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Nice but not sure if I’d return

Kalaloch01 (Seattle, Washington) on Sep 12, 2023

I’m torn on this review because there were lots of good things, but some not so great. Arrival - The resort is only about 10 mins from the airport and we only had to wait about 15-20 mins for transportation to pick us up. Upon arrival at the resort we were greeted, given info about the resort and also given some rum punch which is always a nice touch. One cool thing about this resort is that the give you a wrist band to identify your with the resort, and the wrist band also has your room key on it, so it is super convenient not having to carry a separate key card Our Room - We had a Garden View, which was actually also a pool view, but we did have a pretty good view of the ocean still. The room itself is pretty small, maybe 400 square feet? The overall room is pretty underwhelming in a lot of ways, it felt slightly outdated in decor, it had a kitchen sink and microwave which felt really out of place since all meals are provided, it made it feel like a mid-range motel with the sink and microwave. I think it would go a long way if they were to renovate the rooms. But the bed and pillows were very comfortable. Although I didn’t love the microwave and sink, I did appreciate the refrigerator, it was stocked with beer, soda and water when we got there, I don’t think they stock it daily but we called the front desk to have them fill it. Food - This is a tough one to judge because everyone has different expectations of food. I’ve been to 5 different all inclusive resorts now (Jamaica 2x, Mexico 2x and now Turks) and the food can be hit or miss. I think the food at this resort was good to above good. Breakfast was a buffet of just about anything you could want, lunch had the option of 1 restaurant or they have a Jerk Chicken station open daily that is terrific (lots of great side dishes too!). And dinner had a few restaurants to choose from. I think I enjoyed ever meal we ate, but you have to realize these are not Michelin star restaurants, the dinner portions are semi small which makes sense and your going to get that an any all inclusive. You can also visit The Blue Haven Resort which is 10 mins away, we went to the restaurant there and they had excellent wood fire pizzas. You can also take any of the restaurants food to go and eat it in your room or at the beach. Staff - Overall the staff were nice and friendly, of course like any where in the world there were some who didn’t look like the wanted to be there, and seemed begrudged to help. Drinks - There are a few bars on the resort - my favorite are the pool bar and the Coconut Bar, those seemed to have the happiest bartenders. They are generous with the alcohol if you ask (I’d always ask for double rum) and the drinks are good. They also had a lot of top shelf alcohol (although I always wonder if all inclusive resorts just use an empty bottle of high end liquor and fill it with cheaper stuff - but who knows?). The one bar I hated was the beach bar, they always seemed to be SO unhappy to help and were slow to get up to help. The worst at that bar was a woman named Farar when I asked her for a Pina Colada would take the Vitamix over to wash it in the sink and would proceed to wash her hand over the Vitamix so the running water was washing her hands and whatever was on her hands was now in the Vitamix. She dumped out the water in the Vitamix but still it was really, really gross and unsanitary. I took the drink and poured it out once she was out of sight. She was the only one who did that. Entertainment - I’m not a big entertainment person, I’ve never gone to a resort expecting to be entertained by some musician or entertainer. Again it is all about expectations. They have music most nights, it’s nothing spectacular, but it is something to do while you sip on your drink. The entertainment ends at 10pm which makes sense because there are people trying to sleep and kids also. I overheard a few couples complaining about the lack of entertainment but I don’t know why, it’s not like there are going to bring in Taylor Swift of Jerry Seinfeld. There only so much they can do and how late they can go. Beach - WOW WOW WOW, of course it’s is why you are going to Turks & Caicos. Unimaginable how beautiful the beach and water are. Power white sand, crystal clear, warm water. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Absolutely breathtaking. I read a lot of comments on other websites that this resort’s beach chairs fill up very, very early (like by 6am) but for us this wasn’t true at all, in fact there were still many available chairs all day, they never were all full. We went in mid August 2023, I think all the resorts are much fuller in Nov. and Dec. perhaps. Same thing with the pool, there were always spots available. The beach also has lots of floats you can use and they have 2 huge trampoline floats in the ocean that you can jump on. Cabs/Shopping/Medical - If you want to venture off property you can either borrow a bike or take a cab. Cabs cost $6 per person per way to most locations. There is a shopping area called The Saltmill, it’s about 15 min. Bike ride or 5 mins cab ride. Riding a bike seems safe as they provide helmets and there is a nice wide sidewalk all the way there. The shops at Saltmill are a lot the same, souvenir shops, coffee shops and a few restaurants. It felt very safe. I injured my leg during our trip so I had to take a cab to a medical supply store 5 mins away to get crutches. There is also a doctors office in that same area if you needed it. Excursion - We did the Snorkeling Excursion through the hotel, it was $150 per person and it was completely and totally amazing! They do 3 different stops, the first is out in the ocean about 1 mile off the shore. The water is about 30 feet deep and you are surrounded by hundreds of fish, it is spectacular. This first stop is really the only true snorkeling they do, the second stop is to Iguana Island/Half Moon Bay and it is a deserted island and indescribably beyond imagination beautiful - like blow your &$!& mind beautiful. They stop here for about 1.5 hours and provide lunch. You can walk around the small island and see the iguanas. To me, visiting this island, especially the Half Moon Bay side, was the highlight of the trip. I’ll be thing of this when I am on my deathbed. The last stop is just off shore, they stop the boat and you can jump off the side of the 2 story boat and go down the side on the boat, this was also a ton of fun, a great way to end the excursion. So to recap, it is all about your expectations, if you’ve been to a few decent all inclusive resorts you probably have a good idea what you will be getting here. Upon reflecting on this trip, I do not think that I would back to this resort, particularly because of the room and the some of the unhappy staff. Maybe that is unfair, as no resort is perfect but we spent over $6000 for this trip and I’m not sure a mediocre room, pretty good food and endless drinks were worth it. And I’m starting to think that goes for most/all of the all inclusive resorts. There is only so much they can do with costs of renovations, cost of quality of food, cost of quality of staff, and still make money. I don’t begrudge them for that I just think it is just a fact of all inclusive resorts. I think for our next trip I would rather pay for a nicer resort (and hopefully get nicer room, better/happier service) that is not an all inclusive and then just find some cheaper restaurants off the resort, and by liquor from a local store and make my own drinks, I think in the end it would cost about the same as an all inclusive and I’d get a nicer resort overall. But man that BEACH!!!! Life changing!

