic hotel!

elisabethd352 (Little Rock, Arkansas) on Aug 09, 2023

What can I say?? This is our family’s favorite place in Roatán. The staff is very friendly. The rooms are accommodating. The breakfast was good. Definitely the best place to stay in Roatán. Anything you need from the front desk is taken care of within minutes.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 4 out of 5

Nice Place w/ Great Snorkeling

jsmiles262 (Westerville, Ohio) on Jul 13, 2023

We visited Roatan the week of 7/1-8/8/2023. This was our first time to the island and Infinity Bay. The resort was very nice as was our room - 301. It's a 1 bedroom condo with all the amenities you'll need i.e. full kitchen, patio, easy access to the pool & beach. There is construction going on and I can only assume the rooms in the high number sections really feel it more than we did. It starts around 8 am and continues all day. Not a lot of noise but there's definitely activity. We enjoyed the breakfast each day and a couple of dinners at the beach side restaurant. While both were good, there's very little variety and there are better options (for dinner) just down the beach. You also need to pay attention to your bill as the tip is already included on your tab. I'm not a huge fan of this practice as your server tends to be much more lax when they know they're getting 18% no matter what. The 2 times we ate there the service was slow and honestly, not very friendly/personable. It could have been the long hours they were working as we saw many of the same employees working breakfast and dinner service ~ long day! While the resort is beautiful, the beach is not. It's very narrow and lends itself to being a major hub for all the vendors and excursion personnel. You literally can't walk outside the resort entrance without running into someone selling an item. A quick "No Thank You" usually did the trick but there were a couple of times we received rude comments. Not the resorts fault as they do provide security to ensure the vendors stay on the beach. Just a bit of a hassle. Be aware that this resort does cater to cruise day pass customers. It can get very crowded and a bit of a nuisance if you're looking to relax at the pool. There's people everywhere and they don't seem to care where they leave their trash. The pool can also get quite dirty when you throw in additional guests. I'm guessing the new pool area will have more exclusivity to it. If you're going to Roatan to snorkel then this is your place. The location is top notch and you'll be enjoying the reef in mere minutes. We were amazed each time we went out with what we saw. We've been to a lot of places and I have to say this is in the top 1-2 coral locations. You do not want to miss this opportunity.

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Withering on the vine….

claytonr5012 (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on Jun 30, 2023

We have stayed at Infinity Bay Resort 9 times(see several previous positive reviews). We’ve stayed in everything from a studio way back in the back, number 1 building with your own beach patio, and many 1 and 2 bedrooms in between all over the property. They are not able to see that in their computers for some reason which puzzles me. You would think they would want to remember guests, especially when we’ve taken a group of 12 people there twice over the years and smaller groups many times, renting several 2 bedroom condos every time. We used to love it and wanted to show our friends. We were remembered for the first few years and welcomed back by many of the staff members throughout the resort. There’s many I could list that are no longer there, but one of the most memorable was Ziggy! He always remembered us year after year and his smile and attitude were something we looked forward to. He was an attentive bartender that’s seemed to like people, as did most of the staff for years. Not anymore. Can’t even tell you a bartender’s name now and I’ve seen a few of the same ones there for the past few years. They are not engaging and you have to struggle to get their attention if you want to order something. Most seem like they are not happy to be there or that you are there. We felt like a bother to them. It’s not the construction. We were happy to see that improvements were coming as it has been needed for a few years. With construction/improvement comes noise which is totally understandable and it was kept to proper hours and seemed like they were really trying to keep the noise to a minimum. Great job there, love it and had no problem with that aspect at all. Sadly we likely won’t be back to see the finished product…..and who knows if the website will ever be fully up to date. Prices online and on menus in your rooms sure don’t match the menu prices at the restaurant and none of the menus match the prices on the final bill. When I brought this to the attention of the GM he was very rude and shook his finger in my face a couple times. I had great conversations a couple times with the previous GM. He was a joyful person who seemed to truly have the best interests of the resort, staff, island, and guests in his heart. I removed a previous less than 5 star review at his request after he contacted and talked with me. Not this gruff man. Think I finally talked to the rudest person on the island. About the laminated menu I was holding from my room, he said “you should not have that menu” and snatched it from me. When I showed him the online menu with matching prices, he said “no one should trust online prices, they are not up to date, we cannot honor 2021 prices”. So, if you’re going to eat here from a cruise ship you might be surprised if you look at the menu online first. The ongoing construction is front and center on the website and it’s only just begun, so there’s an element of updating to the website that goes on, just not the restaurant menu I guess. You’d think if the online prices that come up when you scan the resort’s QR code there are not right, then they would have physical menus laying all over, but you have to hunt or ask for one. Said he would take care of this one $7 burger that wound up $16.50 on the bill, but I learned long ago not to charge anything to my room here or you’ll be surprised upon check out. Pretty sure I was charged what they wanted to charge a few nights before on an almost $100 meal too(which only consisted of a kids burger, small anafres with no additions, 1 sushi roll, and 1 Jack Daniels on the rocks), but oh well. Since I’d paid cash and he was only getting more and more agitated and he hadn’t reached in his pocked for any bills yet, we decided to say thanks and go to the beach to enjoy our last day. Wish I had never met or spoke with the man and he is the reason we will not be back. Plenty of cheaper places to stay close with nicer people. This has always been one of the more expensive spots on the beach, and it used to be worth it. Oh, and the price of the kids burger on the physical restaurant menu is $12…..not $13 like on the bill.

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