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Destination Wedding at Alexandra resort was absolutely amazing

Brittney J on Sep 11, 2023

My experience at Alexandra resort was absolutely amazing. 10/10 across the board. We had about 36 guest on the property between September 5-9 and 46 people our wedding was on September 7th. Anisha Maximin was our wedding coordinator, she was very patient and hands on. Her vision was perfect. Cleoptra the resort supervisor was phenomenal. Mrs Silva at the Jerk stand was so sweet and her food is AMAZING! I couldn't stop visiting her for more Jerk Chicken . The entire staff greeted us everyday and all of our guest with smiles. My self and my Husband travel often and we had the best experience at Alexandra Resort. Our Guest were so pleased with everyone. We are home and it is literally the talk of the town. Our Photographer Anita was so warming and sweet and even worked over her time to caption great moments of our wedding day. The rooms were so nice and spacious. If we every needed anything the staff catered to us immediately. Everyone felt like it was home. The pool was amazing, The Resort was clean and the bartenders were great. My dream wedding came to reality because of the staff at Alexandra and i am very Thankful. Thank you for everything. we will be back :)

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Ashley P (Gonzales, Louisiana) on Sep 08, 2023

If you are looking for a wonderl, relaxing vacation… I highly recommend the Alexandria Resort in Grace Bay Turks and Caicos! CLEOPATRA… is the Manager… she is a breath of fresh air and a loving woman! She loves her staff and most importantly takes impeccable care of her guests! The service is incredible and the staff feels like you are loved and VIP. LETTIUCE… the activities coordinator has a smile that will light up a room and he always came up to give us a handshake or a hug! Suite was amazing… the entire resort was everything we could have wished for and more! We are blessed… but these two staff members became our friends and we can’t wait to come back for a visit! Thank you Cleopatra and Lettuce for everything! I will remember your smiles and kindness forever!

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Amazing experience!!

Stacy T on Sep 07, 2023

I had an amazing time at the Alexandra Resort. I've met some exceptional staff who offered top notch service. I tried most restaurants the Food Truck and Fish Deck were my favorite, food choices were to die for. Hotel grounds was very well maintained the beaches were the best by far. Will definitely return in the near future.

TripAdvisor users rated this property 5 out of 5

Great Week at the Alexandra

GoldJerry (Toronto, Canada) on Sep 07, 2023

Went to Alexandra in July with our two kids, 12 & 8. The whole family loved it there. The island is quite safe, we even went off the property a few times and it was great. Room The room was huge, a separate bedroom, two bathrooms and a massive balcony. As well, had a full kitchen and washer/dryer. Food & Drinks We tried most of the restaurants and a few at Blue Haven too. Really liked the Fish Deck, Food Trucks & the Jerk Hut at lunch. Breakfast was usually buffet, and had everything you need. The street party on Saturday night was a lot of fun and highly recommended. Drinks were good and they had a smoothie bar too if you want something a little healthier that tastes good. Beach & Pool Went to the pool at both resorts, both have nice pools. Grace Bay at Alexandra was phenomenal, water was so clear & calm, one of the best beaches anywhere. Beach at Blue Haven was much smaller, but had better snorkelling. Even though the water was shallow, it's worth bringing your snorkelling gear (they do have for free at the hotel too). Hotel grounds at Alexandra were also beautiful and well maintained. Tips Bring a lot of sunscreen, we brought at lot and used so much we had to buy some, sun is really strong. Also, bring a lot of smaller bills for tip money, not many places to exchange larger bills. Overall Would definitely recommend and hope to save up and return in the not too distant future.

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